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D-lux 4 Can't copy Firmware 2.2 update to my card


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i have problem with copying firmware 2.2 file to my card inserted in the

D-lux4. I was trying on Windows and Mac OS X system. Getting the same

warning: Card is protected or can't be modified. I've checked card locker of

course is unlocked - before i've recorded pictures. I'm connecting using PC

option. The card is formatted inside the camera.

I have no memory card reader. My card: 4GB SD HC.

I'm waiting for any solutions. Thank you!

best regards


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Welcome to the forum!


According to the firmware update instructions, you need to be able to copy the update file to the card before putting the card in the camera.


You're right to format the card in the camera, but the file must be transferred while the card is outside the camera.


If your computer doesn't have an SD card slot, you'd have to use a card reader.


Hope that helps!

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Hi Howard,

thank you for so fast answer. I was wondering if i could do it without buying card reader. I read about that in other forum. Is it possible? I can't delete pictures from my card inside camera with Phase One software. Is it normal?

Thank you!

best regards


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I think you're going to need a card reader.


I've got no idea what the differences are, but I don't think the camera can be used simply as a disc drive when connected to a computer.


You say you can't delete images with Capture One when the card is in the camera. I don't know whether that's normal or not, since I don't do any image manipulation with the card in the camera. Can you open images within C1 from within the camera? That's something else I would never have tried, and I wouldn't expect it to be possible.


I'm used to using a card reader, so it never occurs to me to do something in the camera. I got started using a card reader with my first digital camera some years ago and have replaced the card reader several times since then with improved versions. Now I see that a lot of computers have built-in SD slots, but mine doesn't, so I'm still happy with the external reader.


But: I'm not one of the most technically aware people on the forum, so with luck, they'll pop up with recommendations.


And: If you read about accessing the card in-camera on another forum, the people there are obviously better informed than I am. Maybe you should ask there.


It's a fascinating question, and I hope to learn something on the topic--but I'm afraid I'm at the limit of my knowledge.



Oops! I see Andy posted while I was still writing. He and I are on the same page as to the card reader.

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