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Found 29 results

  1. Time Left: 19 days and 19 hours

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    I have too many sweet Summarons... So, this one has to go! Original screwmount Summaron. Very nice condition, see pics. It is the one mounted on the IIIg, Nº1754512 Focus and aperture perfect. Clean glass, minimal dust, works perfectly. Both original caps. If you want the SBLOO finder, too, please add 190€ if you take the lens. It is bright and clean. Finder only 275€. I am in Spain, and every four weeks in Germany. Insured shipping at cost. EU sales preferred! Spreche auch Deutsch. También hablo Español. Good light!!! Knut Edit: I had some good deals and feedback on this site, but they are gone after the renewal of this section:(

    850.00 EUR

  2. Just wanted to share my first impressions of the mini 28mm f5.6 summaron lens: I wanted to get this lens for street photography ever since it came out and finally pulled the trigger. I was a little skeptical of its output having seen both good and bad shots on reviews with the lens, but wanted first hand experience and to finally scratch that 28mm daido moriyama itch. After the opening a nice black box and admiring this silver jewel for a moment in my hand, I quickly attached it to M10 and went searching for some test shots on a clear but cloudy day. I shoot my film M/A at f5.6 on bright sunny days so wasn’t worried by its lack of low light capabilities. The reverse position of the focusing tab takes some getting used to, really not very hard, and for closer subjects you need to take a step back than what is normal for other lenses, as you need more distance to bring things in focus. But from the moment I started snapping away I felt the same wonder and joy that you do with other Leica lenses. After an hour or so of taking photos this is what I noticed most: the center of this lens is very sharp but not in a clinical way; there is a smoothness to images; some shots do not produce vignetting but some do which, gives it the “classical” feel and really sets off objects in a cool way; its kind of an unpredictable lens which i like and comes down to personal preference; color accuracy was very good and no different than my 50mm summilux & 35mm summicron; the size of the lens is perfect for adding a 3rd lens to my small leather street bag. Overall, I’m very pleased with my decision to get this lens. Not only imbued with a piece of Leica history but also very capable of producing cool images in daylight conditions. I personally think this is one of those special lenses to own that captures unique qualities rather than the clinical kind you find everywhere else. Unlike, with other leica lenses where i expected images to be great, i was expecting this one to be less so, but was proven wrong. It really is a great little lens and has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Leica for making this!
  3. Hi there, I've recently come into ownership of a mint Summaron 35mm 2.8 lens. After some quick research I believe it is the original ltm mount. There is no red dot, and the lens focuses down to 1m. It comes with the original caps, bubble and the lens hood. Its in mint condition. I will upload pictures shortly but just wondered in todays market whats a good average price these lenses go for? Thanks Alex
  4. Still in love with my M3 but processing film feels more and more taxing as the years pass. I have been unable to find clean and clear answers to my question: can I use my old Summilux 50/f1.4, Summaron 35/f2.8 and newer Voigtländer 21/f4 on a Monochrom body? The switch is tenting but as I work mostly on a volunteer basis these days and cost is an issue.
  5. On a birch tree today. M240, 1967 35mm Summaron f2.8.
  6. Hi all, I recently purchased an M3 with a goggled 35mm f/3.5 Summaron. Unlike many other Summarons I've been able to find online, however, the paint job on the goggles is a glossy black paint, rather than the crackled paint that's ubiquitous online. I've been told this is a relatively uncommon version of this lens - the question is, how uncommon? Is this something that is collectible or significantly adds to the lens value? I haven't been able to find any copies of the glossy paint version that have sold online, so I would love your perspectives on whether this is a collector's item of any sort, or if it's something I shouldn't worry about using/possibly getting dinged up in the process. I've attached a photo below.
