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Visoflex lenses on Leica R cameras

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Does anyone out in the Forum have first hand experience with any of the adaptors Leitz produced to use lenses designed for the M cameras with a Visoflex on a R camera? These older lenses do show up every once in a while on eBay for reasonnable prices and I have always been tempted to "play" with them on my Rs (R6.2, R9).


Any information that you might have will be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all the experts I know are out there.


Comments on the Visoflex lenses themselves are also welcome.



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Two basic adapters were made, code numbers 14127 and 14167. The 14127 was intended for the original Leicaflex (w/o TTL light meter) and has an aperture simulator ring that is used to tell the camera's light meter what aperture the lens is set at. The 14127 was never made with the 3rd NUL cam for R bodies. This adapter can be used on the SL, SL2 and R bodies with stop-down metering however some expsoure compensation may be required on R bodies because the adapter lacks the R nul cam. On my R4s and R4sP bodies -1.5 stops compensation is required to produce correct exposures. On every Leica reflex except the original Leicaflex the aperture simulator ring does not affect exposure.


The 14167 does not have the aperture simulator ring, and was made both with and without the 3rd nul cam. Without the 3rd nul cam, exposure compensation might be nessesary on R bodies as with the 14127.

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