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Found 22 results

  1. I took M-E with new sensor from authorised dealer and used it on this day as my street camera. Summarit-M 35 2.5 with it.
  2. Hello all, long time lurker first time poster. I recently purchased a second hand M-E with serial number 4425XXX and test certificate dated 2014/03/13. The camera has never been sent to Leica for servicing. Upon receiving the camera I was surprised to see the LCD display screen is sapphire glass i.e. with the small etched diamond icon. Did Leica cut over to sapphire glass for the M-E at some point in the production run, or did I just get a lucky pull from the parts bin?
  3. So, in May, 2017 I sent my ME to Leica NJ for repair of the corroded sensor. You'll recall, this was well before Leica announced the August 15 deadline for free repairs. After the announcement, I sent my M9M to Wetzlar through Leica Store Miami. At this point, I was willing to place money that the M9M would arrive from Wetzlar before the ME arrived from NJ. Although I was very bummed about not having either of my Leicas I was mostly OK because I still had my trusty M8. I've used the M8 since then without issue until last week. Several of us caravanned down to Key West on a relief mission after Hurricane Irma. I took my M8 along with me for once-in-a-lifetime shots. Well, you can probably guess what happened. I suffered a catastrophic shutter failure at the worst possible time. No photos of the trip. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch. . . . sigh. This also presented another issue. Now I was left without any travel camera. So, yesterday I bought the Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens for my 6D. Today, I mounted the lens, took some test shots and deemed it acceptable. So, I removed the vertical battery grip and the handstrap that I use along with it. This last part is a major issue as it is cumbersome to attach and to detach. Well, you can guess what happened now. Fifteen minutes later (yes, 15!) UPS arrives with my ME. Yup. All I had to do to get the fates to deliver the ME was buy the Canon 40mm! Anyway, I've tested the camera and there does not appear to be any evidence of corrosion. Still, the receipt is very cryptic. How can I be sure that the sensor has actually been properly upgraded? It does bear firmware number 1.210. Does this indicate the proper upgrade? Thanks in advance. RV
  4. Hallo und guten Tag, nachdem mich vor etwa zwei Jahren der Rotpunktvirus in Form einer X1 infizierte, beschäftigte ich mich mehr oder weniger auch mit den Messsucherkameras. Zur X1 gesellten sich später noch eine X-Vario und eine X-E. Die Vario ist mein treues Arbeitspferd mit einer wirklich tollen Optik und besticht durch gutes handling. Dennoch ging mir eine "M" nicht aus den Kopf, das Probehalten einer M8 brachte jedoch nicht den gewünschten Effekt. Nun war es soweit, eine gebrauchte M9 oder M-E soll es werden. Bereits vor einigen Tagen ergatterte ich ein neuwertiges Summarit 75/2.5. Warum diese Brennweite? Ich fotografiere gern am langen Ende meiner Vario (70mm) und wollte daher diesem Exoten eine chance geben. Die Lichtstärke genügt meinen Ansprüchen. Eine toll erhaltene M-E aus 2015 mit ca. 7000 Auslösungen wurde für einen fairen Kurs von meinem Vertrauenshändler angeboten, da schlug ich zu. Es ist nun das Kassenmodell in Rammsteinhaptik - aber mir gefällt sie sehr gut. Mit dem MS komme ich auch schon recht gut zurecht, ich freue mich auf die erste Fototour. Die Bedienung finde ich logisch und schnell, besonders die elegante Lösung mit dem Belichtungsspeicher und das satte Auslösegeräusch fasziniert mich. Im Zulauf habe ich einen Visoflex III, da ich auch mit Telebrennweiten arbeiten möchte. Mal schauen, was sich da noch tut. Anbei ein schnelles handyfoto Viele Grüße!
  5. M3 DS ELC, Jupiter-3 M-E, Summicron 50 IV ELC.
  6. Hi I am thrilled today to have received my first ever Leica. Currently selling all my Canon gear on eBay to pay for my second hand M-E with 35mm Summicron. Taken about 10 photos before work and I love it already. I'm finding it impossible though to find out when grip accessory works with the M-E that I can use the hand loop on. I plan to get back into Macro with the 90mm f4.0 one day and possibly the 21mm Super Elmar. Can anyone shed any light for me please? Any other accessories you'd recommend would be appreciated too. Alex
  7. I've just bought an M-E on the bay with delivery likely in a few weeks. I've owned an 111f, M3 & M5 with various lenses most of which I sold to move into large format. I bought the M-E to add another option to my kit and to have a digital option. The only lens I have left is a 50mm f2 Summitar in exc condition, it is one of the limited number with coating and 10 blades. Because it is a screw mount with m adapter, will this be an issue with the camera recognising which lens I have on it? If there are differences in using the camera compared having an m mount lens what are they and what is the work around, if any? This is my first serious entry into digital having remained with film and self processing, most particularly in LF, but now I'm looking forward to having a whole new exciting and rewarding partnership with my M-E. Thanks in advance.
