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    • By bjamisonf
      Where can one find the battery charge level?
      What's the best way to extend the battery life? 
      If I shoot DNG/JPG, where do the JPGs end up? I don’t see them when I import the files into Lightroom. Are they the ones transferred over to the Leica Photos? 
      If one shoots A for aperture, shutter speed, and focus, is it the same as Full Auto in Scene Mode?
      I notice the photos I take in Black and White turn to color when I import them into Lightroom. Importing the B&W photo into Leica Fotos shows it is B&W, which I assume is so that it can be shared. My question is: Are there specific Lightroom presets that show the Leica style?
      I occasionally get the red box with spinning circle. Why does it do that? I assume it’s writing to disk but I’ve had occasions where I haven’t taken a photo at all, so there’s nothing to “write to disk.”
      Can I use the Leica Q2 LCD panel to focus/shoot like my Canon 5D Mark IV? Maybe I’m wrong but I recall seeing a video of a Leica Q doing so. 
      Does changing the user profile also change what’s found on the favorites menu? 
      Is there any sort of logic for how to set up the FN versus the wheel button? I appreciate their usefulness but I find I can’t remember what’s where and I end up going back to the menu button. Any suggestions on how to set it up logically? 
    • By Ron Naeve
      The first time I charged my Q2's battery it went to the green "charge" light. Yesterday the battery indicator was red. so I charged it overnight. this morning both the green charge and the orange 80% are lite. does this mean it's not fully charging? I pulled it out and re-inserted it. the charge was blinking but then stopped after 5 minutes. the orange 80% is still lite.? to me this means it's stuck between 80-100%? ? Anyone else experience this?
    • By hoonetic
      So, I recently bought a preowned m240 from a Leica store and realized there was a problem when I was charging the battery.  The CHARGE LED would blink and after several hours both the CHARGE and 80% would be flashing at the same time.  Tried it several times but the battery would not charge properly.  I contacted the Leica store and told them what the issue was, so they decided to send me a replacement battery that was also used, but unfortunately, the issue still happens when I tried to charge the replacement.
      I'm planning on ordering one of the Nitecore USB chargers and maybe a new Leica charger to test the batteries.
      Has anyone heard of issues with Leica chargers for the m240s? 
    • By JohnAS
      I've got an original M8, which has recently been through Solms for a CLA, and repair of shutter and winding mechanism (shipped back to me on 2/22/2018).
      It comes with original box + packaging + manuals, discs, everything.  
      It has the original (large) battery charger with car adapter with all 3 of the wall plug adapters. It comes with a new Nitecore charger, which I use for travel. Four Leica batteries, two were purchased in 2017, 1 a few years ago, and the original. All work and I use them. 
      The camera (as of this ad placement) has 17,952 shutter actuations. Max shutter speed is 1/8000th of a second - the fast shutter. The display screen at the back does not exhibit the "coffee stain", and it does have a 3rd party gorilla glass protector on. The little LCD screen on the top works.
      If you are looking for a great condition, just refurbished M8, this is it. As you might expect, the Solms visit was expensive but thorough - it is like a new camera. This is your chance to get an M8 for collecting or using. 
      I have about 6 of the IR filters that are required for the M8 for sale with the camera. $25.00 each, but email and I'll see what size/manufacturer they are, and see which ones you want, if any. 
      Just ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Shipping - we will discuss shipping options to you from Canada; I will charge the exact amount that I pay for tracked shipping. I'll provide scans of the bills to help. I think that's fair.
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