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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, Maybe I missed something but is it possible to disable the touchscreen function in the menu of the Leica M10-P? Thanks in advance, Klassika.
  2. • Memorial "Signs of Remembrance" • Stuttgart North Railway Station • I / VIII • • Gedenkstätte "Zeichen der Erinnerung" • Bahnhof Stuttgart-Nord •
  3. Hi everyone. Following up on my M10-P Rangefinder drifting thread, where I asked whether the body was front focusing or not, I went to Leica in Thailand and even though the camera is still within it's warranty, they told me that they cannot solve focusing issues and the camera has to be sent to Singapore. As my camera was bought from HK, I will have to pay P&P of 250USD as well, and it will take around 2-3 months. I also would have to go find the receipt, as they cannot just look at the serial number for some reason. If I am unable to supply the receipt, then a maintenance fee will be charged as well. Yesterday I had some free time and was itching to get the problem sorted, so I researched this forum about DIY rangefinder adjustments and a few YouTube videos, went out and bought a 2mm Hex key for $1 and adjusted the roller for horizontal alignment myself, using the night stars as a guide for infinity. However, my vertical alignment is also off so there are always 2 stars in the focusing patch no matter what I do, making adjustment very difficult. At the end of all that, the rangefinder does not coincide at infinity, but focus from 0.7m - 5m seems to be accurate (still slightly front focusing but acceptable) for Summilux-M 50mm at F1.4. I have a few questions regarding the adjustments. Horizontal adjustment (please kindly see attached photo from the internet, of an M7?) When the hex key is inserted into the hole, and clockwise turns (red arrow) are very easy and the rangefinder arm does not move at all. However, when I try to turn anti-clockwise (green arrow) the rangefinder arm pivots down into the body with the turn, so I had to do a lifting motion whilst also turning the hex key. This lifted the rangefinder arm further out of the body once, but it then moved back so I am not sure whether this will cause any problems in the long term. I made sure not to press the rangefinder arm in the direction of the top plate and it looks the same as far as I can tell. Hopefully I didn't bend it? Vertical adjustment Apparently this can also be done with the 2mm hex key. However, I have no idea how to unscrew the cover screw on the camera without scratching it. Some have suggested wrapping a screwdriver in electrical tape first, but I am hesitating to attempt it. Has anyone else managed to removed the screw, and how did you do it? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. However, whereas the Canon F-1 Olive Drab retired long ago, the new Leica Reporter will be used...
  5. Sometimes Leica's limited edition cameras leave us scratching our heads with regard to appearance/style. I don't think that's going to be the case with the M10-P Reporter. JMHO but this is a very nice looking camera: https://leicarumors.com/2020/10/23/update-the-new-leica-m10-p-reporter-limited-edition-camera-has-a-kevlar-armor.aspx/
  6. Capture One 20 does not appear to support the M 10-P (or -D). My guess now is that they never will. I twice asked their tech support about supporting the M10-P. the response always was that they would “put it on the request list.” But It’s their policy not to tell users anything about upcoming features or camera support. I have been using the Generic DNG profile. This works, but has several annoying inconveniences. Has anyone created an M10-P profile that works better than the Generic? I’m also now forced to consider switching to another Raw processor. I have happily used Capture One for 12 years. But if they are not going to support my camera, why should I pay for upgrades? What are good alternatives? Other than anything by Adobe – I refuse to have my work held hostage to my paying a rental fee every month for the rest of my life.
  7. Hello, I am new to Leica and this forum so apologies if this question has been addressed before. I am shooting on an M10-P w/ most current firmware updated. The question I have is when I shoot on the Elmarit 100mm APO Macro lens, the camera will not focus peak. I am using the lens with the Leica R Adapter M on the M10-P since its obviously an R mount lens. All of the other lenses don't have this problem. Is this a "live with it" problem? Cheers, cl.
