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Graf Lomo

Post your entry here - Barnack Challenge #14 - Reflection

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Autumn Storm sunlight REFLECTIONS on the sea at Calais 25th September 2010. Shot from the Cross channel ferry.


Leica III 5cm Elmar Ilford PAN F 50 ASA 1/200th @ f/6.3

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Self Portrait with Alien Abduction (1b)


111f Red Dial, 35mm Summicron, Kodak Professional 400, alien craft by appointment...


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»Ghost's Marathon«

The picture's story:

At my last midnight-walk through Frankfurt I met these bodyless guys making their own »Frankfurt Marathon« secretly.

Now everyone knows, that you can't see bodies of ghosts in a mirror, but I get their running shoes at least.

So it was a lucky moment, even they made me shiver…

IIIf, Elmar 3,5cm, TriX





BTW: Even it seems like double exposured it is a reflection-photo.

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Great to see so much participants,

here is my contribution:

"Reflection of Time



IIIa | Summaron 3.5/35 | Iso 100

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This picture in the "street photography" style was shot in San José, Costa Rica. For the complete understanding of this image, I think it’s important the comprehension of the spanish text. Its translation is as follows: "Welcome... It's a pleasure to feel the mirror loves you".


Leica IIIf, Elmar 3.5 cm, Ilford Delta 400 pushed to 800, Ilfosol 1+9, 23 ºC, Scanned directly from negative with an Epson 2580 (2400 dpi), Lightroom for contrast corrections and Photoshop for framing and watermark.

Edited by Quimera
I forgot a data

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Dear all,


Please find here my contribution, entitled: Hommage to A.K.



Camera: Leica-0 (2000)

Lens: Anastigmat 3.5/50

Picture data: f12, around one second,

Film: Fujicolor Pro 160 C

Print: Gum Print, a portion of the original image.


Gum print has been around since 1855 when Alphonse Poitevin added carbon pigment to colloids.

The three-color process was first suggested by James Clerk Maxwell in in the same year.

1858 John Pouncy used colored pigments with gum arabic, which is the technique used here.

My inspiration came from a series of studies from 1933 by Andre Kertesz called distortions.

The curved mirror was formed by the polished plate of my dry press.


Good luck!



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