  7. Hello all, I recently purchased an M3 with a goggled 35mm f/3.5 Summaron. Unlike many other Summarons I've been able to find online, however, the paint job on the goggles is a glossy black paint, rather than the crackled paint that's ubiquitous online. I've been told this is a relatively uncommon version of this lens - the question is, how uncommon? Is this something that adds to the value of the lens significantly/is it collectible? I haven't been able to find any copies of the glossy paint version that have sold recently, so I would love your perspectives on whether this is a collector's item of any sort, or if it's something I shouldn't worry about using/possibly getting dinged up in the process. If you have any thoughts on potential value, I would welcome those as well. Here's an image of the lens in question. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  8. Hi, I just bought my first Leica, an M6 Classic. I hope I'm not asking a stupid question... I have a Summaron 35mm f/3.5 serial number 1179705, I think it might be from 1954? On my M6 the 35mm frame lines does not automatically show; I get the 50mm + 75mm. I have to turn the frame lever to get the 35mm + 135mm frame lines. I understand there is an issue with the goggles made for the M2. But reading about it, I get all confused. How do I know if my Summaron was designed to be used with goggles? If I so; shouldn't the M6 display the 35mm frames without the goggles? I understand some have filed down a detail on the lens to make it work without the goggles; could this be my problem? I would greatly appreciate any help from you good people of this forum :-) PS: Also; the focus lock knob touches the frame lever, making close focusing a bit hard - is this "normal"?
  9. I have done a short review of how this lens from 1958 performs on a modern digital M240. http://macfilos.com/photo/2016/5/20/leica-28mm-summaron-f56-little-old-guy-goes-modernperhaps The output from the lens holds up well despite its age. I am sure that if the lens is 're-issued' by Leica it will be thoroughly modernised. William
  10. This rather unlikely setup (combining the sleek new TL with a very old-fashioned lens) was demoed at Paris Photo last week at the Leica space in the Grand Palais. I found the combination curious enough to take a couple of pictures. It may actually be a useful combo, the Summaron coming quite close to being what is called a pancake lens I guess. Anyway, just for your viewing pleasure and reference, something one doesn't see every day.
  11. What is the story on this lens? Not much to read and review about it ... see it is a reboot ... I want a wide angle lens for a different look and wondering if this is the one?
  12. was my first thought... Downtown, NYC MM/28mm summaron
  13. Summaron 2.8/35 with googles C&C welcome!!
  14. Hi there, new to the forums here, please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section. I have been looking for a good 28mm (near 35mm equiv.) lens for both IR photography and B&W once I sell my full spectrum modified Olympus. After researching a while I have come down to these three options; Ultron 28/1.9 = Good low contrast B&W, IR?? Biogon 28/2.8 = Not so good B&W (higher contrast) but good IR Summaron 35/3.5 (Not 28mm I know) = Good B&W and apparently good for IR (due to coatings) The Ultron seems ideal for my needs except there is very little information on its use for IR. Can anyone confirm whether it is sharp in the spectrum or suffers from hotspots at certain apertures? Samples would be great to. The Biogon has IR focus marking which would probably make my life alot easier except I've heard its not the best for B&W, unless some samples convince me otherwise. For IR it doesn't suffer any hotspots according to the guys @ getdpi. If I can see more IR action (samples ofc) from the Summaron I might be sold. Although a filtering solution for this lens seems like a pain, if anyone is using this for IR how have you gone about with it? Just using the SOOGZ adapter? Any samples of the three in b&w and IR are greatly appreciated! If there are any other possible lens options apart from those 3 that I should consider, please let me know also. Thanks for the help
  15. I just bought an M3 with a goggled Summaron f3.5, and it obviously hasn't been used in decades. I live in New York City, and was thinking of trying out Panorama Camera in Manhattan--has anyone had any experiences with Leica repairs at this camera repair shop? The inside of the Summaron also looks a bit cloudy--not sure what it is exactly, but is it common to have the inside lens elements successfully cleaned? It looks scratch-free... I am very, very excited about getting this camera up and running, it's my first Leica!