  8. Horizon from the Digue des Alliés Malo-les-bains, France. Leica M10-P + Summilux-M 50 mm f/1,4 Asph BC
  9. Leica M10-P + Summilux-M 50 mm f/1,4 Asph BC
  10. I’m new to photography, I’m trying to decide between the M10P and the Monochrom M246. I’ve read all the forums about the pros and cons of each choice. I shoit primarily in b&w but I like at least having the option of shooting color. With the M10P, I’ve heard about “Monochrom Mode” when shooting in this mode will the images show up as a black & white preview on the LCD Screen? is it really that big of a difference/ time consuming effort to convert each and every M10P color photo to blk & white? As opposed to little PP Time with the Monochrom M246? Thanks, Robert
  11. Sadly, my Leica M10-P and 4 lenses were stolen in Los Angeles California, and I wanted you to have the items and serial numbers in case they are somehow sold to you. The thieves do not really appreciate what they have and I'm hoping time will be on my side. The items have been on eBay and the attached image is from their ad...... I have all receipts and serial #sand police report! Thank you for your help! Leica M10 P, black #5849339 50mm Summilux silver #04753690 90mm Summicron silver #3688728 35mm Summilux black #4721286 28mm Elmarit Black #11677 Leica Visoflex #18767 Leica Adapter #14652
  12. I have been thinking of acquiring a Q2 for a while and am about 90% ready to make that commitment. I see the Q2 as an addition to my Leica system, which at present includes an M4-P, M-P 240 and a handful of lenses. I am pretty well content with my M-P 240 but it does have a couple of shortcomings - shutter noise and not so great ISO range. For print making, I have found that I can get away with somewhere between ISO 800-1600 before noise becomes a problem, depending on a number of variables other than just ISO. The Q2 seems to resolve those two issues, with weather sealing, autofocus, f/1.7 and a big honking sensor thrown in to sweeten the deal. As far as the focal length that some complain about being "stuck with" on the Q2, that is not really a concern to me. Before I made the jump to digital when I got my M240 back in 2013, I had shot with my film MP and 28 Summicron ASPH extensively. The 28 is an excellent all-around focal length IMHO. It is sort of like the 35mm focal length, but requires a bit more of the photographer in terms of thinking, discipline and not being afraid to get close to your subjects; it is also an excellent focal length for travel, documentary and landscape work IMHO. I learned to deal with these issues (thinking, discipline, getting closer to my subjects) when shooting with my MP and 28 'cron, so I won't feel "stuck" or short changed by having only the 28mm focal length lens on the Q2. In thinking about the Q2, this morning I had the thought that absence of the coupled rangefinder mechanism notwithstanding, the Q2 is somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M10 in the Leica lineup as a whole. There is no equal to the flagship M10-P in the Leica product lineup (though some of the other digital M cameras come close), but the Q2 seems to have earned its place next to the M-10-P. In looking at my Leica kit as a whole, I can see the Q2 as being an able backup camera to my M-P 240 and an alternative to it as my daily carry camera. I think the Q2 will fulfill those roles with aplomb. I am wondering how the Q2 has fit in to the scheme of things for others who shoot with it and digital M cameras, and if the Q2 has served its purpose well in your photographic endeavors. Also: Is it fairly accurate to think of the Q2 as somewhat of an autofocus counterpart of the M-P 240 or M10-P? Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and impressions. 😎
  13. I’m new to photography and to Leica. I just got a M10p and I’m a little intimidated. I still don’t have a lens yet (getting by next week) The quick start instructions labels the large, main setting wheel as the “Shutter Speed Setting Wheel”. And the other wheel as the “ISO Setting wheel” How & where do you set the Aperture? Please post anything you think may be useful to a beginner about using the M10p! Thanks!
  14. I find the level gauge to be an indispensable tool for controlling perspective, when capturing images of buildings, or in street photography. Once you got used to taking pictures with level gauge turned on you find use for it in any setting. Unfortunately I find the level gauge on M10-P rather disappointing and here is why: Level on M240-P is strong, visible at any light and is easy to read. 10-P level in contrast is poor graphic, can't be seen in bright light and worst of all it disappears when you need it most. i.e. when half pressing shutter release button. Let say you want to take meter exposure value from somewhere else in front of you before framing your picture. To save the exposure reading in memory you press and hold the shutter release button but that action removes the level gauge! I have attempted to compare two cameras on attached images that admittedly are not not in good quality but it does the job! Note that the circle in the middle of M10-P images is there due to centre weighted metering that was selected at the time and is not related to the level gauge 240 v 10 looking up RFS 300.pdf 240 v 10 looking down RFS 300.pdf 240 v 10 level RFS 300.pdf 240 v 10 looking up.pdf 240 v 10 looking down.pdf 240 v 10 level view.pdf
