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Macro adaptors

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Carlos, I see in your sig that you have both the Elpro and Lumix:


Digilux 2 - Lumix Wide angle adapter; Elpro Macro lens; Lumix macro adapter


Could you post some shots comparing the two? Thanks.

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    • By nwphil
      Used Leica M Macro-Elmar 90mm f/4: #11629 full kit
      Glass is clean, no haze or visible scratches. Shell has a small pincushion mark, and there is a slight wear-off on the aperture ring.
      Some very minor internal dust is visible not affecting IQ; aperture ring and focusing mechanism operate smoothly
      Complete kit with box, pouches, etc
      Buyer pays PP and shipping - $2300USD
      - not looking for trades; lowball offers will be politely ignored
      will ship internationally -  please inquiry/ask
      Feel free to ask any questions or for sample photos.
      Thanks for looking
    • By Les
      Is it possible to couple an iPhone to the SL2 so that it can be easily used to view from the front of a vertical copy setup with the camera facing down (e.g an enlarger or Bencher type arrangement).  I want to be able to copy slides, 35mm/6x6 negatives and prints.  If this can be done are there special cables or connectors that are best to use?  
    • By Hermes
      Hallo Freunde,
      was macht ein Hobby-Fotograf am Sonntagmorgen?
      Er spielt mit seinem liebsten Spielzeug Indoor 
      Dies ist meine Digilux 2, die ich sträflichst vernachlässige !
      Hab schon ein schlechtes Gewissen.
      Anbei eine Spielerei aus der Digilux 2   die immer noch
      perfekte Bilder abliefert  (mit dem 2. Sensor) .
      Schönes Wochenende Euch allen   

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By Jacek.PL
      LEICA APO-MACRO-ELMARIT-TL 60 f/2.8, silver - (#4629438) is in great condition. I rate it cosmetically a (90%) but optically 100%. The focus is smooth, the autofocus and aperture function properly, and the glass is clean and clear with no haze, marks, or fungs, scratches. This lens includes a Leica lens pouch, a Leicalens hood , front & rear caps, and the original instructions & box(full factory set)
      I'm the owner from new. The lens was bought new at the Leica store.
      Payment: paypal or bank tansfer directly to my bank
      shipment: UPS with international tracking - 50EUR
      It's not only macro lens. It's excellent for portrait and mid telefoto (fov=90 mm with CL/TL camera)
    • By PetersPhotoChannel
      Hi there,
      I'm new here, from Chile, and need some advice:
      I have seen a LEICA bellows (16 880) on the Website of a danish photographer, called Thorsten von Overgaard.
      I'd like to buy one and went on eBay, but these bellows seem to be sold out, perhaps because of the recommendation on that website (scroll down):
      I wouldn't want to put a blue NOVOFLEX bellows on my LEICA camera, so a new one doesn't do the trick for me.
      I'm a bit old-fashioned and so for my esthetics a bellows has to be black . . .
      Would somebody of you out there know, where I could possibly buy a 16880 bellows in MINT conditions?
      Or which one would be a good alternative to that 16880?
      What I need that bellows for is to be able to shoot photos in my house, while being confined through that epidemia.
      I'd take similar photographs as this Overgaard chap, you can look at his at the website (see link above).
      Very much looking forward to your posts,
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