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M8/5D DNG/RAW file pairs available

Asher Kelman

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We're making available M8 files with 5D filesl.


The first pair will be just to get used to using Jamie Roberts curves to cure the purple hue issue. Then I'll start with more pairs representative of common subjects. Treatment of Black Fabrics


Please consider this as a modest "beta test". We'd like feedback. Will Perlis and I worked together in our first tests and Will also provided several lenses. That generosity and teamwork is appreciated.


These current files are not meant for resolution and focus performance, just color and tonality. After the first sets of files and feedback, we'll consider the value of a systematic approach to making a comprehensive catalog of RAW files available for photographers testing purposes.


The idea is to compare the whole M8 sensor plus a lens with the entire 5D sensor and an equally stellar lens of the corresponding focal length to capture the same scene, i.e., optimizing each system.


Let me know if this might be useful and how one can best make such file pairs worthwhile.



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