  15. I've come across a family of bugs in the M10 and M10-P's registration of 6-bit codes, and hence with the in-camera corrections and metadata coded into the DNG file. It’s a serious issue, because inappropriate in-camera corrections distort the photo, and make the post-processing workflow needlessly complicated. 1. The R-adapter-M has a unique 6-bit code: 110111. When the camera’s “Lens Detection” is set to “Auto,” the camera should always register “R-Adapter-M,” or the last R-lens manually entered under the Lens Detection menu. Instead, when an R-adapter-M with an R lens is mounted, it switches out of “Lens Detection Auto,” and registers the last lens that was manually entered. If that was an R lens, it switches to “Lens Detection Manual R,” which is OK. But if the userI had previously entered an M lens under “Lens Detection Manual M,” the camera switches to “Lens Detection Manual M,” and falsely registers that M lens. This makes no sense. Since the R-Adapter-M has its own 6-bit code, when the camera when set in “Lens Detection Auto,” it should always register an R lens. 2. The Macro-Adapter-M also has a unique 6-bit code, 101000. So when the camera’s “Lens Detection” is set to “Auto,” it should register “Macro-Adapter-M.” Instead, it registers “4/90.” This also makes no sense, for two reasons. First, even though it’s common for the photographer to combine the Macro-Adapter-M with the Macro-Elmar-M 90 f/4, this bug means the photographer has no way of distinguishing a shot taken using the with and without the Macro-Adapter-M. Since the Macro-Adapter-M has its own 6-bit code, this confusion is preventable and unnecessary. Second, since the Macro-Adapter-M can be used with many Leica lenses other than the 4/90, it means that often the wrong lens is corrected for and coded in the DNG metadata. 3. When the camera is set to “Lens Detection Auto,” and an uncoded lens is mounted, the camera registers the last lens that was manually coded, whether it was under “Lens Detection Manual M” or “Lens Detection Manual R.” It’s hard to understand the logic behind this. For one thing, an uncoded lens will always be an M lens, never an R, because an R-lens would always be mounted with the R-Adapter-M, which has its own 6-bit code, which the camera should automatically register. (The only exception is if the photographer uses some 3rd party uncoded R-to-M adapter such as ones by Kipon or Novoflex. But I assume that Leica did not decide to support that possibility.) Worse, if the photographer has several uncoded M or R lenses, then every time he changes among these lenses, the wrong corrections and metadata will be applied to that shot. Of course the photographer always has the option of switching the Lens Detection setting with each lens change to “Lens Detection Manual M” or “R” to register the appropriate lens. But he should not be forced to do that when “Lens Detection” is set to “Auto” and the camera should be smart enough to know automatic lens detection is impossible. I hope that Leica fix this bug and make “Lens Detection Auto” behave in the following ways: -When the Macro-Adapter-M is mounted, the camera should always register “Macro-Adapter-M.” -When the R-Adapter-M is mounted, the camera should always register “R-Adapter-M” (and perhaps the last R lens manually entered.) -When an uncoded lens is mounted, the camera should always register “Uncoded lens.” Simple and logical, no?
  16. I was a Betatester of the M10-P. I wrote a little review fin the German forum: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/287695-m10-p-the-sound-of-silence/?p=3576276 Sorry, but my English is not good enough to translate it. Because of that I restrict myself here to the little film of my shutter noise comparison between the M10 and the M10-P. The pictures of a sound analysis of our forum-friends Mathias („schattenundlicht“) and Uli („UliWer“) You can find here: #3
  17. Anlässlich des 100-jährigen Jubiläum der „American Society of Cinematographers“ wird Leica die Sonderedition M10-P “SC 100 Edition“ im kommenden Herbst auf den Markt bringen. Als Besonderheit wird dieses Modell einige spezielle Videofunktionen besitzen. Im Lieferumfang ist ein M-P-L Adapter zum adaptieren von Kinoobjektiven, der elektronische Aufstecksucher Visoflex und das Objektiv Summicron-M 1:2/35 in einer auffälligen goldenen Eloxierung vorhanden. Die UVP sowie die geplante Stückzahl hat Leica bisher noch nicht bekannt gegeben.
