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D-Lux 4 Battery Charger

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The Ricoh GRD2, Leica Dlux-2 and 3 and the panasonic versions all use the same battery so perhaps you can locate one of those branded versions?

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Check this link at B&H: Leica | BP-DC4-U Lithium-Ion Battery for Leica D-Lux 2, | 18645 - for a D-Lux 4 replacement battery.


Below the replacement battery, B&H shows a Pearstone battery charger that presumably can be used with that battery.


I recommend that you actually speak with someone at B&H to confirm the suitability of this charger for your purposes before actually making the purchase.


Good luck.

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Try the Annsman or Delkin web sites. One of their Universal Chargers with an appropriate adaptor plate where neccessary should do the trick at a reasonable cost.

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    • By 1234
      I've had the Nitecore charger for few years without problems charging batteries for M240. Just bought couple of new BP-SCL2 batteries at very attractive price via FEDEX from Hong Kong. When I try to charge them for first time with the Nitecore there appears the " EE EE " message indicating shorted battery. HK seller now says that I must "activate" them via first time charge from original Leica charger. Said original charger is misplaced or lost somewhere over past few years. So two questions:
      1. Is it true about having to "activate" a BP-SCL2 with original charger?
      2. If so, is there another member of the forum in/near Pinellas County, Florida, who might be able (taking precautions all round) to charge them on an original charger?
      Thanks, Harry
    • By RBScott
      Whenever I remove my SL2 battery, I lose all language, app, date and time settings, etc., and I'm forced to set them each time I remove the battery.
      Has anyone experienced this? I'm now charging with the usb-c port, but would like to figure this one out......
    • By KALBAR
      I have a problem.
      I have Leica 60 type 240.
      I have a non-original charger (nitecore)
      I don't know how old the battery is. The charger is new. I bought it a week ago. While charging the battery the EE message appears after about 10 seconds. Yes, I know the manual says it is short circuit protection but what causes the short circuit? The battery? All in all, it doesn't make sense to me. Maybe there is someone from Poland who reads this and lives in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia and could help me? Or you know what could the reason be. Some people wrote that it was the charger and they had the same problem and they say we have to use only the original charger. Unfortunately, I do not have the original Leica charger and I don't think I can get it quickly. I don't want to buy it. I have had the camera for 2 weeks. I wanted to take some pictures but as I can see there is no chance. Do you have any solution? I can’t get the battery or the charger here. Can it be charged any other way? Do I have to go to Leica Store Poland in Warsaw?
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