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Bob Gosford

Leica repair, 6-bit coding etc in Australia

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I'm a returnee to Leica (had an M3 and a IIIg many years ago) and have come back (new M9, M6 & a swag of lenses) after many years. I still love my Nikon gear though...


I'm looking for a reliable repairer/maintenance provider in Australia - I live in Alice Springs in central Australia but travel to the east coast fairly regularly - any suggestions?


And I'm also looking for someone who a put 6-bit codes on my lenses so that i don't have to muck about with manual entry every time I change lenses.


Any suggestions welcomed!

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Bob, I;m a denizen of Melbourne and I recently went down that path. I needed two lenses 6 bit coding and a an M7 (dropped in sand) to be fully CLA'd. I shopped around and finally settled on shipping to Don Goldberg in the USA. He has a high reputation for work around this forum. However, it has been more than two months since I shipped to him and I have no feedback on progress so far.


I have emailed for a progress report, without being impatient. Time for another email I think. I just need to know what the delay is. It may be supply delays in the 6 bit mounting rings, or just backlog of work. Either way, I would like to know. In the face of all that, I think he will be the best bet for our regional location. There is a guy in Adelaide who says he does it, but when I spoke to him, he had not touched an M7 for a long time. That made me unsure.


Adeal, who are the Australian importers will do it for you, I think by sending back to Germany, but you can call and ask them for their current practice.

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