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Found 11 results

  1. BillMe


    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    M9 with upgraded top plate The camera is in excellent condition as it has been used with a half case since new. The sensor was replaced mid 2015 and was recently serviced in 2018. The top plate was upgraded to the M9P top plate at the time of sensor replacement The camera has not been used a great deal as I have used other systems as well as this and so has only 6214 actuation's and is offered with a Leicatime/Luigi leather half case with drop down flap and next strap as well as thumbsUp. and two OEM batteries plus charger Complete with all original packaging and documentation Additional higher resolution photos are available on request Free shipping within UK and EU Payment via PayPal is preferred All genuine offers considered


  2. Ich habe es über die Stichwortsuche nicht finden können. Weiss jemand ob beim M9-P Upgrade (schwarz) der silberfarbene Blitzschuh wegen der Seriennummer bleibt oder gibt es einen neuen schwarzen Blitzschuh wie bei der originalen M9-P? VG E.
  3. I have been seeing some very positive reviews of the S007 in the last couple of weeks, but also a large number of critical comments and complaints about Leica and the S system. Coming from two years with an S006 and after a few days with the S007, I would just like to offer some feedback and advice to people who are looking into getting into the system or upgrading to the S007. For what it is worth obviously, so all “IMHO”. I have had some problems with Leica cameras and understand how annoying this can be, especially considering the cost of the S system. The day I got my S006 I went for a short walk in a park nearby and the camera got stuck after what must have been five or six shots. Having spent six months thinking about that investment, I cannot say how annoyed I was. I gave a call to Leica, fortunately found somebody still working at that time and we solved it through the phone (for some reason the mirror had staid locked in the up position). No issue after that with the functioning of the camera or lenses. I think that problems will happen and then the critical thing is how Leica reacts and how willing they are to helping us. At that price point and taking into account how they present their brand, I do not see any margin for compromise or disappointment. Hopefully they understand that. My experience in that respect has been an M body that froze and had to be sent back to Germany. It took them six weeks to get it back to me, but it had been fixed, cleaned, controlled and adjusted. I had to send my S006 a couple of weeks ago (small issue with a piece of rubber on the body) and it came back after a bit more than one week, again fixed, cleaned and so on. I can honestly say that I have never seen a sensor that clean by the way ;-) 
I believe that the dealer from whom you buy and who should then be there to support you is a very important piece of the puzzle. If you are lucky to have more than one dealer in your city or not too far, I’d recommend doing a bit of research and possibly getting some references. I am dealing with the Leica Shop in Vienna and could not hope for better and more helpful people to deal with. Now to the S007… I have read for a third time David Farkas’ review, after I saw a post where that review was qualified of “marketing hype” (or something like that). I know David a bit and am sure that he is always happy to sell one more camera, but, essentially, I came to the same conclusions as he did, with the caveat that I surely did not “inspect” the thing and its multiple aspects as deeply as he did. Also, I did not manage to go to Iceland in the last few days and cannot comment on the weather sealing ;-) My impressions so far, in a random order of what I noticed: > The first thing, by far, is the speed with which the camera can be operated. It’s not like a Nikon D4, but the improvement is very, very significant indeed and makes it more pleasant to use. > The white balance works fine and I end up with very little color adjustment, if any. > The continuous autofocus either does not work too well or my dog runs too fast ;-) > High contrast situations come out more balanced (metering?). Also, there is better ability to recover highlights and shadows. I do not know about the 15 stops of dynamic range, but there is an improvement compared to the S006. > As David mentions, the shutter has been improved and one can immediately feel the difference. > Live View makes a big difference to using the camera, for landscape for instance, and is well implemented in my opinion. I never needed the second battery with the S006, but I’ll get one when available for the S007, as Live View significantly increases the drain on the battery. > WiFi works without any issue (just need to select the camera as the WiFI network in use in the iPhone or Ipad). > I would not use ISO 6400, except in a bind if I really, really want to get the shot. The low light capability of the S007 is a nice improvement over the S006, but I was expecting just a little bit better. > Colours looks very natural to me: no issue I can see on a calibrated monitor. The Adobe profile looks more natural than the embedded one. > Some people have commented negatively on the speed dial now being blank and I expected not to like that too much, but in practice it is just fine. > One wise reviewer commented that the camera would be easier to use with 25 buttons as on the Pentax 645 and a tilting screen, but I am not a professional photographer and am not missing those features ;-) That’s pretty much what I can say so far about the camera. As to the lenses, I remember an interview of Peter Kalbe where the gentleman said the following about the quality of a lens: “the contrast has to fall off very fast in terms of depth of field. That’s it. That is the idea – and the ideal. The fall off has to be very fast! You point the lens and shoot, and where the focal plane is, the contrast should be high. The front and behind should fall off very fast.” Plus “Technically speaking, my interpretation of a good picture is: You get closer and you see more.”
