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Flash - Leica SF20 - Help with settings feet - meter

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Dear All,

I received as a gift a used SF Flash. Probably bought in the US or UK.

I might have a problem with reading the instructions

but I couldn't trace how to change the setting from feet to mtrs.

Can anyone please help me?

Thanks a lot for your attention.

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Page 36 of the owners manual:


To change from one unit to the other, hold down the plus and minus keys while simultaneously switching on the flashgun with the main switch.


The display will then either indicate "m" of "ft" behind the values, depending upon the unit of measurement set.


Then the manual stops. Does not say how to switch from one to the other, so you may want to press the plus or minus key to change the flash.


Hope that is somewhat helpful, since the manual is lacking. Grin.

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Just tried my old SF20. Press the + and - buttons at the same time and switch the flash on. Keep the buttons depressed, switch the flash off and then on again and the unit of measurement should have changed.


Brian Bower

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