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  1. Portrait of Appalachian Bootlegger, The Mountain.
  2. Greetings Folks, Thought to share a bit of fun; a video portrait. This was shot with just the bare M 240 (no rig, supports etc) and a 1959 Leitz 50mm Summilux: Maya Coffee Break - Leica M (Type 240) Video Portrait | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Perhaps it will inspire a few to try the video mode? Short and fun clips with simple editing. Cheers, Edmond
  3. Iduna


    To go early to our local zoo here is providing a few moments between photographer and animal. This wolf started checking the route for food preparations. He was watchful and also keen to find out what was going on. He came over twice and each time waited just long enough to let me have a few shots. Olympus EM5 with Telyt 250mm
  4. Dear Leica community, relatively new to the Leica M world I am thinking about adding a 90mm to my yet small set of glass (50mm Summarit, 35mm Summicron Asph.), especially to take on a 3 months South America trip. I use an M9-P (and a D-Lux 5 as back-up). I read a lot in this forum, blogs, Ken Rockwell/Steve Huff (I know!) etc and my thoughts are as follows: (1) Tele Elmarit (thin) is the smallest and lightest and, therefore, prone to serve as a travel companion. (2) Tele Elmarit is (i) wide open a little bit inferior in terms of optics and (ii) stopped down to f4 equal to the Elmarit M and Summicron but as a relative beginner I will hardly ever notice the difference. (That said, I must say I did see a big difference between a Summaron 35mm/f2.8 and my Summicron 35mm/f2 asph, for whatever that's worth.) (3) The price for a Tele Elmarit in a good condition ranges between EUR 700-1000. My impression is that the price as gone up since 2009. (4) Most reviews say the Elmarit M is better than the Summicron and much smaller and lighter and if the f2.0 isn't absolutely necessary the Elmarit is the better option. We see similar used prices for both. I am not 100% sure how I would use the 90mm but my plan is to not only use it for portraits but also for landscape and street photography (why not). Now, my questions are: (1) Are my thoughts correct? (2) What would you recommend? (3) I have an offer for a Summicron M in good condition and an Elmarit-M (haven't held it in hands but allegedly good condition as well) both for EUR 850. Reasonable? Many thanks. Greetings from Munich Daniel
  5. Moin, moin, ich möchte mich hier mal höflich vorstellen. Ich bin Stefan aus Hamburg und habe mir zu Weihnachten eine kleine M gegönnt. Vorher hatte ich auch hier viel gelesen und bedanke mich deswegen gerne für die vielen Informationen, die ich in diesem Forum bekommen habe. Mal schauen, wann ich soweit bin, dass ich was zurück geben kann... Jetzt bin ich erst mal ganz glücklich, die ersten Bilder zeigen zu können, die ziemlich genau zeigen, warum ich nun mit Leica unterwegs bin. Entspanntes Arbeiten, toller WB, schöne Hauttöne und wenig Notwendigkeit zur Nachbearbeitung. Ich entdecke gerade meine Liebe zur Fotografie neu... Viele Grüße Stefan
  6. Greetings Folks, Thought to share my portrait of photographer René Burri with his Leica M9-P, shot on my M9-P: René Burri | Flickr - Photo Sharing! I have a short blog post on this as well: René Burri | Photo This & That Cheers, Edmond
  7. M9 + 50lux Steffy Ong by Wayan Tresna, on Flickr
  8. Alex Krasotkin

    Sea Mood

    Turkey. Alanya. Leica M9, Summicron C 40/2
  9. While I was having coffee at my favourite place this guy was sat running his office over his cup of coffee. "Hi, it's Mike the Magician" he said down the telephone. Sadly the guy at the other end didn't seem to know who he was. I took this candid shot of him with the M240 + 50mm lens at 1600iso. I then processed it through Lightroom Classic. Hope you like it! Gerry
  10. I spotted Gemma at a promotional event as part of the 'Music in the City' initiative in my home town of Southampton, England. I just loved the way she was 'out there' making her own fashion statement. She kindly let me make this image. Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5. 1/45 at f11 @ 320 iso handheld. Gerry
  11. My daughter all grown up now, still having the feel and ability to be a good subject for an impromptu shoot on a beautiful beach day here in Barbados. Have a great day!
  12. Probably the last lens I would have considered using for a portrait would be a 10 mm hyper-wide lens but here's the result. I was in a very cramped cottage in the Black Country Museum in Warwickshire and the 10 mm was able to scoop in everything I wanted and dealt with the complex colour balance from daylight, candle light, and open fire exceptionally well I feel. While I'm aware that there are some imperfections I'm pleased with the picture. I wanted to show the subject in her surroundings as it would have looked 150 years ago. Thank you for finding the time to look at my picture and your comments are welcome. M10 with Voigtlander 10/5.6 Heliar Hyper-wide.
  13. Alex Krasotkin


