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Coolscan V Reanimation

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My Coolscan V went out of order about 15 month back. After ignoring him for that long, I finally gave it a final try and opened it. Some screws are hidden under the rubber feet.


Thanks to the nicely printed circuit board, I quickly found out where the fuse is. The specification on the board says T2AH 250V. Not really an electronic wizard, I however concluded after some internet checks, that this requires a 2A, 250V fuse, "träge" (don't know how to translate that in this context, maybe "slow").




Then I discovered that Nikon has actually placed a 1A fuse in the socket, which was blown not quite surprisingly. After replacement with the proper fuse, the whole thing runs as it never had a problem.




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    • By lecycliste
      Anyone know of an aftermarket replacement eyecup or workaround for the Leica SL? Mine has had its plastic innards self-destruct and is peeling away, as you can see here. Leica Store Miami didn’t know of any solution other than sending to Leica USA for repair (yuck), and they usually take forever for anything. 

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    • By essvaun
      Hi All, I've searched the forums on this but haven't found anything - if anyone can point me there please feel free, I don't wish to clog up the site unnecessarily.
      In cleaning up an M-P 240 for sale I've spotted this - the cover of the six bit sensor on the body has cracked. I use Zeiss lenses and never use the function so of course I've not picked up on anything. I've occasionally used friends Leica glass and it has worked but the last time was months ago and I have no idea when this happened, no memory of any fragments falling out etc. I clean the sensor with a blower whenever changing lenses but haven't seen anything unusual.
      Has anyone ever had this happen, and if so is it an easy repair or a 'return to Germany' ordeal (I'm in Australia, I'm sure their service is excellent but the tyranny of distance makes these things time consuming & costly from this part of the globe).
      Any thoughts appreciated.

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    • By echeveria
      Hi all,

      I'm a new Leica owner. Got an R6 off a local photographer who let me use it for a few weeks before purchase. Worked fine; price was right, so I paid him for it. I have put through maybe 5-6 rolls through it successfully over the course of my testing period and then shortly after purchase.
      Tried loading a fresh roll of film the other day. Put the leader in the spool, pressed the shutter button, but the mirror is not moving after I press on the button. The shutter button seems to press down fine, however. Since the mirror is not moving after I hit the shutter, I am not able to wind forward the film.
      I have tried:
      moving all parts individually: the mirror, film spool, winder, shutter, film release/double exposure button all move the way that they should. There are no snags or tension. The mirror in particular moves up and down smoothly and doesn't seem out of alignment. The winder and spool do not seem to be loose or have tension; they feel like they move fine. firing the camera with the back open/closed on different shutter speeds tried pressing shutter button/winding the lever at the same time, tried pressing the rewind button and winding the lever at the same time. Since the moving parts seem to be ok, it leads me to think maybe something needs an oiling? Or maybe a spring rusted or got stretched? Or something got unattached?
      I want to open the camera up and try and see what's going on when I fire the shutter. However I wanted to come here for some advice guidance first. There just doesn't seem to be much in the way of R6 troubleshooting online.
      One thing to add: I notice while switching between shutter speeds I do hear a mechanical buzz. Doesn't seem to be on every change of the shutter however.
      Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
    • By Dersh
      Hello everyone,
      I just got my estimate back from Leica and wanted your advice.  I sent M7 in for repair becuse the film started to bind up, this is the most expensive part of the repair at $400.00.  I see alot of Misc items on the estimate 
      Leather Covering-$50
      Battery cover for M7-$20
      Rewind crank -$75
      When I sent it in there was nothing wrong with these items and left with battery cover. My question is this common for Leica to come back with these misc repairs? and are those nessary? I know owning this camera $800 for repair seems kinda high. 
    • By jonnyboy
      I bought a Leica Monochrom (M1) after many years using a beloved M8.

      As many, I was hypnotized by the huge potential of the Monochrom: the sensor, the high ISO, the details.. because of the price, I didn't buy it when it came out but as soon as the M246 hit the shelf it was the moment the price was a bit more convenient. I loved the camera.
      After few months of regular use it developed a fault, every once in a while the camera would 'jam' whilst taking pictures so I brought it to Leica Mayfair for inspection and it went away for repairs in Germany. 
      I was gutted, such an expensive purchase and it already showed faults? Anyway, Leica repaired with their own time (which we all know!) but at least it was a free repair.
      When the camera returned the 'silent shutter' didn't really worked anymore...it suffered a bit of lag but I didn't really care.
      Flashforward a year after I notice some black spots on my pictures. Jump on the Tube, Leica Mayfair....again, shipped to Germany. One month goes by, the camera return with a new sensor: yes the sensor had corrosion that many of us experienced. Ok, about two years with the camera and quite a lot of hassle to deal with...I'm scratching a bit my heads here, I bought something to enjoy and yes I do enjoy when it works...but I haven't experienced anything so faulty from any other brand?
      Flashforward to last month, I went to Japan for some work and I decided to bring the Monochrom with me for such a great opportuniy. Enjoyed the trip, loved Japan, had a fantastic time with my Monochrom. Soon after I came back I went out for my usual stroll and I noticed the rangefinder on my Monochrom wasn't aligned anymore...vertically off, to be more precise. Off to Mayfair - again, off to Germany. I thought it was a rangefinder alignment problem but instead Leica told me there is a sensor alignment problem too. And it comes with a bill of £500.
      From Germany, they is stating the camera is been dropped and because of the shock the sensor (and rangefinder) is a bit off now. I haven't dropped the camera, the body is in great conditions free from scratches, dents or heavy marks.
      I mentioned I had the camera in my backpack the whole time but they are firm the camera is been dropped. They also mentioned this could happen even by just having the camera in a backpack.
      Now, I'm aware a lot of people buy the camera to keep it in a shelf, to maintain the less usage and to have it into as many sort of protection as possible....but I actually brought it to use it and bring it with me, always doing my best to look after it but never forgetting the purpose of the camera, which is to be used.
      I'm really disappointed at this point with this whole thing... I never complained about all this hassle I had to go through those years with malfuctions and all sort of problems that the company 'included' with the camera (is not my personal case, I read tons of post about corrosions and all sort of problems), now I even have to deal with (bad) assumptions and being charged quite unreasonable prices for situations I didn't even create?
      I actually went to Japan to film some stuff, Im a filmmaker and I do carry a lot of equipment. How come none of my video cameras, not even my Ricoh GR suffered of anything?
      I'm seeking advice, as I'm really really fed up with this whole thing. Yeah the camera is great when it works.... but I can't keep up with these sort of things: let's face it, probably one of the most expensive brand for photography, they carry themself as this synonymous of craftmanship and precision....but they still manage to mess up a whole series of Monochrom?
      Camera is on hold in Germany now. Not sure if I'm wishing to carry on the repairs...seriously thinking about just moving away from Leica as I got the feeling their main target is people's pockets.
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