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Found 10 results

  1. Hello All, I shot MOV videos with my M-P 240 and some of the files got corrupted. I absolutely *MUST* restore these files. I tried the commonly found free techniques (QuickTime, VLC). (Unsurprisingly), Most of the paid software restoration tools out there already claimed that they don't take Leica in charge as each brand and model have their own MOV file structure. I have spent time with their support team in live chats confirming this. Based on my files sizes (ranging 640 MB to 4 GB), I still have hope. Data definitely exists, but it's only a matter of finding the right restoration technique of compatible software. Anyone ran into a similar ordeal? I am devastated... Thank you so kindly in advance for your help! Charles
  2. Hi all, I am an M9 user but of late I have been seriously thinking of getting an M240 (M-P) to use for landscapes. I am not concerned with the differences in file output but what I am interested in is any advice you can give with regard to using filters. With my M9s I find filter use (Grads, Polarisers) at best inconvenient at worst downright annoying I am thinking that with the Live View on the M240 it will be easy to judge effect of filters I'm even thinking of adding the EVF for more convenience. So any advice/comments on your experiences on the use of filters with the M240 would be greatly appreciated. I should add that for "serious" Landscapes I do have the Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format system the 240 would be for when I travel light but still want to be able to do landscapes as well as travel style.
  3. Just noticed that the M-P240 vanished from the Leica website (at least from the German version)... My hopes are rising that the M10-P is finally on its way! Smaller, nicer sensor than my M-P240 and will brass! What is there not to like!
  4. I post this to see if anyone else have/had the same sensor issues with their M240 (M-P). I was playing around in Lightroom in November 2017, mainly testing different extreme values with the haze control, and other stuff to experiment with my photography. To my astonishment I saw a vertical line running exactly in the middle of the uncropped image. I then tested a photo from April 2015 that was taken with another M240 M-P body I had at that time. And the same vertical line appeared. I then randomly tested several other photos, and the same line appears, in virtually all photos, from both M-P bodies! I have a total of more than 20000 photos with M-P:s that in some or another way are affected by this problem. Attached here is an example of a jpg from M-P body 1, and one of M-P body 2, after tweakning the dng:s. The dng:s and full JPG:s can be downloaded to view through the links provided here: Link to DNG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/FQQkFgKo7U Link to JPG (M-P body 1): https://we.tl/4BpPecbwmR Link to DNG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/O2Kb9XKab7 Link to JPG (M-P body 2): https://we.tl/a3Vw2FUBYQ These images do not represent my photography (www.m9x.se), but they show the problem very clearly. So I went to my local Leica center in Stockholm who sent it to Leica in Germany. My lokal Leica dealer is fantastic by the way. I instructed Leica to test the way I had done in Lightroom doing the following: - adjust ”haze” to a the right - lower the value of vibrance - lower the value of saturation - set exposure to show a standard good histogram curve Leica concluded that the sensor ”function within tolerances”. They said: Both I and my lokal Leica dealer where astonished and very surprised. Separately we wrote to Leica. My dealer wrote this to Leica: To add to this, I told Leica that I would most likely post something on a forum to see if others have the same problem. To this Leica sent out a in-house alert message (that I mistakenly received a copy of) saying: Have I found an inherent problem with the sensor construction on the M240? To sum up: The vertical line appears in the exact same position in both bodys. This probably means it is an inherent problem in the construction of the sensor, or? My guess is that the sensor consists of two halves fused together, and that this fuse is not seamless (no, I do not know this, I am not a technician). The line appears in Lightroom (but also in C1Pro, Silver Efex Pro, ON1 Photo Raw). So it is not a matter of software. Although, in Lightroom (Leica´s preferred software) it appears much stronger than in C1P11. I have tested other cameras, and I cannot get a vertical line to appear in any images from them. I tested a GH4 heavily during the period my M-P was in Germany, as well as Ricoh GRii. And my old M9 did not have this problem, nor the even older Canon 5D. It is not a dead pixel problem. It is not banding. A camera that costs around 7000 Euro should not have this kind of sensor issue. A photographer/artist should be able to tweak a photo without a vertical line separating the image in two halves. There are many other competing camera makers nowadays. A camera company in 2018 should not act this way to faithful consumers. My Leica garage includes/included: R4, M9, M-P, 18/3.4, 28/2.8 Asph, 35/2 vers 4, two 50/1.4 Asph, 50/1.4, two 75/2 APO, 90/2.8, Digital flash SD20, etc… I am a devoted hobby photographer. I am not rich (not even close) and the expenses from Leica equipment means less of other things in my life. But I have spent 25000 Euro on Leica products through the years. I do not make any money on photography. I have used Leica for the love of their products. But maybe not som much anymore, to which I am very sad. Any one out there that has had the same problem?
  5. aliwton

    M10 holster and M240?

