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The Road Ahead.

I like being on my bike and most of my photos are taken after I pull over on the bike having seen something as I roll along. I use the cylinder heads to dry out wet gloves or to warm them up!


Summaron 2.8 on M2 HP5 in DD-X

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    • By Al Brown
      Trying to find a COMPLETE LIST of the Summaron 35mm 2.8 lenses that were delivered to the Swedish Army and had the three crowns insignia of the Swedish Military engraved.

      Leica sent an email to me recently responding that "They regretfully possess no official listings of serial numbers or even the exact documented amount of Summaron 35 2.8 lenses delivered to the Swedish Army".

      The Wiki article states that 1677001 - 1680000 is the serial number batch from which the "three crown" Summarons (1959/60) were sourced.
      Some dealers say there were only 10 such lenses, some say that there were 30, some say lots more, but it is really difficult to get a hold of the real numbers.
      I have managed to verify (visually) the small batch of the following serial numbers of the Summaron 35 2.8's that have the 3 crowns engraved. Neither the Wiki entry on the batch, nor the "10 units only" claim seem to be correct. Also, according to Leica archives and Lars Netopil's kind research correspondence, some of the below numbers are FAKE three crown engravnigs:

      1678208 (depicted in Lager's Illustrated History Vol. 1)

      Brandt Optik AG (Stockholm) was the Leitz Agent/official importer in Sweden at the time. All items were never shipped directly from Wetzlar to the Swedish military, but to Brandt be delivered to the Swedish military.
      Apparently 35/2.8 lenses with three crowns all were shipped together on May 25th 1960 to Brandt Stockholm, with shipping number 80856 (80856 instead of 80866!). Upon checking of some details with Leica AG some of the delivery dates for the serial numbers above did not match the delivery date nor the location, i.e. were delivered to Germany or Asia (HK) instead later and have nothing to do with Swedish Military.

      Maybe someone from the community and/or well respected collectors frequenting this forum can help to compile and perfect the list or shed some further light on the matter?
      Thank you in advance.
    • By balzani_shots
      My main goal is shoot B&W (but not only) on digital cameras.
      Trying to choose beetwen a 1962 Summaron f/2.8 and a 1964 Summicron V1, both look in very nice condition, the price diference is 700€.
      From what I`ve read here, these would be my favourite options. Opinions welcome, considering the price diference too.
    • By mr_bom
      Hello members,
      I’m curious about the new Summaron-M 28mm 5.6
      It’s Focusing tab stuck at the framelines selector and cannot go to close focus. 
      Does this occurs to every M-body that has rectangle framelines selector? 😅
      Thanks in advance

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    • By TheGodParticle/Hari
      Most of us seem to be photographers as well as collectors.
      Show me your favorite lenses, old and new alike.
      I like the Noctilux range for the extreme apertures, but I prefer the Summilux range for the best speed:size/weight ratio.
      Here’s a Summilux gathering of 21, 24, 28, 35, 50 and 75mm. All in black. 

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