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Yau-Sun -


It has been quite some time since we've heard from you. I trust you are well.




Good day Stuart!


Thank you so very much for your message. I've been well, and have done some traveling. And now preparing for our upcoming two special expeditions:


2010 July 26th - Aug 10th, "An Ancient Tea-Horse Trail Expedition"




2010 Oct 14th - 31st "En Route Taklimakan Desert - Southern XinJiang"



I'd like to warmly invite you to join me to this 2010 Oct 14th - 31st "En Route Taklimakan Desert - Southern XinJiang" for great photoghrapic and cultural experience!

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A lovely landscape with great composition, depth, color and clarity.




Greetings and thank you Paul!


It was just before a hail storm, the lighting on the sky was not too good at that moment, a bit flat and lacking of drama. And after the storm, the ground was too soggy even for a 4-wheel-drive Landcruiser, was extremely difficult to move at all on that vast high-mountain grassland (see attached photo below showing after the hail/rain storm). But the area was truly pristine and fresh. We stayed on the mountain top in the Kazakh yurts, and the next early morning was more interesting for photos, and observing the life of the nomads.

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