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Found 21 results

  1. On some hills there was being preserved a kind of snow in a very thin layer. As last sunday was sunny, with blue sky I just roamed a bit. This area is on the hills at my city and a crowd of sunseekers was enjoying a touch of coming spring even. Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm
  2. these days are rih in color and vivid sky panoramas. Our landscape here is slightly hilly, scattered houses and buildings are often spoiling the view. So we always try to find places with calm and undisturbed vantage points. Contrast were high so I tried a series in b&w Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm, polarizer, ND graded filter X1 X1
  3. these days here are gray dull droop and therefore all the Christmas illumination makes sense. But nature also can be quite promising. Often my camera goes with me to my office and so did yesterday. This time I took my new toy, an Olympus OMD mounted with Elmarit 90 mm. There was a breeze so I tried to get a painting where the element of movement should also be included. The bushes in front of my office window were slightly swaying. all this enchantment was gone within 20 minutes approx. you can have a look whether you will find it likewise inspirational.
  4. August 2011, Mini Zoom, Reala [ATTACH]277739[/ATTACH]
  5. No idea how to describe this problem I'm having other than "banded skyline" or perhaps "colorless rainbow". Any thoughts on why this may occur? I'm using Leica M8 with Leica 50mm f/1.4 Summilux ASPH (6-Bit) - Silver
  6. Spring is definitely coming!
  7. Duisburg, Landsape Park North, This industrial park is so full of potential that one can spend there days of shooting in different light and with different lenses. This time we were drawn to its wideangle aspects. Leica Q
  8. Yesterday evening had a promising light. I saw one big cloud towering over the city and sunshine should provide an interesting evening glow. So I snatched my Leica Q. All shades of blue, magenta and green could be captured and all shadows could be opened: amazing and a pleasure to shoot with.
  9. When the winter sun is ot even the forest can look delightful. Temepratures were mild a a kind of spring was in the air. Leica Q, pano stitched from 3 pictures
  10. © ciamprob@gmail.com

  11. From the album: Leica X-E

    Sunset in the countryside
  12. From the album: Pix from the Q

    © Henrik Palshøj

  13. From the album: London 2016

    St. Pancras Station früh am morgen.

    © www.andrea-schneider.eu

  14. laowai_


    From the album: Walk around the Neighborhood

    © (C) 2016, Chris Scholz

  15. Hand Held (nothing special) V-Lux4 108mm f/2.8 1/1,000 Spot AP
  16. Skatafell National Park is the biggest national park in Europe, main reason for this park is third biggest glacial cover in the world, it is called Vatnajokul. Camera: Leica M-P Lens: Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. Location: Iceland
  17. The sky can be dramatic in winter. I know it is no comparison to spectacular landscapes but for a nice walk with a nice new camera it offers some situations to learn. We have a fort in our city, From the hilltops you get a nice view and it is a regional attraction. 800 years the history can be traced back. This fort never has been conquered and it did belong to the people not to any ruling clan or family. the picture is showing one part of the defense walls Leica Q, stitched from 3 pictures
  18. This is the very first walk with my new camera. I always go the same walk just to our fort from where there is a nice and wide view over our city. Winter offers a clear view, trees are barren (which is a thing to regret) and not disturbing the view too much. We get nice dramatic skies then. Handling is uncomplicated a fine, the new look has to be discovered and explored. Leica Q
  19. I opted for this forum over architecture - hope that is acceptable. M9 + Summilux F1.4 24mm, F8, 1/4 sec (on tripod) ISO 160 converted in Efex Pro. C& C welcome Andrew
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