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Mac Update 10.6.5 includes LX5 RAW

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True for the LX5, not yet known for the D-Lux 5. Here is the complete list of supported cameras:


Mac OS X v10.6: Supported digital camera RAW formats


Also, if one uses Lightroom to convert the D-Lux 5 raws to DNG's, the Finder in OS v.10.6.5 will still not display the images.

Fortunately, Lightroom and Bridge and, of course, Photoshop will display these raws.


It must be the case that OS X still looks for the camera model designation even though the images have been converted to the common DNG format that OS X 'should' be able to read.

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You can try to add the Leica D-Lux 5 creating an "alias" of the Panasonic LX5. It's possible if you are able to edit a system file, see this page.


The RAW.plist file of Mac OS X 10.6.5 contains :

<key>RCID_PanasonicDMCLX5</key>	<!-- 3.4 -->
	<key>bexp</key> <real>-0.40</real>
		<real>1.3262</real> <real>-0.6724</real> <real>0.1134</real>
		<real>-0.1084</real> <real>0.9497</real> <real>0.4896</real>
		<real>0.0503</real> <real>0.1031</real> <real>0.7035</real>
		<real>0.9518</real> <real>-0.3704</real> <real>-0.0764</real>
		<real>-0.1662</real> <real>0.8814</real> <real>0.2488</real>
		<real>-0.0215</real> <real>0.1690</real> <real>0.4521</real>

	<key>esint</key> <real>0.78</real>
	<key>esein</key> <real>2.70</real>

	<key>spknd</key> <integer>1</integer>
	<key>spt1</key> <real>40</real>

	<key>pbnf</key> <real>0.16</real>


Warning, I haven't try this, make sure you have a backup. In 2007, when my DMR files were not recognized, a similar patch was possible to open a DMR file as a M8 file. It was under Mac OS X 10.4 (see this page).

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Thanks for the tip on modifying the RAW.plist file. While I am reasonably computer competent I think that I will leave it to someone braver than me to test this out!


For now I will be satisfied with being able to see the D-Lux 5's converted DNGs in Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop. It is curious to me however, since DNGs are a standard format, why OS X should not be able to display them in the Finder regardless of the camera model designation.

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