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Found 37 results

  1. Hi All My first post. Been a Leica M system shooter for about 5 years. I’ve been in the market for a 28mm Summicron and have found one that is ~5 years old being sold by and older gentlemen. Visibly, no scratches, no dents on the tube, and overall seems to be in order and results from tests are good. However, when I remarked that he’d obviously taken care of it he told me he cleaned all his lenses generally every fortnight with fluid and lens tissue (?!) personally I avoid cleaning and always use UVs to protect my lenses and fortunalty never neeed to clean a rear element. However, this lens as good as it looks has been cleaned very regularly whether it needed it or not it seems. The lens certainly reflects green so I’m confident in the UV anti glare coating. Could his cleaning and or the fluid have in anyway weakened the balsam? How strong is the lens cement against pressure or fluid? I’m keen on buying it but I’d be concerned if he’d in anyway weakened the construction through pressure on the lens or with fluid (Giottos or Inca I believe). Otherwise, if the lens was in a shop and I was told it was new, I’d believe it.
  2. Bergbilder im Kleinformat, oder dafür reichen die Tiefenschärfenskalen auf alten Objektiven M8.2, 'cron 28, Juli 2013.
  3. Focusing on the essentials [ATTACH]327541[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 640, 1/90 sec., Aperture 3, Mercedes-museum Stuttgart, 4. April 2010.
  4. For those who prefer something more colorful... [ATTACH]327534[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, 1/60 sec., Aperture 3, 4. April 2010, Mercedes-museum Stuttgart.
  5. Bei meinem Besuch in Istanbul Anfang Mai dieses Jahres kam ich in Kontakt mit Koma Sê Bıra, einer kurdischen Gruppe bestehend aus drei Brüdern, die in der zentralen İstiklal Caddesi (Unabhängigkeitsstraße) in Istanbul spielten und sich dabei der Aufmerksamkeit kurdischer Zuhörer sowie türkischer Anwohner und Geschäftsleute sicher sein konnten: In meinem noch neuen Blog habe ich einige Informationen dazu aufgeschrieben sowie noch ein paar Bilder hinzugefügt: Koma Sê Bıra on İstiklal Caddesi, Istanbul | Norbert Steinkamp. Vielen Dank für's Hinschauen, Grüße, Norbert
  6. Kirchenmalerei in Elva, Valle Maira, Cottische Alpen [ATTACH]326977[/ATTACH] Hier stellte sich die Schwierigkeit, den hellen Fleck, den ein Scheinwerfer auf die Bildmitte warf, im Bildbearbeitungsprogramm etwas zu verringern. M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 640, 1/60 sec., Aperture 3, 6. Juli 2012.
  7. Lamborghini at Valle Maira, Cottian Alps ...if Italian farmers drive tractor... [ATTACH]326972[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, 1/180 sec., Aperture 3, 1. July 2012.
  8. Lamborghini im Mairatal, Cottische Alpen ... wenn italienische Bauern Trecker fahren... [ATTACH]326971[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, 1/180 sec., Aperture 3, 1. Juli 2012.
  9. Caboose, German Railway Cassel [ATTACH]320812[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  10. Camel please [ATTACH]320811[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, Aperture 3, 16. June 2012.
  11. reger Schiffsverkehr auf der Nagold [ATTACH]320967[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160. 1/500 sec., Aperture 3, 16.06.2012.
  12. Porsche 133 - durch Zufall in einem ländlichen Unterstand entdeckt. Wegen der Dunkelheit musste auf ISO 1250 "gepusht" werden, damit eine 125-tel noch aus der Hand drin war. [ATTACH]316321[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, Aperture3, 17. Mai 2012.
  13. My house - my shelters - my garden train... [ATTACH]316265[/ATTACH] M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 160, 17. May 2012.
