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X1 viewfinder for Mp and 35mm lens

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Hello there, I am new to this forum so forgive for what might be a rather obvious question for the more experienced of you out there. I have a Leica MP and recently purchased a used 1.4 35mm lens from e bay. I am still getting used to using a rangefinder camera and wondered if a viewfinder might be of some help. I have no problem with the concept of using the hyperfocal distance with the 35mm lens and essentially using my camera in point and shoot mode.


So to get to the point - I see that leica are producing a 36mm brightline viefinder for the new digital X1. Does anybody have any views on the potential suitability of this viewfinder for my particular setup? For that matter does anybody have any views on the usefulness of a viewfinder for a 35mm lens generally?



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Or is the problem that you are a glasses wearer (I am) and can't easily see the 35mm framelines through the camera viewfinder? If this is the case then an external finder may help. My solution has been to use the 0.58 viewfinder variant.


There is no fundamental reason why you shouldn't use an external finder if you wish but there are other makes out there and at 35mm rather than 36mm -- and less expensive.


However, if you explain the problem you are trying to solve you may get better answers.



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Many thanks for those comments. To be honest I have no experience of using a viewfinder and wonder what if anything extra they bring to the experience. I am very left-eyed and not so great therefore at using the camera in two eyed mode. My right eye probably needs a little more training in this respect. Generally I have no difficulty in seeing the framelines but I must admit that the focussing can sometimes be a little tricky hence my desire to use the point and shoot method witha 35mm lens.


Christmas greetings from Dublin!

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I have a feeling that your 'problem' is not the 35mm viewfinder per se rather, it may be your unfamiliarity with the rangefinder. A few questions:


Is your rangefinder properly aligned along the vertical axis? In other words - when the image is in focus, the rangefinder should be aligned horizontally, as well as the vertically. If it is not, it may be difficult to focus.


Do you wear glasses? If you do, do you wear them when focusing?


As others have said before me - the MP has a perfectly fine 35mm finder built in.





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OK. I think the message is becoming clear here - what am I thinking about a viewfinder for?


Jan I think is perfectly correct in suggesting that the problem is indeed my unfamilarity with the rangefinder. I don't wear glasses and I am happy that there is no problem with the camera so point taken - forget about viewfinders and get on with taking photographs!


Many thanks for the responses which actually were quite helpful.

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