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M8 owners should buy new lenses NOT an M9?

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I have an M8 and think it is superb and I have a range of lenses most of which are of 1970 to 1980 vintage. I have had the chance to use some latest lenses from Leica such as 35mm new ASPH Summilux , 18mm ASPH and the 75mm ASPH Summicron. It seems to me that the new lenses are sharper and have higher contrast although the older lenses remain excellent with a bouket of their own.


The question is should one invest £5000 in an M9 or buy two new ASPH lenses...for me it is a no brainer, buy the lenses and use on the M8. Anyone agree or think that is wrong?

I'd get the Summilux 24mm ASPH.


That said I like using wide angle lenses and my only reason for getting the M9 would be to get more out of my much loved WATE: on my M8.2 it delivers effectively 21/24/28 rather than the 16/18/21 it would give on the M9.

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Hear! Hear!

Smartest Forum Post Ever.


I want to Rant on and on and on in support of every one of these simple statements, the author's precision and completeness makes that endeavour superfluous!


Richard in Michigan


Just take pictures.


Don't argue about firmware, just take pictures.


Don't argue about full frame, just take pictures.


Don't argue about ASPH vs. non-ASPH, just take pictures.


Don't argue about Leica vs. other, just take pictures.


Don't fret about coding, non-OEM batteries, or the phase of the Moon, just take pictures.


And remember, just take pictures.

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