 Suffice to say, the S lenses really drove that concept home for me. The one question left is the one of price/investment. I doubt whether anybody could argue that an S007 is worth (or not worth) three times a Nikon D4. The only thing I can say is that you have to factor in the cost of the lenses, obviously, but also the fact that once you are invested in a body and a few lenses, it is not so easy to get out (at least in Europe), as you would be facing a significant discount to sell the equipment. You can get by with the 70mm lens only, which is very pleasant to use, but adding the 120mm and one wide lens would greatly expand the possibilities opened to you. From my experience, reading all the reviews of David Farkas about the S system plus the ones published by Sean Reid would give enough reliable information to a prospective buyer. Better would be to have the camera for a few days for a test drive, but I understand that Leica does not allow that too often. Kudos to PhaseOne and their test drive program. I have found a few glitches and would be grateful if somebody could give me feedback or ideas of solution for these - not sure whether it’s me or the camera ;-): > I can’t make tethered shooting work (Mac OS, LR, Camera Shuttle, all last software versions). I see the PTP USB 3 Connection message on the camera’s display, the computer recognises the camera and can import the pictures, but I am not able to activate tethered shooting. > The manual says on page 31 that when in T (speed) mode “if 1/125s is set with the shutter speed setting dial, the camera switches to M (manual) mode”. Does not happen with my camera. > I cannot find the position of Flash speed sync on the dial. I have turned it several times around, but never saw the flash icon. I stopped turning the dial when my wife asked what that button is for ;-) > When switching from, say, ISO 100 to AutoISO, the camera does not accept the AutoISO setting immediately: I have to either switch it off and on or go to, say, ISO 200 and then again to AutoISO. Hope this all helps. Marc
  4. I read somewhere that Leica will offer users of M9s with bad sensors the opportunity to upgrade to the M240. Has anyone received one of these offers and if so, how much would the upgrade through Leica have been?
  5. Hallo Forum, ich habe kürzlich meine M9 nach So… nein, nach Wetzlar! eingeschickt, mit einem offensichtlich zerstörten Sensor. Auf den Bildern waren deutliche Kratzer zu sehen, beim Abblenden schärfer als offen. Ich bin davon ausgegangen, dass ich mich beim (vorsichtigen) Reinigen mittels Sensor Swabs schlicht zu blöd angestellt habe und den Sensor verkratzt habe. Anstatt eines satt vierstelligen KVAs kam jedoch nur die Nachricht zurück, der Sensor werde auf Kulanz getauscht. Möglicherweise lag also noch ein anderes Problem vor - ich weiß es wirklich nicht, aber ich war mehr als überrascht. Aufgrund der erwarteten langen Reparaturzeit von 8 Wochen wurde mir alternativ ein Upgrade auf eine M240 angeboten, zu einem durchaus attraktiven (Auf)Preis. Da ich trotz mehr-als-Vollzeitjob auf akademischer Basis nicht unbedingt im Bargeld schwimme und eine Familie zu ernähren habe, überlege ich jetzt schon seit etlichen Tagen, was ich tun soll. Zunächst muss ich die M mal persönlich in die Finger bekommen, einen Ausflug in die große Stadt werde ich wohl nächste Woche in den Terminplan einbauen können. An der M9 wäre halt hübsch, dass Sie mit neuem Sensor zurückkäme, kalibriert, gereinigt und auf meine Objektive abgestimmt, quasi wie neu. Der Verschluss hat auch erst 5.000 Auslösungen hinter sich. Mich würden die Meinungen der Umsteiger von der M9 auf die M interessieren, ob sich ihr Umstieg subjektiv gelohnt hat. Wenn ich den derzeitigen Restwert meiner M9 mit kaputtem Sensor betrachte, ist der Aufpreis auf die neue M gemessen an der UVP ein Schnäppchen, aber in absoluten Zahlen halt doch kein Pappenstiel. Dies gilt um so mehr, als ich zahlreiche der neuen Features bislang nicht vermisst habe: - Den schlimmen M9-Screen habe ich nur zur Iso-Verstellung verwendet und gelegentlich mal einen Blick aufs Histogramm riskiert. - Mehr als einen M9-Akku am Tag habe ich noch nicht leerbekommen. - Liveview ist zwar nett zur Vermeidung von Parallaxe und für die akkurate Ausrichtung, aber ich könnte wohl auch ohne. - Video an einer M brauche und möchte ich nicht. Das Knöpfchen würde ich sofort deaktivieren. Aber das Entscheidende ist doch: Wie steht es mit der Bildqualität? Ist der Umstieg auf den CMOSIS-Sensor ein solcher Quantensprung, dass man dafür soviel Aufpreis auf den Tisch legt, dass man anderswo eine komplette Vollformat-DSLR mit Glas davor bekomme? Oder sind die Unterschiede eher marginaler Natur? Ich würde sicherlich nicht dauerhaft mit ISO 3200 herumlaufen, aber die Option zu haben, finde ich beispielsweise bei meiner X100 schon ganz nett. Butter bei die Fische? Oder lieber die M9 behalten und auf die nächste Generation warten, hoffentlich mit Bildfeldwählhebel, ohne Video und von mir aus auch ohne LCD? ;-) Ich bin für jeden kreativen Vorschlag dankbar. Viele Grüße, Henning
  6. Has Leica increased the cost of the M9 upgrade to M9P from 1050,00 EUR to 1320.00 EUR? Rino
  7. I've just spent an hour with Adobe's customer service trying to upgrade my Lightroom 4 (which came bundled with my M9-P when I bought it) to Lightroom 5. Adobe has no record of my "order" for Lightroom 4 - presumably because I did not "purchase" it but got it with my camera - and virtually accused me of lying. So I only have the option of buying the full Lightroom 5 at double the cost of an upgrade from Lightroom 4. Anyone else in this situation?
