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APO Modular Telyt-R questions


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Hi All,


I am soon set to receive a Modular Telyt-R but it comes without a manual. I would love to get an electronic one, or buy a paper manual; but am really interested on the instructions on how to join the head to the focusing module. I believe it should be easy, but don't want to mess it up when I get it.


A second topic is a Series 6 filter. I am wondering what people think about the polarizer and if it is worth trying to buy one.





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I downloaded the manual. Thanks for the link!


I have found a used Series 6 polarizer, but now I am wondering if it is just the filter, or if it will come with the holder that includes the wheel to rotate it internally. I will have to look into it.


Thanks again,



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A couple of tricks:


- before attempting the mating, make sure the head's rotating bayonet thing is 'armed' by turning it counter-clockwise.

- reference your fingers between the two halves when docking, to avoid bumps.

- once docked (with the auto bayonet spinning) give the spinny thing an extra gentle turn by hand to ensure the halves don't separate unexpectadly. This happened to a number of new users, hence the red warning stickers on later large heads.

- consider using the uniform ground glass screen (with or without grids) with the f5.6 module. The microprisms of other screens don't work well at f5.6.

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