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Barnack Challenge #12 - HANDS - Final Results

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Hello everyone,


the Barnack Challenge No 12 - HANDS - is closed and after an exciting contest

here are the final results (I've counted three times just to make sure...


  • First place with 35 points: Möbi with "Somtimes I`m holding the lives of my friends in my hands"
  • Second place with 34 points: Dr.No with "Projection"
  • Third place with 32 points: christoph_d (me) with "Hands in window"

Special congratulations to Möbi, who has the honour to set the theme and organise

the next challenge.


Congratulations also to Dr. No in the second place.


I furthermore like to thank all contributors - with your entries you made this challenge

interesting - and thanks to all voters who took the trouble to judge the pictures.


I´m now locking forward to the next Barnack Challenge No 12.


In good tradition here are the overall results:


andybarton 2

ejd 0

jsrockig 1

christoph_d 32

octo 8

Möbi 35

M8-fan 3

bill 13

JE 8

bumac 0

robert_parker 0

Dr. No 34

like-a-leica 2


Best wishes,



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Well done!

Such a big difference between the winners and the rest of us. Thanks for all who posted and all who voted. Möbi, the Challenge is yours.

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I´m very pleased!


This was the hardest race I ever had. The last vote made me the winner. And the last vote were done by Dr. No. The man of the second place.

This was very gentleman like.


So I´am in this special case really the lucky, lucky winner.


Special congratulations to Dr. No and christoph_d, too.

Thanks again to everybody for voting me.

And thanks again for all good entries this time.


I`am thinking about that Dr. No get the honour for setting the next theme. But the organisation of the next challange is still up to me.

I will discuss this issue with him.


Hopin he/I find a theme for everybody and that we will get many many participants for Barnack Challenge #13.


The Challenge No.13 will run in summer 2010. Maybe in July or August. Watch out for the next details in summer 2010, please.


I will expect you!


Best regards,



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well done and congratulations to Moebi, Dr. No and christoph_d! Really good pictures you've made. I am looking forward to the next challenge. Regards,


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Yes -- congratulations to the winners!

Null points -- again -- but I see that I am in excellent company. I look forward to the next one.

All the best, John

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yes, it was an exciting challenge, thanks everybody voting for me

congrats to the Moebi and christoph_d


thanks Moebi for the offer of selcting a thema with you together, we'll see!


thanks again, yours OLAF

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Missed seeing the entries and the voting ...

... but, I must congratulate everyone for the effort and very interesting entries submitted.


Well done.

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