  8. Auf der Seite "Leicarumors" war ein wichtiger Hinweis zu den Akkus: Important information about Li-Ion batteries for the Leica M8/M8.2/M9/M9-P/M(9) and MONOCHROM/M-E camera models We have determined that several rechargeable batteries (Order no. 14 464) manufactured at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 for cameras of the M series were supplied with a defective electronic component. The effect of this is that the camera displays false information about the battery charge level for these particular batteries. In the case of the Leica M8/M8.2 models, the battery symbol in the LCD on the top plate is not displayed at all and, in the case of the Leica M9/M9-P and M-E models, shows a false, 100% charge level no matter what the actual charge level of the battery may be.
  9. Ok, I must be living under a rock. My M9P came with 1.176 installed and I upgraded it almost right away to 1.196 (I think that was it...) I sent the camera to NJ for a sensor replacement for corrosion a couple of months ago. I thought I'd check... and apparently 1.202 was released a year ago... where was I? So, I checked my body to find that Leica NJ had conveniently upgraded it for me while they had it in for service. I did a brief search here, but didn't find much on 1.202... does anyone know what Leica fixed in this version? I don't seem to be able to find any release notes; at least nothing that tells me what 1.202 fixed over 1.196? 1.202 doesn't even show up on the M9 Wikipedia page. Geez! Thanks! Roger
  10. Well...first time poster here...been lurking a bit. I am currently a Fuji X100T shooter and love the little guy. If there were anything close to a perfect camera for me, that would be it. You may or may not know that Fuji is sort of touted as the "poor man's Rangefinder" camera; sort of an approximation of it. It has a glass viewfinder with superimposed framelines that move according to focus distance. It doesn't have a focus patch, it has a small patch of the EVF in the lower right corner of the viewfinder so that you can see if you are in focus. So...I've always wondered; what is it about the Leica Rangefinder? Is it really that great of an experience? Is Fuji's implementation just as serviceable? I HAVE to know...I can't wonder any longer, and since I'd most likely be getting in at the cheapest price point; either an M-E now, or an M240 in 2 years...I thought that renting an M-E and 50mm Summarit would be a good real-world test. If I can bond with this combo in 4 days time (or just know that it would work for me) then the question would be settled in my mind and I could either pursue it or let it drop forever. In either case, the uncertainty would be gone...whew! So, glad to post here for the first time. It's coming a week from today and I'll give a full report of my impressions as a Leica-outsider when I'm done.
  11. Captured today in the afternoon in Torino. Leica M-E, Elmar-C 90mm, DGN to B&W in Lightroom 5. thanks for watching, Massimo
  12. OK. So there are loads of threads about this already, but I thought I'd add to the clutter. I currently have an M8 which I use with a 35mm f1.4 Voigtlander and f2.0 Summicron. I want to upgrade soon, mostly because I want full frame, and am trying to decide between the M240 and the M-E. If I buy an M240, it'll be some time before I can buy any more lenses. Buying the M-E will allow me to get a new Leica lens, probably a 35mm Summicron. I'm swaying towards this option, but am worried about investing in 'old' technology. Any thoughts?
  13. Was very excited to take my new (to me) M-E along for vacation. I love this camera! I don't what this magic is, but these files are so much better than my old 5D3 ever put out. All taken with either the CV Nokton 35 1.2 II or Zeiss 2/50 Plara. Ready for lunch by Βrandon, on Flickr Boat and Beach by Βrandon, on Flickr Private by Βrandon, on Flickr Friends by Βrandon, on Flickr
  14. Hallo zusammen, habe gerade auf Leica Rumors gelesen, dass es zur Photokina im September einen Nachfolger für die M-E geben könnte. (Quelle: leicarumors.com) Hauptänderungen angeblich: - Display der M240 - Akku der M240 - weiterhin den 18mp CCD Sensor Hat da von euch schon jemand nähere Infos oder ein "Bauchgefühl"? Ich finde die Änderungen sehr gut, auch wenn mein kürzlicher M-E Kauf einen etwas blöden Beigeschmack bekommt.