  14. Ich habe ein Summilux 50 ASPH und ein Summicron 28. Ich bin Hobbyfotograf und fotografiere hauptsächlich unterwegs, die Kinder, auf Partys. Selten mal eine Hochzeit oder ein ähnliches Event. In letzter Zeit habe ich mir in den Kopf gesetzt, dass ich ein 35er FLE brauche um mit nur einem Objektiv unterwegs zu sein. Ich meine es könnte für meine Zwecke die beiden anderen ersetzen und es passt auch noch besser zum Sucher der M9. Allerdings müßte ich meine beiden Objektive verkaufen, um mir das 35erFLE leisten zu können. Bisher habe ich widerstehen können. Der Gebrauchtpreis des 28er Cron ist z.Z. auch verkäuferunfreundlich. Jetzt kann ich ein neues 35er FLE für 3750,- Euro bekommen und werde immer schwächer. Ich brauche Rat. Hat jemand schon einen ähnlichen Schritt gemacht? Mache ich einen Fehler? Wahrscheinlich könnte ich bald ein 75er Summarit oder ein 50er Elmar dazukaufen. Ein 15er Heliar hab ich auch noch. Grüße H.H.
  15. Hall of Fame, Barmen - was officially known as the "Kaiser Wilhelm- and Friedrich-Ruhmeshalle" and later as the "House of the Youth". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruhmeshalle_(Wuppertal)
  16. Hello everyone. I tried a search but I haven't exactly found an answer to my question. So here is the thing. For a long time I've been wondering whether to go for 28mm or 35mm – the never-ending question for all photographers Anyway, my mind is now made up to go for the Summicron 28mm. A fantastic lens in every possible way and I really love it's rendering. I am looking for a second hand example and they are fortunately for me readily available on the market. I've seen plenty of talk about Summicron 28's flare and on the opposing side of spectrum are the people who say the Cron 28 is absolutely free of the flare problem. I am talking about the large purple blobs which appear on some shots and they do look like kind of terrible and the lost off contrast is severe. For example read here: Digi•Pixel•Pop . This is not the only source where i've seen such bad flare examples. So obviously I wouldn't want to pay ~4000$/3000€ for a lens with a severe flare problem. According to Leica-Wiki (http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/28mm_f/2_ASPH_Summicron-M) serial numbers starting with 39xxxxx are potentially the ones with the "problem". The good news: all signs seem to point out that the flare problem (can) exists on the early pre-6 bit serial number samples. So it seems Leica has done some modifications silently in the design along the way. Perhaps there was some change in the coatings and the newer versions are free of the flare problem. Or at least it's not as bad. So my question is this: I would like to know if people have any first hand experience on the early serial number, pre 6 bit coded lenses, and if this particular problem really exists? I am asking for this because there are plenty of available pre 6-bit Summicrons available on the used market and they are usually quite a bit cheaper than the later version. But I am really afraid to pull the trigger if these early serial numbers are more likely to have a flare problem compared to the later versions. Thank you for reading
  17. ...started the Indian summer M8.2 • 'cron28 • LR 5.6 • Graphic Converter • Solingen - Burg an der Wupper • Germany • 21. Sept. 2014.
  18. mnutzer


    Abschied M8.2, 'cron 28, LR5, Mai 2014.
  19. Troja spart M8.2, 'cron 28, LR5, Mai 2014.
  20. Peasants' War Memorial at Fortress Marienberg Wuerzburg Inscription To commemorate to the Peasants' War of 1525 * In May 1525 the storm of the farmers to the Fortress Marienberg failed with great losses. This failure led to the crushing defeats of the hordes of peasants in the following weeks. In criminal courts the sovereigns took bloody revenge and oppressed their in 12 articles summarized demands for individual freedom and moderation in the manorial control of taxes and duties of deliverables. M8.2, 'cron 28, Nov. 2013.
  21. Bauernkriegs-Denkmal Würzburg Festung Marienberg M8.2, 'cron 28, Nov. 2013. Bauernkriegs-Denkmal – WürzburgWiki
  22. Black Forest anglers M8.2 • ’cron 28 • LR5 • Tuttlingen - Singen Htw • May 2014.
  23. Getting Advice from a Professional M8.2, 'cron 28, ISO 640, Cologne, Photokina 2010.
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