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When I switch to motion picture in record mode I get a screen that tells me I need to be in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect, but even when i change to either of those the message won't go away. So, I can't shoot video.

I called Leica and they suggested i take the battery out for 24 hours (which I'm doing), reinstall 2.2 firmware (which I'll try), and reset (which I've done, and didn't help).

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? Any suggestions for what to do?



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When I've got the camera set to other than 4:3 or 16:9 and get that message, changing to an applicable aspect ratio clears the problem immediately.


Can you work around the problem by switching out of movie mode, then changing aspect ratio, then going back into movie mode?



I hope the full reset and reload works. Keep us posted.

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I've tried moving out of the movie mode, switching the aspect, and then moving back to movie mode. The problem stays the same and the warning screen is the same.

I am using firmware 2.2. i tried to reload it, reformat it, but the camera won't let me. it just says there is no valid picture to play. Maybe because 2.2 is already in the camera it won't recognize the firmware on the disc.

I also left the battery out for 36 hours (Leica suggested this), and when I put it back in i still had the problem.

So I'm still searching for a solution. Is there a way to reinstall the same firmware version that is already in the camera/



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I hope something works, Howard, and I'm sorry to say, reloading the software sounds like a last chance to me. Leica can fix it, of course, but you're better off doing everything you can before sending it in.


(I once sent a cassette recorder to Sony with the note "won't play or record, tape won't move." I got it back with a note from Sony, "took unit out of PAUSE mode; unit works fine."



Had you used the movie function before, and then it stopped working? Or did it mess up the first time you tried it? Do the other functions generally work as they did before?





Your description is confusing to me. You are following the instructions Leica posted with the update, right, with a fresh download of the software?


You say you're getting the "No valid picture to play" warning. According to step 7 in the instructions, that means your battery isn't fully charged.


According to the same item, it looks as if reinstalling the same firmware may not be possible.

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Thanks to all of you for you responses. Leica has the camera now and we'll see what happens. I was able to get firmware installed that Leica emailed me. i tried both the original and the updated firmware, and the problem persisted.

When i get the camera back, and hopefully know what the problem was, i will post it here.

Again, thanks for the suggestions and the support. This is a good site.


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