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Flashing M8 Display


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I've just come back form Bangkok and while I was there I visited Fotofile, a shop where I've bought some of my Canon equipment. They are also Leica dealers and were very interested in my M8 as they had just recieved 3 from Leica and all 3 had the flashing display problem. Just FYI. seems to be a fault.

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The more I hear the more I feel like waiting six months or a year to get one. By then hopefully the overall bugs will be identified and worked out and I'll only have to pray my specific M8 isn't a lemon. Drat, drat, drat. Oh well, I'm going to look on the bright side. Anyone happen to know what that might be? :confused:

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Best bet would be to call or write to Customer Service or Leica Technical at your importer. They would be the only ones likely to know so far.


Unfortunately, it sounds to me as if Solms needs to look at that behavior when you send the camera in for the streaking/green blob upgrade.


Does the camera work okay aside from the flashing display? If so, I would live with it till you decide to send it in for the other 'fix.'



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