  15. Hallo, benutzt hier irgendjemand eine M-E mit Stativ? Dann würde mich sehr interessieren, welche Erfahrung er damit gemacht hat und mir vielleicht einen Tipp geben kann, welche Art von Stativ für die M-E gut passt. Für Landschaftsaufnahmen möchte ich nämlich ein Stativ benutzen, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob hier eher ein leichtes oder ein schweres Modell sinnvoller ist? Klar, möchte ich eher weniger schleppen, aber eine M-E hat nunmal nicht das Gewicht von einer DSLR mit langer Brennweite. Somit stellt sich mir die Frage, ob hier eher ein schwereres Stativ angesagt ist, damit die Kombi stabiler ist. Schon jetzt vielen Dank für Euere Einschätzung! Gruß, Philosoph.
  16. Hi guy, I am here new, but it looks like this is a forum full of nice people, who dont fight with each other. I have a simply question. I am considering to buy me a M-E and I have read about the banding/card problems with M9. Cos the M-E is rebranded M9, I would like to ask you about your personal experience. Are this problems solved, or are the problems with M9 are also transformed to M-E? My second question is, if you have any experience with Voiglander 35/1.4 MC? Cos the investment in Leica will be big, I have to wait one year for the real Leica glass and till this time, I am cosidering cheaper alternative. I am 35 mm guy and I would like to buy Leica as my walkaround camera. Use D700 for my professional work. Thank you for your opinion and personal thoughts. Many thanks!
  17. jrp

    NEX to M*

    I have a nice set of 21-135mm Leica (and Sony) lenses that I have been using on NEX bodies, pending the emergence of the M240. Now that the M240 is potentially available, my mind has started to focus on what I should do: stick it out with Sony the bodies and lenses are much smaller / lighter than Leicas they are refreshed every year or two with the latest sensors, that seem to be at least a couple of generations ahead of even the latest Leica sensor, particularly for high ISO work (which for me means 1600-3200 indoor portraits, eg) they have folding screens, which can be incredibly useful focus peaking works well with Leica lenses and so I can use the 90mm and the 135mm, which are both incredibly sharp and render beautifully access to Sony / Sigma / Nikon lenses is very useful. Autofocus means that you can spend more time composing your pic, and image stabilization is a boon. The NEX-specific lenses are pretty good. If anything, it's the color rendition that sets the Leicas apart. But: APS-C sensor means that you either get v good edges from the Leica lenses or, in some cases, bad ones, where the lens has been designed for optimal full-frame centre and edge performance, letting the mid-range suffer [*]get a battered and brassy M9 or new M-E to see how I get on with the system, with the intention of upgrading to the M240 when they are more readily available, or selling out if I don't get on with the rangefinder way of life. the absence of Live View means that I would have to rely exclusively on rangefinder focus, which may or may not work well, as I have (vari-focal) glasses. Moreover the Leica has no diotre adjustment. for some reason used M9s are only about 10% cheaper than M-Es, so there is no point in going for them other than availability. but this is paradise postponed, as I am sure that I will ultimately want an M240 if I stick with the system as the better sensor and Live view are indispensible [*]wait for an M240 to appear for sale this is the riskiest approach as, if I don't get on with the M240, I take the biggest (VAT, depreciation, sales commission) hit it is not clear when the M240s will actually become available to those not on pre-order lists. Are there any other considerations that I have missed? Has anyone else made the transition from NEX to the M series? What have you found?
  18. Nachdem mir hier in Sachen Objektiv sehr gut geholfen wurde (Danke nochmals an alle Beteiligten), habe ich mich zu diversen Händlern begeben, um zu testen. Jetzt sagt mir ein Händler (den Namen werde ich nicht nennen) doch glatt, dass die M-E wegen des fehlenden Bildfeldwählers totaler Mist wäre… und hat mich damit erfolgreich verunsichert. Mein erster Gedanke, dass er M9-Lagerware loswerden wollte war falsch, da er nur eine M-E auf Lager hat. Hat er recht?
  19. Heute habe ich meine M-E abgeholt. Im Vergleich zu meiner M8 löst sie erstaunlich leise aus. Sehr angenehm, wie ich finde. Das Gehäuse in Anthrazit ist zwar nicht so schick wie das der M8 (black), aber gar nicht so hässlich, wie manche geschrieben haben. Mir gefällt, dass keine "Typenbezeichnung" mehr auf der Front zu sehen ist. Insgesamt wirkt die Kamera Leica-Typische unauffällig, trotz Metall-Rädchen. Im Übrigen meldet sich die M-E in Lightroom als M9 an, Gleiches steht auch in den EXIF-Daten. Firmware ist anscheinend auch die gleiche. Am WE geh ich mal mit der "Neuen" spazieren und schau, was sie so drauf hat. Wenn Interesse besteht, kann ich gerne ein paar Fotos posten oder einfach mal bei mir auf Flickr bevorschauen. Flickr: cuuc's Photostream
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