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Name this car....

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vor 3 Stunden schrieb stuny:

Ronald - Correct vintage, wrong marque

Vintage was easy 😉

I have two or three other vague ideas but will wait.

The one I thought of first is Stutz. Please say I´m wrong 😉

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John Z. Goriup

I was going to wait a while, but it seems more than one have taken the time to pursue the story behind this fascinating and remarkable automobile & are aware of the identity of this thing so I think it's time to reveal all. It's the 1935 Hoffman 8X..............and as indicated, it's the only one ever made. The curious thing about this car is that even though it wasn't officially commissioned by one of the big manufacturers there seems to have been enough money available to develop a on


Not a 450, 150, 200 or 300 - rarer than those, with only two original factory cars made, although some have been cobbled together later. Given that you can't measure the engine size from my photo and John is going away I will disclose that it is a 250S. This was the first car to use the new (or at least much revised) four cylinder engine planned for the forthcoming T series birdcage models. The idea was to produce a car with the straight line performance of the 300S but with the lighter and torq

John Z. Goriup

yota - hatchi ( yota -short for 'Toyota' in japanese, and hatchi - japanese for 'eight' ) is correct. It's a left-hand drive specimen of Toyota's first sports cars, a Toyota Sport 800. Small, light, nimble, powered by a 796cc two-cylinder air-cooled motor driving the rear wheels, designed by an aircraft engineer. 40 or so were imported into the United States, with the dealership organization unanimously deciding it wouldn't sell here, therefore the factory decided to simply leave them and l

Posted Images

Thank you, Stuart - the Simeone may not be the most sparkling and glamorous of destinations for car guys, but the contents are important, historic & superb. What I especially like about it is that every car is ready to start and drive anytime..............no garage queens there. Last time I visited they were driving their Poesche 917 in the parking lot to ensure it would be functional for a concours they had entered.

The next riddle-car is a one-off bespoke specimen of a premium manufacturer's regular offerings for a client who designed the exterior of his car himself, and specified the coachbuilder and all the details.

Year, manufacturer, name or model.........in short, sufficient information to demonstrate that you really know what car this is.

Thanks for participating.


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2 hours ago, stuny said:

Now I'm thinking 1930s

You are in the correct decade................1938 to be specific.

I should know better.................here's the final clue before 'all is revealed'.


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Spot on, Charles. it's the 1938 Xenia, currently under the stewardship of French car collector / authority Peter Mullen and usually displayed in the Mullen Foundation Museum in Oxnard, California. I you ever find yourself anywhere near there, I urge you to make an appointment and see this exqusite collection.

Designed by Andre Dubonnet, succesful race-car driver, WW1 fighter pilot and  heir to the family apperitif business, utilizing a Hispano Suizza H6B chassis which he had modified with his own patented rear suspension ( later sold to several manufacturers ) and had Saoutchik buid the body.

Leica M240-P / 35mm  Summilux FLE

Your turn, Charles


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