  8. Hi, I looked around on the forum and did not find much info about this... My M6 VF is giving me a hard time focusing (sometimes). I recently got it and other than this problem it's mechanically and cosmetically perfect. So in general it's hard for me to focus when my subject is: 1. Heavily backlight (bright source of light); 2. Very contrasted; 3. In a very dark environment. From what I've heard this seems to be to a fairly common problem with M6's. I contacted Gerry Smith in Toronto at Kindermann (I live in Montreal) and he told me about a modification that could be done to the VF for approx. 180$. So my question is: Does it need to be modified? or is it just maybe dirty? Has anybody upgraded their M6 this way? Is it worth it? Any insight would be great! Thanks
  9. I just found this: Leica Camera AG - Service - M9 Upgrade Guy
  10. Hello all, One of my first times writing here so looking for your advice and opinions. I own an M8. Very good condition, only the scroll wheel is a bit 'jumpy'... never worked properly but not that big of a deal. But other than that, nearly perfect condition. I own the 28mm 2.8 (a bit flat for my taste) and the Lux 50mm (LOVE the lens). However the 50 is a bit too 'long' on the M8 considering the crop factor and so feel for a walk around lens I would prefer to move into a 35mm. (I will be renting the Cron 35mm asph next week to live with it and to get the feel for it first) My dilemma is, I would really love to get a 35mm 1.4 Lux but almost makes more sense at that point to buy the M9 and just use my 50mm 1.4 lux don't you think? Get the FF and the higher res as well as all around better images? Hard to decide if I should get the 35mm for the M8 and then down the road assuming one day I do move into an M9 I find suddenly the 35mm too wide? (though guess I can sell it then if I feel i won't use it any longer) So basically, how does one come to the decision of upgrading to the M9 for the FF vs, buying a wider lens for he non FF M8? Also to note, I am not a pro photog, I just live with the Leica in my hands and want to make the best decision I can. All ideas and thoughts welcome.
  11. ...dafür wurden es super 15 Minuten. Für das M9-P Upgrade hatte ich heute einen Termin beim CS und wollte die M9 zusammen mit ein paar Objektiven zum Justieren und Reparieren persönlich abgeben. Ich habe mich heute daher extra früh abgehetzt um rechtzeitig von der "Galeere" (Arbeit) wegzukommen und geriet prompt in einem Stau, sodass ich um 16:40 Uhr (10 Min. nach Feierabend) in Solms vor verschlossenen Türen stand. Glücklicherweise war einer der Mitarbeiter auf dem Weg nachhause so nett mir zu empfehlen an einem der Fenster nebenan zu klopfen. Ein anderer netter Herr öffnete mir nachdem ich ihm durchs Fenster verzweifelt von meiner schwierigen Anfahrt erzählt hatte. In völliger Ruhe liess er mich noch rein und nahm alle Teile mit Beschreibung der Probleme in einem Protokoll entgegen. Zum Schluss bot er mir sogar an noch einen Kaffee zu kochen, was ich nicht annehmen wollte, obwohl ich weiss wie berühmt der CS Kaffee ist. Es war ein stressiger Nachmittag mit einem wieder mal sehr angenehmen Erlebnis beim Leica Customer Service. VG E. P.S.: Habe beschlossen das M9-P Upgrade doch nicht zu machen, da meine M9 nach 2 Jahren viele Gebrauchsspuren im Lack hat die ich mittlerweile "schön" finde.
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