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Has anyone managed to get 'short ends' of this stuff? I have shot it before, many moons ago.

It is normally 200-250 ASA, but I did shoot at 400 and push-process it.

I don't know what the going rate is for the stuff in the UK. Is there anyone who deals in motion picture film in the UK?

It would be great to split a 400ft can with some fellow Leica enthusiasts. Feeding our leica's with cine stock is nothing new. Oskar did it, so why not me as well?

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    • By Neil Purling
      Is there anywhere one can get short ends of 35mm black & white motion picture film?
      I started bulk loading with Ilford HP5 Motion Picture film. One of the more interesting stocks was Eastman Double X Pan. Goodness knows when that was last manufactured.
      It was so similar to the loads of Orwo NP27 I could get, rather grainy but who cares.
      I have been looking at Fomapan 400. I am aware that the real speed falls short of 400.
      If I can get 300 that'll have to do. I can get cassettes of the Fomapan, but I have not found a source of bulk loads. A loader is so useful because I can make a casette of 6 exposures, enough for a test with least wastage.
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