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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone: I'm a Leica photography enthusiast from Spain, English is not my mother language, but I'll do my best. I think it's my first post here since I registered years ago, and I confess that it is not for a pleasant subject. I own a fantastic Leica M9 but for work reasons I have not used it for a couple of years. The point is that today I have charged it and used it for the first time in a long period. And I find that the photos have a very strange moire. Is it a sensor problem? It was taken with the 50mm summilux, I have also attached exif data. What you see is a zoom of 100% of the image. Many thanks for the help, I'm a little scared. Kind regards,
  2. Hey guys, Just bought my first leica yesterday, I managed to find a great used Leica Minilux in good condition. My question is to everyone that owns or has owned a Minilux is, How quiet actually are they, this is my first time working with one. I think i've ruined one roll of film already because I wasn't aware the shutter was opening. Any advice would be awesome. Just so i don't ruin more film un-intentionally. Cheers everyone Will
  3. The Leica SL automatically creates a dark frame to work around the issues of noise in long exposure images. This is all well and good but it doubles exposure time. Is there a manual over ride so you can do this manually. If not why? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Trying to learn how to (best) manage noise with shots in dark conditions. Your feedback would be appreciated. (Uploaded to my Google Drive original DNG and various JPGs at different stages of LR editing--file names captures what I did. Please access at your convenience.) Are the patterns that run horizontally what are commonly referred to as "banding"? Is this the best one can do with the image without further smearing details? Thx in advance. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B9YDav4kiHL0T2IyelNubEVobUk&usp=sharing
  5. Hello all. I've owned my new Leica Q for just under 2 weeks now and I'm still getting to grips with it. This is the latest in a long line of "street photography" oriented cameras that I have owned (Leica M8.2, Leica X1, Ricoh GR, Fuji X100, Fuji X-T1), so I can't help but compare their performance - especially after all of the rave reviews that the Q has received. I've got to admit that I'm feeling a little underwhelmed so far - I'll reserve judgement for, as there is bound to be a learning curve with any new camera. One thing that has really surprised me is the amount of banding that is present at shots taken at 200 ISO (admittedly pushed 2EV in ACR). I know that I can push the image through the Define 2 plug-in, but should it really be necessary at almost base ISO? I honestly think I got better performance from my M8.2 at ISO 200. Is this just a case of user error? Or have I got a dud? Thanks for your thoughts! T Crop of full image, resized to 1400 x 1400: 100% crop: 100% crop:
  6. The longer I shoot digital images, the less I worry about 'noise'. Today's cameras are all good and noise is considerably lower than it ever has been. To the point I would say, that unless we are talking about extremes, for a lot of photography its no longer a big issue. In any case I am now not that bothered about a bit of shadow noise - the content of the mage is far more important. There are of course exceptions as there always will be, but in general noise is pretty much a non-issue these days. Many of the 'reviews' which major on the nuances of differences between the latest and last models of cameras in terms of their ability to deal with noise - seem somewhat pointless to me. Unless a new sensor comes along which makes real advances I suspect that advances will be incremental and marginal at that. So why do so many get hung up on the very latest technology when it is not really significantly better than that which it replaces - especially terms of noise?
  7. Hello all, My M8 rewind noise has been worrying me for a while now. When I click the shutter, the rewind noise in S mode is long and laboured, it almost sounds as something might if a battery is low (I have tested this on a fully charged battery). After a few minutes of use, the rewind noise sounds better. If I shoot in C mode, the rewind noise is crisp and fast, as it should be, this only happens in S mode. Does anyone know why this might be? I enquired with Leica about costs for having this services at Solms, and they informed me it would unlikely be less than $300 for a general service, which makes me thing it might be a lot more if there is an issue :S Is there any advice anyone could give me? Thank you very much in advance Simon
  8. Dear M8 users, as a true fan of my little camera and an avid reader of M8 related discussions and reviews I have stumbled upon negative comments regarding the high ISO performance numerous times. Mostly they go along the lines of "don't go above 160/320/640, as it becomes really unusable", "looks like my webcam", "terrible ISO performance" etc. I think it is time to dedicate a thread showing those horrible images at higher ISO... So that people looking for a M8 know what they can expect (and others might finally stop shooting high ISO images, cause they won't get any good results at all) My rules: - I said HIGH ISO, so no images below 1250 (have a look at the flickr M8 mid to high iso group, haha) - noise reduction (luminance should be mentioned, color is OK) - used raw converter should be mentioned - ISO value readily visible would be really useful - motive doesn't have to be mindblowing, as this thread is really about ISO performance To evaluate the ISO values when pushing in post I suggest the following table: ISO | f-stops above ISO160 1250 | 3.0 1800 | 3.5 2500 | 4.0 3500 | 4.5 5000 | 5.0 I know that there will be some noise and some reduction of dynamic range and it might be problematic to print at 3 by 2 miles, but let's see what you come up with. To start with I show some images that were deliberately underexposed and then pushed in LR 5.7, no luminance noise reduction, color noise as necessary, slight sharpening, own color profile. All images were recorded at base ISO 160 with the 14bit RAW mode. PS: My monitors are crappy, ancient and uncalibrated, so have mercy if the colors are wonky Both don't even show the same colors. I prefer the left one... (Fujitsu Siemens B17-2 x 2)
  9. Hi all, I'm curious if anyone has tried bulb mode with its max 60 sec exposure with their M240? I'm thinking of trying to take snapshots of my vacuum tube amps but I'm wondering if anyone who's tried it have noticed any sensor heat creeping. Is there any concern of heat damage to the sensor? Cheers.
