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Thank you, guys.


Stuart, it's almost inevitable: when one post in B&W, there always is

somebody to ask for a color version and vice-versa...


Ben, actually, that's interesting: I would never crop out these marks,

there an essential part of this picture: they shows there is life here and

that the geometrical "perfection" is a illusion.

And I prefer to let the framing for the print, there are too many

parameters I don't control in posting in a forum (choice of page background, etc.).


Thanks again for your comments.




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OK, I'm in a good mood after a wonderful hot afternoon photo walk, so let's be friendly...


Ben, I still disagree about the scuff marks but I also realized that you were talking about framing, not framing.

So here is a version according your wishes. But I have to confess I stay on my initial position. ;-) What do you think? It is what you had in mind?




Stuart, you also can use my happy disposition... Here is a version for you.




Please notice that all this work is mad on a laptop in sometimes difficult light: complete obscurity in the hotel room, ma wife is sleeping ;-)


Again, thanks for your time.




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Let us indeed be friendly,...why else would one post photographs for critique if one could not handle comment. I prefer the crop too. Well Seen

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Gérald, I intended no harm. I do like the crop better as it focuses on the object & enhances your presentation of the central content. I have no issue with the frame as you presented it. We are just discussing ways to view & present things. This really is not an assault.

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Hey hey! Guys! Where the hell can you see the starting of a clue about me being upset or feeling

harmed by your comments or, worst, that I could not handle them? And, moreover, why the heck

should I feel harmed or assaulted by your words? Is there any hidden purpose I can find out?


I'm aware That English is not my native language and that sometimes my words could sound

kind of too direct, but even if we put cultural differences apart, I just wasn't intending my comments

to be interpreted the way you seem have initially read them.


The words "Let's be friendly" was a (wrong?) transliteration of the French "allez, je vais être sympa",

which is a pleasant way to say that I'll gladly indulge you. Not that I was (or you were) being unfriendly before!


Now, it's high time I got back to the point...


Ben, you "do like the crop better as it focuses on the object & enhances [my] presentation of the central content."


But that's precisely the problem for me: the title says American mood, not Great Architectural Turtle


the object is Reno, a very different part of Reno actually, and the central content is the one formed by the

various atmospheres I saw in Reno and I started to group in this series. As you maybe noticed, in this series,

I choose to use the symmetry or some very strong geometrical compositions as a way to caricature

the apparent perfection. In this case, what I like is the fact that we are looking at one of the main cultural

place in the main street of Reno, and we can see a totally empty esplanade, wit a few marks showing

biking or skating activities.


The cropped version is maybe nice, clean or whatever you would consider, but it absolutely not

demonstrate what I intend to. That's another photograph, a completely different object and, for me,

a relatively uninteresting picture. Let me illustrate my point in a photographic way.


In this next picture, also taken in Reno in the very same place, I do not have any other intention than to

enjoy colors and forms. And I would never include it into my Reno "mood" series.


M8 ¦ CV 28 Ultron 2.0¦ f/11 ¦ 160 ISO



And, as said above, (should I write a warm?

) thank you for your comments.




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I absolutely prefer to have the marks in the first one. Imho the images need some friction. However, the second one is especially cool. Could easily be an independent part of the series.




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Like Larry, i see the subject as a 'creature from outer space.' And I love the glow of the BW version! I believe it would make a beautiful print.




PS, Thank you, Ben & Gerard, for holding a constructive dialogue about the image. Making a constructive criticism & agreeing/disagreeing with it are both good to hear – this is the way we can help one another to look carefully & improve our work.

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I'm with the original for reasons you've stated. And I like the color better. It's essentially a duotone anyway, and the b&w detracts from the metallic "gold" roof. And a good composition eye to catch the imaginary "UFO".

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