  18. Greets! As attached, an M10-D is now family, with Leica, Zeiss & Cosina/Vöightlander primes. The M10-D is less in focus in the pic as it's so new to me I've read through several threads, including the FAQ's (!, ?), yet no set space on the site for: 1) one/differentiated FAQ, across all variants M10; & no "New to M10" thread. Just an observation, not critique! Okay, that all may present, as developed. First, thanks to Jono, Jaap, Scott & all of you for your perspective(s) & insights with this, yet new model... & some are already opining on an M11... That's investment, engaging, with thanks.... but I digress... as you can see, I'm moving in a 4,6,8,10 M-progression Despite its foibles, and "klunk,whirr,hiss" of a shutter (avoiding the anti-alias filter, um, "quality"), my M8 permitted me to adjust White Balance (WB) in degrees Kelvin such that I could set presets, & then further tweak/adjust in the menu: not so I've found in the FOTOS app. Not an issue with film: films are fixed in this regard, as we all know. The pic of my late father, zone focus, M8, Leica 24/2,8 ASPH, 3200 K WB... an SLR shooter, one may see the surprise/repose in is expression: "What?" As a parent, I often have that same expression Thanks for any insights on WB outside FOTOS presets. in multi-envisioned, Dave
  19. Mit einer Auflage von nur 1.500 Exemplaren der olivgrünen Leica M10-P „Safari“ bietet Leica Camera erneut eine Sonderedition an. Ebenfalls ist ein dazu passendes Leica Summicron M 1:2 / 50 erhältlich, das sogar auf lediglich 500 Einheiten begrenzt ist. Die Leistung sowie die technischen Eigenschaften dieses Sondermodells entsprechen denen einer regulären Leica M10-P. Das Sondermodell zeichnet sich durch die auffällige olivgrüne Farbgebung aus sowie durch einige Accessoires, die im Lieferumfang erhalten sind: Der Kunde erhält zusätzlich zu der Sonderedition ein Kameratragriemen sowie ein SD- und Kartenetui aus echtem Vollrindleder im edlen Farbton „Brandy“. Erhältlich ist die Leica M10-P Edition „Safari“ ab sofort mit einer UVP von 7.800 €. Das dazu passende Leica Summicron-M 1:2/50 Edition „Safari“ ist ab Mitte Februar verfügbar und kostet 2.500,- € (UVP). Pressetext und Fotos Leica Camera AG
  20. Wie schon bei der M9 und der M240 hat Leica nun auch eine P-Variante der M10 vorgestellt. Einige Forumsmitglieder (ich war einer davon) hatte vorab die Möglichkeit, die Kamera zu nutzen; Leica ging es dabei um einen Test der Firmware. Während die früheren P-Varianten hauptsächlich kosmetische Änderungen aufwiesen und sich die Hardwareänderungen in Grenzen hielten (Saphirglas für das Display oder ein größerer Pufferspreicher), gibt es nun bei der M10-P neben dem üblichen P-Design größere Verbesserungen: Touch-Display Horizontfunktion Silent shutter Über die Horizonfunktion muss man nicht viel sagen. Ich brauche sie nicht. Wenn es mal auf genaue Ausrichtung ankommt, nehme ich dafür Sucherlinien. Das finde ich einfacher und sie sind auch genauer. Touch-Display brauche ich ebenfalls nicht, es stört aber auch nicht. Die Kamera lässt sich bedienen wie die M10, Touch kann man bei einigen Dingen zusätzlich zu den Tasten benutzen. Das betrifft vor allem das Blättern und Zoomen in den Bildern, die Verschiebung des Fokus-Feldes und das Verändern von Einstellungen über das Übersichts-Display. All das funktioniert reibungslos, versehentliche Verstellungen (etwa mit der Nase) gibt es nicht. Das Blättern im Wiedergabemodus läuft allerdings nicht ganz flüssig. Während Horizontfunktion und Touch-Display nicht alle gleichermaßen begeistern werden und eher unter nice-to have fallen, ist der leisere Verschluss ein großer Fortschritt und passt perfekt zum diskreten Fotografieren, das eine M ermöglicht. Für Viele wird der Verschluss ein Kaufgrund bzw. Wechselanlass sein. Dabei ist der Verschluss der M10 schon ähnlich leise wie der der analogen Leicas (wenn auch etwas aggressiver/metallischer); das Verschlussgeräusch der M10-P ist demgegenüber noch einmal deutlich reduziert. Es ist etwa so, als wenn einer Pistole ein Schalldämpfer aufgesetzt worden wäre. Unsere Forumsfreunde Mathias („schattenundlicht“) und Uli („UliWer“), die ebenfalls ein Betatester waren, haben das mal analysiert. Die Bilder findet Ihr wg der erlaubten Dateigrößen in den nachfolgenden Beiträgen. Ich selbst habe einen kleinen Film mit beiden Verschlussgeräuschen im Vergleich gedreht (in bescheidener iphone-Qualität), den Ihr hier findet: Ich war mit der M10-P in Mailand und habe dort ein wenig fotografiert. Mein Fazit danach: Wenn ich heute eine M10 kaufen würde, würde es trotz des Mehrpreises eine M10-P. Wechseln werde ich aber nicht, dazu ist die M10 schon zu gut (leise). Weitere Fotos gibt es hier: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/286877-a-trip-to-milan/
  21. I have successfully install the Foto app on my iPhone. I connected my M10-P to it and downloaded a couple of test photos. I also loaded a photo directly from the camera into Lightroom CC without storing it in my camera roll. The above was done during the first session with Foto. I've tried to use the app again today this time the app keeps showing "Couldn't connect' Check camera Wi-Fi is on. The camera shows the Wi-fi running with the WLAN label containing the camera serial number as previous. WiFi on the phone is on. Have I missed something or is this a bug???? I've tried re-scanning the Q bar code and the resulting set up looks to be the same but still with no success. Any suggestions? Regards, Les
  22. Hello all, Mike Evans of Macfilos.com and our very own Ivor Cooper got together to make a short video all about the new M10-P camera, comparing it to the M9, M (Typ 240) and the M10: Enjoy! Red Dot Cameras
  23. Andi1968


    Wie lange wird es wohl dauern, bis die "M10-P" ohne roten Punkt erscheinen wird ? 2Jahre?
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