  10. Can someone please help me? I use Lightroom 3 on a Dell 30" monitor. When I view wideangle images (24mm F3.8 / iso 160 / F5.6) dominated by clear deep blue sky I get a disturbing level of pixelation / noise where the density of the blue deepens (natural deepening). This appears as a blotchy transition in the density of the blue when viewing the full image - surprisingly it becomes much finer when viewing at 100%. I have not had a problem printing at up to A3+ size so believe the issue may be with my monitor's colour calibration. I have used Colormunki to calibrate the screen rather than letting windows 7 manage it but the effect is still there. Interestingly the use of a dedicated noise reduction programme such as Dfine 2.0 reduces the impact of this blotchy transition in blues (using the contrast filter). I am left not sure if I am looking at some strange noise effect on the M9's sensor (unlikely surely at iso 160!) or a monitor calibration issue?? Can anyone help me get rid of this problem ?
  11. Okay, Leicaphiles. you've gotten the new firmware update. You've had enough time to feel pretty confident the high ISO performance is improved. I happened to take a series of shots of the same scene directly before and after the update and posted some 100% crops to test this out. Is it a Solms miracle? The L-Camera-Placebo-Effect? Leica M8 June 2011 Firmware – before/after | Leica BOSS You be the judge. (And please... I traded in my camera testing laboratory for a flat screen. This is more reflective of real world shooting than DxO labs... if shots of beer bottles and NyQuil counts as "real world)
  12. Hi, i am new to this forum and new to leica.I have a new D-lux 5 compact. I already own a Nikon D700 and some Carl Zeiss lenses. I did some test shoots with mu Leica and saw some strange things in Lightroom. See the photo: This is a 100% crop from lightroom, standard develop settings. Notice the grey pattern in the background. All of my tests have this and all the images looks unsharp. I did a reset of the camera but with no results. It is clearly no noise. Shot was taken with iso 80. Second one is a 200% crop so you can see it better. Any help please! Thanks http://www.afewimages.com/images/L1020230.jpg
  13. Hello all, as a pretty new M8-user I got very shocked when my M8 started making horrible noises! I will try to explain: I was taking a series of rapid photos (in S mode), when suddenly the shutter sounded like it retrackted (winded back) about 5-6 times, and the the camera died due to an empty battery. The sound was ugly and I was scared someting was broke, but with a charged battery everything now is as it should be. I told my friend, a professional Leica-user, this and he had never heard of such thing or these noises from the shutter mechanism. So I wonder, have any of you experienced this or have any explanation to why this occured? Thanks in advance! Matias
  14. XOONS

    Noise I

  15. Hi everyone! I own a Leica Digilux 3 and lately I have been noticing a noise even when shooting with only ISO 200, not to speak more ISO. I need the camera for work and with this amount of noise it's almost impossible to use it. Is this usual with this camera? I doubt that it was that bad when I bought it. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks.
  16. Hello, I'm new to this forum and this is my first posting. I am the second owner of an M8. Had a hot pixel which caused a vertical band so I sent it back to Leica NJ. The vertical band wasn't that bad but for only $175, they took care of it for me. Just got it back from Leica NJ but, now I have a strange problem. I took it out for a full day of shooting (on a sunny, cold day) and when I returned and I plugged it into my computer, I was floored. Horrible grain on most images. I thought my ISO must have switched to a super high setting on accident. I checked the EXIF on the images and it was for sure on ISO 640. The grain should not be this bad at ISO 640...and it's baaad! Is there anything someone can advise on this problem? I've included sample pics from this day of shooting (both good and bad grain...you can tell which is which). Both were taken within the same day, same setting, same lens (28mm Elmarit f/2.8 w/UV-IR filter), etc... Good image: http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll142/johnmaloof/L9990230.jpg Bad image: http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll142/johnmaloof/L9990203.jpg
  17. I have just bought my first Leica (Digilux 3). Anybody knows if it is normal that, once switched on, the camera makes some internal "sound", as if there was some moving element (a little electric engine or something like that)? The noise isn't loud but clearly audible. May be something linked to the AF system? All the rest of the camera seems to work perfectly. Thanks a lot in advance to who finds time to answer.
  18. Canon 5D Mk. II vs. M8 Mk. I I'l let the images speak for themselves, except to say that I'm revising my thinking about how I will use the Canon vs the M8. The Canon will become my low-light documentary camera, but not my primary studio or architectural camera, as I thought it would. The C/V 15mm is still so much better than the Canon 20 - so long as there is enough light - that the Canon's extra pixels don't count for much. OTOH, the Canon imagery @ f/2.8 and ISO 2500 (under nasty dim 1200K room lights) is pretty amazing.
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