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Not a 450, 150, 200 or 300 - rarer than those, with only two original factory cars made, although some have been cobbled together later. Given that you can't measure the engine size from my photo and John is going away I will disclose that it is a 250S. This was the first car to use the new (or at least much revised) four cylinder engine planned for the forthcoming T series birdcage models. The idea was to produce a car with the straight line performance of the 300S but with the lighter and torq

I was going to wait a while, but it seems more than one have taken the time to pursue the story behind this fascinating and remarkable automobile & are aware of the identity of this thing so I think it's time to reveal all. It's the 1935 Hoffman 8X..............and as indicated, it's the only one ever made. The curious thing about this car is that even though it wasn't officially commissioned by one of the big manufacturers there seems to have been enough money available to develop a on

Thanks, Ronald. I found the 906 to be a delightful car, one you didn't so much drive, but rather would "think" around curves, so precise and light and predictable is the handling. It's pointless to try to debate whether it was wise to drive it on the street, since it was simply not made for 'grocery getting' and it's foolish to complain that it's  not suitable for that function, but take it on a brief, vigorous run on a beautiful Saturday morning and it'll change forever your outlook of what a s

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This is a 1937 model  American Pick  Up  What is it

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Dear Henry, the rules of this game say that the one who got the last riddle correct has to post the next car.

So it is thomasstellwag who has to post the next riddle.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb thomasstellwag:

no idea?

the manufacturer had a unique facility on the roof of the factory

Last time I was there that "facility" was interrupted and not usable for the initial purpose.

We could only walk but the restaurants roof catering wasn´t bad at all. Was in 2008 or 2009 when the sportive subsidiary of that maker invited me for a product launch.

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They even did a deluxe model with two colours, a sunroof and more chrome. 


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