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My D-Lux 4 survive to a crash

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This morning my beloved d-lux4 survive to a accident. When a decide to put my camera into the pocket it slips near the pocket and hit a hard ceramic floor. I don't have quite long legs but was some distance. Lucky, the camera balanced and felt almost on entire back lcd surface.


I turned on and everything seems to work fine, lens, focus, display.


Unfortunately and curiously the lens cap suffer a fatal damage by losing one interior grip part and become useless. However, I used to think about install a Ricoh 3flaps auto-open cap.


After all and even small Leica quality was proved once again.

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I'm glad yours survived. Mine had its flash up and after my friend dropped it, the flash refused to fire. I had to send it back to Leica for a $200 repair.

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    • By mikeodial
      Just bought a D-Lux as a carry with me always camera. (That's the idea at least). I almost always have my X Vario with me but it still requires time to take out, add the EVF and take the picture. Fine when I have time, but sometimes I don't. So I am going to try the D-LUX to avoid missing those opportunities. 
      If someone has some good ideas of settings I might look at as I find my way around the camera, in particular for:
      Black and White OOC jpeg settings. I love the BW output from the X Vario, and hope to find the same with the D-LUX Suggested auto focus setting for street and "snap shooting"  Suggested settings for landscape (I always shoot in manual plus RAW on the X Vario) Any other suggestions/characteristics of the camera I should know which might be helpful  
      Thanks in advance.
    • By 262
      I have been looking solutions for following problems and seen that in previous years many m240 users have had some of the similar problems but in recently no one haven't much complained about these problems any more.
      1) Some photos show magenta cast when I zoom in the preview. Seems to happen only when I shoot DNG.
      2) Camera will lock up regularly (sometimes after taking 30 photos and sometimes after 100 photos) and only way to recover is to do power off/on. I have pined down that about minute or so before the crash, the LCD will show hourglass every time the SD card led is blinking, so basically every time I take a photo.
      I also want to note that when auto power off is set for example to 2 minutes, then I can just wait 2 minutes and camera will power off, after which I press the shutter to wake the camera up and proceed to take more photos. So for some users some lockups may happen even without the user knowing it, because camera will recover from them with auto power off.
      I have M262 with the latest firmware
      I use 32GB and 64GB sandisk 95mb/s cards which I always format with SD Card Formatter after the use. I have also tried 32GB and 16GB sandisk 45mb/s cards but the outcome is the same.
      Battery level seems not to have any effect on this. Fully charged battery have same chance for lockup as under 20% one.
      My workflow for taking pictures is most part following: 1) Take the photo 2) use 3 or 5 second auto review 3) sometimes zoom in to confirm the focus 4) never turn the camera off.
      My local Leica shop says that Leica has always had these problems and sending it to Germany will probably not fix these issues.
      So is it normal?
    • By Tourbillon81
      Hello dear reader,
      This is my first post @L-Camera, and I was wondering if someone could give me some advice and help me out.
      I bought the D-Lux 4 a couple of years ago, so now I'm out of range of the warranty.. :-(
      I started to have a problem with the display, like the display would loose connection and it goes black. This started to be more and more frequent, and now my display is almost the whole time black...so I don't really see what I shoot.. :-0
      I wanted to ask your advice here, especially if someone else had the same problem, before I send it in to repair..
      I like to thank you in advanvce for your precious help
      Best regards
    • By zenonzinonos
      I've searched through the forum and can only find X1 or X2 threads referring to this viewfinder - does anyone have any experience using it on a D-Lux4? I appreciate that it's designed for the equivelant of a 35mm lens but that's not a problem for me as I usually set my zoom to that focal length anyway (old habits die hard).
    • By RomanEF
      Hallo zusammen,
      wenn ich von meiner D-Lux 4 eine RAW Datei in Lightroom "als DNG" importiere, dort bearbeite und dann als DNG exportiere um sie z. B. einem Kollegen weiter zu geben, habe ich im Finder kein Vorschaubild mehr und Vorschau kann die Datei auch nicht mehr öffnen.
      Gibt es hier für eine Erklärung/ Lösung?
      Ach so, bei anderen Kameras ist das nicht so.
      Danke und Gruß
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