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Leica X1 Photos


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On 3/3/2021 at 11:22 AM, andybarton said:

Morning on the Grand Canal




I find this to be a lovely shot. Even in the dim light, the structure in the shadow is well detailed. There is a lot of light variance going on here and yet the X1 does a pretty bang up job capturing the wide resolution. The daintiness of the clouds is quite alluring and reminds one of a painter's brush stroke. The dim light capabilities are quite astounding from this little gem.

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Could you explain more? Lightroom, Apple Photos and Nik Software all have camera profiles already. Also, the colours shift depending on the lighting conditions, and the ISO used (the effect gets stronger as the ISO increases. At 400 it is barely noticeable, but at 3200 it is quite strong).


Not that I am complaining. I can go in for a service if I want it fixed but I think it looks cool.

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