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I'm relatively new to the process of selling my prints. I was wondering if anyone could give me a basic walkthrough of how it works. Everything from Copywriting my photos to printing and selling.Im still in the relatively smallish photo industry, I'm thinking postcards or 5x7's.


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I am not being snotty, but that is a tall order. There are a number of photographer trade associations that have put books out for photographers interested in the commercial side of photography. One that comes to mind is the Professional Photographers Association of America (assuming you are in the U.S.). Professional Photographers of America There website has a section on copyright.


If you are photographing people, you obviously have to be concerned with their rights to control the exploitation of their images.


I would look at Amazon for Law of Photography books, but the ones I have seen aren't very good--still worth a look because they do help define the issues. If you are serious, I would find a good media lawyer.


For immediate commercial exploitation of your work, take a look at Zenfolio, which is a site that allows you to display and sell your work online. A number of people on the forum use it. I do, but just to display my stuff. They seem to be able to handle printing and fulfillment. Their interface looks good and is relatively easy to use.


Good luck.


Jack Siegel

September 2, 2010

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bchabopa, your images are automatically copyrighted to you, as everyones is to them. Your problem may be drawing this to the attention of of others. That is why some people print © notices all over their images.


Many PP packages facilitate the application of such notices, but if you are shooting film I have no advice that I can offer. If you are selling postcards in a small way, I would not get hung up on copyrighting them as the effort is far in excess of the benefit.


I have occasionally had my images ripped off, but the effort of pursuing it far exceeds the benefit of kicking some miscreants head in.


Regarding printing, find a printer that suits your budget and matches your quality.


As far as selling is concerned, you must identify your market then attract them with your offer.


It all sounds simple but it is really hard persistent work. Don't give up your day job until it becomes 'your second job.'

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