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Cracked sensor Serial Numbers ONLY


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SN #4341***


Cracks in the top right and bottom left corners


Mine's an M9-P black. Goes everywhere with me, has under 5000 shutter actuations. Leica SG is replacing the sensor under warranty - mine's in the queue for work to start in mid-April and it should be ready for collection sometime around the last week of April.

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my M9 is 4418xxx. Had spots on it since new. Then I dropped it and had many more spots on the sensor. Put it in to Leica repair centre in Australia. They have had my camera since last September, i.e. 20 weeks and say they are waiting on new sensors from Leica and they have many M9s needing new sensors. Unbelievable that I have to wait this long. Not what you would expect from Leica for what is purported to be the best digital camera in the world.


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Bought in early 2010.


Will be in Europe in a week and have today written to Leica in Solms and asked if I can bring it to the factory there (on a Saturday - they are open for tours so maybe worth the flights, accomm & hire car costs).


Hoping ...

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3836xxx. Second time sensor will be need replacement on my M9. First time, after appr. a year and a half of shooting, I hadn't seen a crack, but Leica replaced it while being serviced. Not sure why, but I suspect they found a problem with the glass cover or elsewhere in testing it.

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