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Summarit 50mm Lense Hood loose fitting

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Hello everyone,


I just acquired my first Leica three days ago, a beautiful chrome MP.

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the handling and quality of the camera, nothing short of spectacular!


The lens I bought with the camera is the 50mm Summarit and the lens hood, which was sold as an extra. I was rather disappointed to find out that there doesn't seem to be any way to attach the hood "properly" to the lens front part, meaning that the hood will not stay in place and just fits too loose. I'm rather surprised that a Leica lens would show this sort of bad manufacturing, the (included!) plastic hood of my cheapo 50mm Nikkor lens fits just fine after all.


Does anyone have any solution for the moving lens hood problem? Is this normal or should I get in touch with Leica for repair or a possible replacement?


Best regards,


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Where did you find a lense, they are so much rarer and more expensive than a standard lens.


Try pushing the hood on?


Did you buy a new lensey or a minteey lensey secondee handeee

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Welcome Skovbo. You may well find that it is that pesky bogus "e" that is causing the problem. Try losing it and the lens hood might fit your lens much better.






Sorry for the extra "e's"


Me being german, I probably had the german word "Linse" on my mind while writing.


Seriously now, any solution for this?

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I'm using a UV filter, but there is no difference having that on or off.

The hood fully screwed on doesn't have any grip at all, and moves on the slightest touch...


I read somewhere else that someone fixed this problem by getting a bigger rubber ring at a hardware store. Pretty laughable, for a 1200 $ lens.

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Ok, I've had my fun


You could try a dab of very light grease just to provide some "binding", or maybe a dab of varnish on the threads before you tighten. I agree, however - this should not be a problem.





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      The person I bought it from said they bought it from a seller in Japan a few years ago. And they got the lens CLA'd (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) this year.
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