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Old, But Still Quite Capable

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Hi guys,


Here's an image of an Aloe plant taken yesterday in the south of Namibia. This image was made on an old C-Lux 1 - still amazes me what kind of images this little camera can take.


Thanks for looking.


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Andreas -


It's good to see you back, and I trust that you, your brother and niece are all well? Please send my regards, and tell them that I've added a Sossusvlei photo to my office.


Even though the flowers ar in focus the, some of the out of focus clutter to the right is both distracting and makes the flowers seem to be out of focus. I suggest cropping about 5 centimeters from the right to counter that effect and make the image stronger.


The C-Lux 1 and C-Lux 2 are remarkable cameras, still fine to use today.

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