    Does anyone own both a Leica M240 and a Leica M10 with it's respective leather holster (Leica 24016)? I have a M-P (typ 240) - and I'll probably wait for a future M10-P to make a switch - so I was wondering if it would fit in the M10 holster, as it is almost the same size - just 3 millimetres thicker. I'd be just great if someone could do the test and share some pictures. Thanks! Warm regards, Ali Carvalho PS: maybe the Leica Q leather holster (Leica 19503) could also fit the M240/M-P. Can anyone try this?
  6. Here's an article on the tenth anniversary of the birth of the digital M camera. Leica is offering a couple of buyer incentives in conjunction with the anniversary; perhaps those who have wanted an M240, M-P or typ 262 but have found them out of reach in terms of price may now be able to acquire the object of their desire. The typ 262 entry set is particularly interesting... Leica Celebrate 10th Anniversary of Digital M Rangefinder http://www.photographyblog.com/news/leica_celebrate_10th_anniversary_of_digital_m_rangefinder/ From the article -
  7. Uwe M.

    Miss J.

    ...enstanden während eines Spazierganges. Leica M-P, Noctilux f/0.95, Offenblende, LR
  8. A Sfeir

    M-P screw?

    Is the screw covering the vertical calibration hole on the M-P a real screw or a simple plastic cover like the logo previously used on the m?
  9. Dear all Experts, i believe this has been answered many times before but i couldn't find the exact post related to my problem. Just after one month M-P ownership i started a three week india trip with only one Lexar 64 GB 400x speed memory card - halfway through i had to buy another card at New Delhi airport (first card was full). I bought the most premium possible Strontium 128 GB micro sd with sd adapter. Back home iPhoto didn't respond after half an hour loading the photos, so i had to force quit the program. Now please see iphoto photo attached how they are imported after second successful attempt. Downloaded Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and JPEG repair without any success. Are my photos lost forever ? Can i maybe get the photos out of the 2GB internal storage ? Any help is welcome. I am still a Leica Newbie, so please excuse my ignorance... Best Johannes
  10. Hi Guys My first post here on the forum. I have been a long time rangefinder user; I recently upgraded to the Leica M-P Typ 240 and needed some advise. I am not a professional photographer but I do take it seriously and enjoy it quite a bit. My main styles of shooting are street and portraiture. My current kit is an Epson R-D1 with a 40 Summicton, 15 Heliar and 90 Elmar-C. I have been using the Epson for nearly 8 years. It has serviced me more than well. I love shooting with it, limitations and all. However recently it has been showing its age 1. The sensor is only 6MP so sometimes when I need to crop the image it doesn't lend to a lot of flexibility 2. The APS-C sensor size meant DOF and wide angle challenges 3. Battery life and 2GB memory limit precludes any serious usage for mission critical stuff Summarily I felt it was he right time to realize a 10 year dream and move up to a Leica. I just purchased a Typ 240 M-P with a 35 Summicron ASPH a few days back. Here is the challenge..with the caveat that I have used the camera for only a few days, I am really struggling to bond with the camera or its images. Some of my gripes are 1. The M-P images don't look as pleasing to my eye as my RD1 images. They lack the film like feel I think I got from the Epson 2. The camera itself feels a lot less analog and detached from the minimalism gestalt of Leicas (I also have an M2 for film duties). My RD1 I bonded with right from the first moment and every time I pick it up its like meeting an old friend again 3. The menus are IMO overtly complicated. Just too many options and not structured well. The person who came up with the button layout needs a swift kick in the arse 4 Handling the camera is also a bit more of a focussed effort than my fits-like-a-glove RD1/ M2. Granted the price of the Leica plays a very big role in it. I have added a ThumbsUp grip and have a Luigi case with the wooden grip en route that's probably going to make things better and potentially bulkier as well So heres where I need advice from you guys.. 1. Should I give it more time to learn how to use the M and adapt to it? 2. I can make my peace with points 3, 4 (though for the price I feel really shouldn’t have to) but points 1 and 2 are my main sticking points. Can they be improved upon with better technique and time 3. Should I sell it and go for an M9/ M9P? Before buying the M-P 240, I did a ton of research and tried an M9’s hands on as well. I did like its images (somewhat similar to my R-D1 but a lot noisier) and the menus were a lot simpler. Once I held the M-P in my hand I didn’t like the M9s build and the shutter sound + action. Finally what pushed me over the edge on the M-P was the sensor issues. I plan to own and use the camera for a long time (~10 years) and I didn’t want something which could/ will conk out and Leica won’t support it 4. Should I stake it out with my R-D1 for a few more years until the right range finder comes along? DSLRs and faux RFs (Fuji/ Oly) are not an option for me. I like the gestalt and process of image making in an analog range finder. Please find below a few images. Direct Jpegs from the Leica with no adjustments, tweaked DNGs converted to Jpegs and some shots taken a while back with the Epson. One point to note is that all the Leica shots are with the 35 Summicton ASPH and all Epson images are with the 40 Summicron. Would love to get thoughts form you guys on what to do next.. Series 1 Leica M-P + 35 Summicron in morning sunshine: 1. Direct Jpeg from M-P 2. DNG -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG 3. DNG -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG Series 2 Leica M-P + 35 Summicron in morning sunshine: 1. Direct Jpeg from M-P 2. DNG -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG 3. DNG -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG Series 3 Epson R-D1 + 40 Summicron: 1. ERF -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG 2. ERF -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG 3. ERF -> Tweaks in LR3 -> JPG Many Thanks! PK.