    Russia. Rybinsk. Belltower Leica M9, Noctilux 50/1.0
  14. There is nothing in the world quite like a breezy autumn day at Asbury Park in NJ. M6, Summicron 50mm f/2 (IV). Ilford HP5+ @ ISO 200. D-76 1:1 Scanned with Canoscan 8800 converted with LR3. f/8 @ 1/250sec or 1/500sec for both. [ATTACH]237055[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]237056[/ATTACH] Many thanks to Kerri for a fun day of shooting.
  15. Has anyone any experience in using the Marco Elmar 90mm f4 for portrait work? I'M working on a series of portraits but need to get closer than 1m that the 90/2.8 allows. Speed is not an issue and I guess DoF is shallow enough once you are in the close focusing range. Any ideas welcome.
  16. First series of street portraits, shot in June 2011. I shot a similar series of portraits in Derby earlier this year, for the Magnum Workshop with Bruce Gilden. I've tried to continue this series, this time in NY. I feel that I need to add bit more characters, so I plan on coming back to wrap up this series, hopefully with a bit more varied set as a result. But, for now, here's a selection of the portraits I shot this year: (M9 / Noctilux f/1.0)
  17. Hello everybody, this is my frist post. Hope you like! Granmother takes breakfast in hospital. Leica M9 + Carl Zeiss Biogon 35mm f/2
  18. In der Hoffnung auf paar Kommentare und Meinungen verbleibe ich wie immer mit freundlichsten Grüßen Rafael
  19. I have newly purchased the Leica D-Lux 5. I used to have a passion for photography before my 'real life' swept that all away. So back to the here and now. I take images of gadgetry for blogs mainly mobile phones and accessories and have thus far used the inbuilt mobile smartphone cameras for this purpose and used the same for mobile phone functions and personal social events. The photo's and videos are not up to the standard I would wish them to be and I am really unhappy with the shots and videos that I do manage to take. So, I have purchased the Leica D-Lux 5 with this in mind and to re-visit my passion for photography. My personal photography consists of architecture and scenary/horizons etc rather than portrait photography. However, I have always been interested in Black and White photography particularly portrait and this is something I would enjoy learning more about. I am not looking to become a professional photographer but just to learn and use the capabilities of my camera for work, enjoyment and pleasure and to expand my basic knowledge. Being a newbie to the size and weight of the camera and the fact it costs so much (in respect of my finances), I am almost scared to hold it for fear of dropping it. But, on the other hand I want it to be easy, quick, versatile and minimal in its use and transportation - therefore I do not want to get a handgrip and the view-finder is something I am interested in purchasing at a later time. The original Leica leather case is far too bulky for my needs and the neck-strap I also find an annoyance. I guess I will eventually find a way to hold the camera in a position that is comfortable. I have ordered Alexander White's book on "Photographer's Guide to the Leica D-Lux 5: Getting the Most from Leica's Compact Digital Camera". Is there any advice you would give me to help in pursuit of my goals? Oops, I forgot to mention, LightRoom 3 comes free with the D-Lux 5. I was contemplating selling it to off-set the cost difference in comparison to the Panasonic Lux 5. However, I am wondering as to whether I will regret selling it in a few months once I am on a learning curve. I have downloaded the trial LightRoom 3 to try but I do not think I will have much opportunity to get the full benefits of the 30 day trial in between studies etc.
  20. 57andrew

    The Chinaman

    M9 + Elmar 5cm F2.8 I was experimenting with my late father's Elmar lens today and took this portrait of one of the locals here in Sai Kung. Maybe its not Nocti quality but it seems to be a nice enough lens for something I guess is 50 years old. It says on it Nr. 1602056. I wondered if the build date is traceable.
  21. Greywolf


    A voice session during rehearsals for 'Glorious' [ATTACH]344400[/ATTACH] M9 + leica 90mm f2 ASPH
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