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The M9 and a Metz 76 MZ-5 Flash

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Good evening all,


Has anyone attempted to or successfully used the monstrous Metz 76M Flash system with the M8 or M9? I am interested in learning if this could work as a "pair", or if it is time to sell the Metz system.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest mc_k

Metz says it's approved for the M8. I have asked here several times about the 45CL4 and never gotten any response. As long as you have it already, why not break some new ground?

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At a minimum the 76 MZ-5 will work in its "auto" and manual modes as it does with every other camera. Beyond that all I know is what's on the Metz website SCA-Adapter: Metz.


I have asked here several times about the 45CL4 and never gotten any response.


The 45 CL-4 works fine on the M8 (and therefore, one can be confident, the M9) in auto or manual but not TTL. For TTL you need the confusingly named 45 CL-4 digital with the SCA 3502 M5 adapter, and you don't get as full a set of modes and functions as you do with the 76 MZ-5: see the link above.

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I have the 76MZ-5 with the metz 3502m5 adapter. I have tried the flash with my M8, in both A and GNC modes. Both worked in trial mode, though have not used this extensively in practice.


One of my projects is to get a Lastolite Hotshoe 60 X 60 cm, with the 76MZ-5 plate and see how this works. Has anyone gone as far as to try this?


I have tried using the 76mz-5 with a 54mz4 + 3083 using the Metz remote trigger mode. Have tried both master - slave combinations, and it seems to work all the way to 1/180 sec sync.


I have just received my M9, though not tried with flash. Is their anything specific you would like to know for when I try this combo?


Best Regards



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Thanks guys, the SCA 3502 M5 adapter is currently on its way from B&H. I will give it a good workout as soon as the M9 is in my hands of course and report back !

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