  16. Wo finde ich die Fabrikationsnummer auf dem Objektiv? Ich suche und suche, entdecke sie aber nicht.
  17. Hello all. I just received a 35mm f2.8 Summaron with eyes for my M3 from a seller on the (in)famous web auction site. The lens itself appears to be in excellent shape - I'll be shooting test shots later this afternoon. However, when I mount the lens on my M3, the rangefinder patch is off vertically, but is on target horizontally for distant objects with the lens locked on infinity. The rangefinder is obviously perfectly aligned for lenses without eyes. Is this easily fixed? How much should it cost? Can I do it myself? I'll be very gratefull for any advice. Guy
  18. Thomas Edison's Ft. Myers, Florida laboratory, where he and his wife wintered from 1886 to 1930 and he tried to synthesize or find a natural source of rubber. Leica IIIf, Summaron 35/3.5, Kodak Portra 160NC, 1/5 sec @ f/11, drugstore develop and scan to CD, Nik Silver Efex Pro Sepia 2, burnt edges, this is a crop of about half of the negative. (Taken 13 Apr 2010) This is wild, I used to have an old 5x7 B&J and this shot looks just like it--only with a 35mm! [ATTACH]198333[/ATTACH]
  19. Guten Abend liebe Leicianer! ich befinde mich seit knapp einem halben jahr in besitz einer leica II aus dem jahre 1938! ein wunderschoenes goldstueck (vor kurzem ist zwar die belederung zerbrochen und abgefallen, aber ich muss sagen ohne gefaellt sie mir momentan noch fast besser). habe den schatz auf dem weg nach suedamerika in zuerich erstanden, leider ist das "kit-objektiv", wenn man das so sagen kann, ein russisches industar 22. da mir nach dem verschiessen so einiger filme der stil des industar endgueltig ueber ist und ich mich nach weiterem horizont, aeaeh winkel sehne habe ich mich hier in buenos aires mal nach objektiven umgeschaut. gerade eben ein hektor 4.5/135 erstanden, laut summilux jahrgang 1935 fuer umgerechnet ca 36 euro. keine kratzer und habe gerade bei neuem hinschauen festgestellt dass da so ein paar kleine punktfoermige truebungen sind (im laden nicht bemerkt). fokus und blende laufen superweich und sanft und zart und einfach leica! aber nun zu meiner eigentlichen frage: koennte mir jetzt noch ein summaron 3.5/35 kaufen, serienummer 1019368, laut summilux bj¨'52, das glas sieht mir (abgesehen von miniminimalsten putzspuren) glasklar aus, blende und fokus gehen butterweich und sauber und bis euf eine klitzekleine delle ganz vorne and diesem rand der uebersteht wie neu. kosten soll das ganze umgerechnet ca 175 euro. dazu wird mir noch ein aufstecksucher 35mm original leica fuer 72 euro angeboten. der sucher leifert ein einwandfreies bild und scheint mir eine sinnvolle nachruestung fuer die leica II zu sein , ist von aussen betrachtet jedoch recht benutzt und der kitt fuer das vorderglas scheint an ein paar stellen nicht mehr vollstaendig zu sein. nun liebe kenner, ich wollte mal fragen zu was ihr mir raten wuerdet. danke schon mal im voraus und gruesse aus buenos aires tobias
  20. The Road Ahead. I like being on my bike and most of my photos are taken after I pull over on the bike having seen something as I roll along. I use the cylinder heads to dry out wet gloves or to warm them up! [ATTACH]170140[/ATTACH] Summaron 2.8 on M2 HP5 in DD-X
  21. Lost but not forgotten; a Ransomes single furrow plough waiting for its time to come again! Tri-X HC110 Summaron 2.8 M2 [ATTACH]158354[/ATTACH] This and a couple more agricultural reminiscences form my new album if anyone feels like a look.
  22. Leica IIf, Summaron, BW400CN Gruß Claus
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