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  1. Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to work and save some extra money to pursue my serious hobby of photography. During this time I've acquired an M2, M4 Black Chrome, M4-P and M6 TTL. All bodies are in excellent condition and used regularly on rotation. But now .....I'm lusting after an MP Black Paint since I prefer to have a meter - - It's is not a logical thought process. Why get an MP when I already have the combined functions of an MP in all my current bodies? .......and If I decide to get it I will have to sell a few bodies to fund it fully. So at the end would it be w
  2. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/city-sickness-289/ M6ttl, 35'cron, Kodak tri-x
  3. Bigger > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/city-sickness-278/ M6ttl, 35'cron, Rollei RPX400
  4. Liebe Leica Enthusiasten, ich habe heute einen SF20 zur Verfügung bekommen und möchte ihn an meiner M6TTL nutzen. Also voller Eifer einen Ektar 100 eingelegt, Zeitwahlrad auf das gelbe Blitzsymbol gestellt und am aufgeschraubten Blitz nach Drücken der Blendentaste die ungefähre Maximalentfernung zum Objekt eingestellt - anschließend die entsprechend vom Blitz empfohlene Blende am Objektiv eingestellt, fokussiert, abgedrückt. Bei den ersten Bildern in der abendlich dunklen Wohnung war alles in Ordnung, doch nach dem vierten oder fünften Mal stellt sich folgendes Problem ein: Der Bli
  5. Hello Lads, I have been shooting Kentmere 100 for a minute now. Some of the rolls I tend to push to 400 and really loving the results. I find kentmere 100 when shoot at box speed to be sort of flat and pleasant in look but when rated at 400 it becomes angrier:) and with more character. Not bad for a 2.5$ dollar film. Attached pic of my son Milan. thanks !
  6. Hola a todos. Soy nuevo en el foro Tengo una M6TTL y un Elmarit 24mm con un visor externo. La composición con este lente es muy difícil porque la M6TTL es un par de milímetros más alta que otras Leica M analógicas (M2,M3,M4,M5,M6) por lo que el visor externo no es muy preciso. Me encanta el lente pero quisiera buscar una Leica M que me de menos problemas Quisiera conocer si alguien tiene experiencia con alguna de estas cámaras y un Elmarit 24mm. Me interesa conocer si han tenido problemas de composición saludos desde Ecuador, América del sur Armando
  7. https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/beautiful-catastrophe-085/ 2018 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo M6ttl, 35'cron, Scan from film Rollei Retro 400s
  8. ...This sandgrain day... - ...In questo giorno granello di sabbia... _ Dylan Thomas (from "Poem on his birthday") _ > https://msvphoto.wordpress.com/2019/01/07/in-this-sandgrain-day/ 2011 © Massimo S. Volonté Fotografo Scan from film Ilford HP5 400 M6ttl, 35'cron
  9. Liebe Forumsmitglieder, nach längerem Suchen stelle ich fest, daß es zu meiner Frage (s. Title) keine kurze und knackige Antwort gibt. Es ufert oft aus mit den Statements bishin zu der Frage "Warum will man mit einer Leica überhaupt blitzen." 😳. Könnte evtl. jemand von den Experten einfach nur eine kurze Aufstellung posten, mit welchen Blitzen man die TTL-Funktion der M6 TTL nutzen kann. Danke schonmal Hartmut
  10. Hi all, this is my first post, and I am glad to have found this community. I am rather new to the leica world and I would appreciate some help on this simple issue: I was looking all over the web for a handgrip for my m6TTL, and I have found only one that I find acceptable in terms of looks and shape, but unfortunately I was unable to find any information on where it can be obtained or even who the manufacturer is. The handgrip I am talking about is this one. any hints? thanks a lot in advance, raimund
  11. I bought a used Ever Ready leather case (p/n 14505) for my M6TTL. Has anyone glued or sewn replacement straps that hold the lower snap on each side of the case? I'm looking for experienced suggestions before I take the case to my local shoemaker. He'll repair it so that it won't need a new sole or heel for years! What is the purpose of the thick insert glued into the bottom of the case? It seems that it unnecessarily makes the case larger than it needs to be. Thanks. Fred
  12. Bought this camera with all my savings when I was eighteen but got sidetracked with university and never used it much since. I always kept it with me though wherever I was (I lived/worked/studied in 4 different countries in the past couple years). It's only now that I realized what a treasure I had, left hardly used. I took it out for a couple times on weekends and had a lot of fun shooting. What I noticed is that people don't feel intimidated, even when I am fairly close - see pics: What I'd like to find out more about though is how to exploit this feature of the Leica M to the
  13. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir für meine M6 zwei klassische SW-Farbfilter (Gelb und Gelborange) gegönnt. Aus der SLR-Fotografie mit der R ist mir bekannt, dass man den Belichtungsmesser anpassen sollte um die Filterfaktoren auszugleichen. Ein vergleichende Belichtungsmessung an der R mit/ohne Filter zeigt auch die entsprechenden Unterscheide - soweit die Vorrede ... Nun sollte man erwarten, dass der Belichtungsmesser der M6 auch unterschiedliche Werte mit/ohne Filter zeigen sollte ... - allerdings sehe ich da keinen Unterschied in den Belichtungswerten, welche mir die M6 liefern. Irgendwelc
  14. Crazy love is all around me M6ttl+35'cron
  15. MSV


    Weaknesses M6ttl + 35mm 'cron
  16. How will I be able… M6+35'cron
  17. Time can’t forget the lies M6ttl+35'cronIV
  18. One shot, one opportunity M6ttl+35'cron
  19. Youth, Day, Old Age and Night M6ttl+35'cron
  20. No rest without love M6ttl+35'cron
  21. I won’t do what ya tell me… M6ttl+35'cron
  22. MSV

    Listening to you

    Listening to you M6ttl+35'cron-pre
  23. MSV

    Every time

    Every time. M6ttl+35pre
  24. MSV

    Self-portrait XI

    Self-portrait XI M6ttl+35'cron
  25. MSV

    All these lights

    All these lights M6ttl+35'cronIV
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