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A rebirth for publication photography?


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Oh, I'm sure it has everything to do with it.


Since you're blocked for the moment, I'd guess I 'd sum it up as:


Looks like a traditional magazine, but with the interactivity of a web site (but no pauses for downloads - presumably one gets the whole thing in a lump at purchase).


Uses iPhone/iTouch "gestures" to turn pages or zoom into photos or rearrange the contents to suit your own taste (including personalizing content for your own teams).


Much better photo reproduction (and in color) than what I've seen so far of Kindle or other readers.


Lots of video capability (a "live" video version of their Swimsuit issue is highlighted) Video advertising.


Heavy on graphics - but with the capability to switch into a pure text mode if reading is all you're after.

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It will be very interesting to see what Apple unveils next week. The device which presumably would become our portal into this new world of interactive media becomes critical.


The big question is the one Andy raises... how to get readers and advertisers to pay? Readers have certainly become acculturated to net content being "free." I'm sure I'm not alone in having a great reluctance to pay for that kind of stuff (Sean Reid's site being one of the rare exceptions).


It'll also be interesting to see how the other end plays - those that produce content. I write for one of the motorcycle magazines (Sport Rider) and one of the qualities I most prize in traditional print media is its "persistence." A book or a magazine is an object. It can persist for a very long time.


I've asked myself if I would continue to write for Sport Rider if it were to move to an internet-only vehicle. My first answer is no.

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