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Now that X1's are around, what setting combos are you using?

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More of a lurker than poster, here it goes..


Now that increasingly, X1's seem to be falling into eager hands (though a trickle still), wondered what different settings you all are using to get maximum results for your type of shooting...


In other words, what settings, and more importantly, why is suits - your - style...


(Just received mine, and am going to dive into my own experiments as soon as time opens up...)



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I generally set my shutter speeds and apertures manually, use ISOs between 400 and 3200, use AF (1 point High Speed), center-weighted metering, and shoot RAW w/ jpeg.

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Camera settings,


DNG + JPEG fine (1,8mp resolution).

Exposure set to Multi-Field.

EV compensation -1/3 or -2/3 (depending of light conditions).

Aperture priority.

Color Space set to Adobe RGB (in LR2.6 raw saved as JPEG sRGB).

AF set to spot (small square showing).

When zone focusing, MF set to 3 or 5 meters & aperture set to f8.

Use all ISO's from 100 to 3200.

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