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Pity the M8 wasn't maintained as an entry-level digital M

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Leica's nightmare scenario should be that someone in Asia decides to build an RF camera with an M mount, that delivers excellent IQ with good construction, for half the cost of the M9. If that camera should ever arrive, Leica will not have 6 months or a year to come up with a low-end model to respond with.


...... It's as if you put most of your money in the stock of a single company. If it tanks, you are toast.


I agree with you. The sad thing is that Leica has the opportunity now to capitalise on their patents, and learning curve of making the M9. They also have profit contribution from M lenses, accessories and as Jaapv points out sports optics. ..so there is a window of opportunity to make a low entry M if they make it now.


Not sure about S2, X1 and Pradovit however as great contributors to the 2010, bottom line

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So where are they all hiding?


You're also on the LUG, aren't you? Plenty of people have them. They may not admit to it in polite company, but they are out there. I met one LUG member in New Orleans, who must have at least 3 Bessa bodies in addition to genuine Leicas.


Personally I almost bought a Bessa as a backup body for working in really bad areas around town, but came across a true beater M4 for the same price. So, I got the M4 and make it a restoration project. Unfortunately after it was stripped, painted and serviced I ended up with a really nice camera. So, much for the idea of using it as a beater unit...

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