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broken "glass" screen on C-lux 2

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I have a c-lux 2 and have somehow cracked the glass/plastic lcd screen. I think it took a blow in my bag one time, so is accidental damage, therefore not covered under warranty.

I have only had the camera 9months, so even more annoying to do this and my father is furious at me as it was a birthday present from him.


The LCD works fine, so I can still use the camera and see all the menus/display etc. however the glass has a crack through it.


Has anyone experience of replacing this themselves, or is this a send off for x months at y cost for a repair somewhere?

Is it a single piece that can be removed/glued, or will it be a complete subassembly. Next question would be where to obtain such spares.


I am tempted to just leave it, but my concern is the crack spreading and potentially breaking the LCD rendering the camera more useless.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


PS. I'm based in the UK if that makes any difference.

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Same thing happened to my DMR. The solution for that was to have Leica replace a significant portion of the outer case. It was expensive. See what a repair would cost. It might be cheaper to replace the camera.

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Call Leica Milton Keynes and ask them about the likely repair cost.


If its working OK then you could stick a screen protector over the screen and just carry on with it as is, or you do sometimes see broken cameras on e bay - if you get one with a good screen you could try changing it over yourself (don't forget there are numerous Panasonic cameras which will use the same screen).

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Thank you everyone, especially to earleygallery for the simple and rather obvious answer of ring and find out at Milton Keynes.


They confirmed that it most likely will require the whole backplate to be replaced, which until they receive the camera cannot assess and put a formal quotation together.


Oh well, into the post it goes to assess the damage...



Looks like simply replacing the glass is not a very viable option, though I am going to continue looking for that on ebay (broken cameras etc.)

Maybe i'll have a look at the Panny also to see if that can help the matter.

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