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Found 24 results

  1. I've tried many times to submit photos for Master Shots on the LFI Gallery but not a single one has been chosen yet. Meanwhile many other photographers have had several photos chosen for the Master Shots, and i have more than once been thinking why some photos are justified being chosen. It seems to me that some photographers have a premium membership, because every time they upload a picture it's like all of them are chosen automatically, regardless of the quality. Is the LFI Gallery Master Shots only a closed country club for a chosen few, while the rest of the photographers are subject to automatic exclusion? Sorry about my provocative post, but i just don't understand the whole logic when it's a public gallery and it over and over looks as it's only an inner circle of people that gets their photos chosen, despite other photographers are uploading better pictures that will not be chosen.
  2. Last week, I received an email from Leica announcing that Fotopark would closed down shortly. The email contained a voucher code to apply on LFI.Gallery towards 3 free issues of LFI magazine. Following the link in the email, I entered my email address and the voucher code on the LFI.Gallery website, and got a message saying a verification email would be sent to me to activate my subscription. It has been several days and I have still not got that email. I have checked my junk mail folder but there is no email there either. Subsequently, I tried to register on the LFI.Gallery website, and again got a message saying an verification email had been sent to me. I have not got that email either. I have twice written to LFI via the “contact” link on the site, but have not received a reply. When I try to login on the site, I get a message saying “please verify your account”. I can’t do that since I haven’t got any verification emails. This is very strange and annoying! Any ideas or suggestions what I should do next?
  3. I am very proud of being informed that one of my photos from my last weeks trip Elbsandstein has been voted as a Mastershot SL at the LFI.Gallery 🤩
  4. Taken on at a weekend school with Craig Semetko at LFI in Hamburg. Leica M9 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 @ 800 iso. Processed in LR Classic. Gerry
  5. At the Craig Semetko workshop held in the LFI gallery in Hamburg we were given a copy of the latest M Magazine that they produce. there is no way their website does it justice. It is about a centimetre thick and is very well printed and bound. To call it a 'magazine' is almost insulting it, Yes, it is available free as a download but this is one I want to keep. In fact I was so impressed I bought the other 3 that have been issued so far (it is out twice a year I believe), and have just completed the first edition. They seem documentary orientated but then the M is not the camera of choice for architectural photography is it? If you can then I would thoroughly recommend getting yours well you can. Gerry
  6. gwpics

    Market trader #1

    Taken on a visit to the Hamburg Fischmarkt with Craig Semetko during a LFI workshop. Leica M9 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 @ 800iso. Processed in LR (grain added).
  7. Dezember-Ausgabe der LFI von 1949
  8. This is from my trip to Hamburg in 2016 with Craig Semetko and LFI. For some reason I could not get my head around how I wanted it to look, but I am now happy. I just love the guys hair! Leica M9 with 35mm Summarit-M f2.5. 1/380 f5.7 @ 800iso. LRCC. Gerry
  9. I have reworked this image from an original colour posting I made back in November 2016. I prefer this version. Taken with a Leica M9 and 35mm Summarit @400iso whilst on a LFI workshop with Craig Semetko in Hamburg. Gerry
  10. This happened when the 3/2016 LFI issue was released I still can not buy any newer magazines and the 1960s old LFI issues I went to buy an issue to click the buy button it had the spinning gear for a minute and eventually timed out error I have good internet connection I have tried it through wi fi and 4g networks Still no better I tried using on another iPad no better I even tried un installing the app and reinstalling the app I have even tried logging out of iTunes and sign back in again I have even gone to Apple Store and tried to sort it out with the Genius Bar he installed it on his iPad and still having the same problem on his ipad I have contacted the LFI support and communicated with them many times They are still looking into the the problem anybody else having the same problem?
  11. "Breakfast" - taken early morning in St. Pauli Fischmarkt
  12. 'Street Photography doesn't have to be in black and white"
  13. Last weekend I was in Hamburg to join the Craig Semetko workshop on street photography organised by LFI. Now, I will confess that I was a little dubious as to whether I would gain much from this and it worked out fairly expensive taking into account the fact that I had to book 4 nights accommodation and flights from the U.K. - and face the hard fact that the value of the UK pound had plummeted by over 25% in Europe since it was decided (not by my vote) that we should pull out of the E.U. I have been shooting 'street photography' for around 50 years, and have exhibited it pretty much world-wide so would I really gain anything? In the end I decided that, at the very least, I would get to meet Craig who has been a friend on Facebook for a long time and whose work I admire. As it was I found I learnt more than I could have imagined, met some great new guys, together with the picture editor of Die Zeit Sunday magazine (you don't meet people at that level every day of the week!) Basically I had a ball despite the cold Hamburg weather. I will post a few of my favourites in the following posts. All were shot on a Leica M9 with a 35mm Summarit-M f2.5 lens at 800iso to allow me the depth of field and shutter speed combination I wanted. I hope you enjoy them. Oh, and if you get chance and street photography is your thing (or even if it is not) go and meet Craig. He is a great entertainer and a consummate professional when it comes to street photography. As for LFI, they are great guys and special thanks must go to Simon Schwarzer. Gerry "Christ!"
  14. Do anybody if the LFI app works on the iPad pro, and how does it looks? and it pixelated ? or only show partial iPad pro screen?
  15. Wenn ich mir die letzten Ausgaben der Leica Fotografie International anschaue, sträuben sich mir die Nackenhaare. Was ist aus dieser einstmals tollen Fotozeitung geworden? Wirkt heute wie ein Glamourmagazin, Schriftzug: LIFE läßt grüßen, Inhalt: zahlreiche nichtssagende Bilder, Texte lieblos runtergerotzt (sorry!). Fotos oft über eine Doppelseite, die Bindung ist nicht nur hier mehr als lästig. Als Leica Fan fühle ich mich langsam verarscht. Vergleicht man mit den älteren Heften, fehlt hier nicht nur die Bindung zum Leica-Amateur. Statt dessen nehmen Reportagen aus Krisengebieten überhand, aus vielen Fotos spricht das Gestellte. Die meisten Fotos sind dermaßen perfekt, daß sie schon langweilig und damit nichtssagend sind. Ein erschreckendes Bild spiegelt die Zahl der Abonnenten wider: Man munkelt von knapp 5.000, Ende der 90er waren es noch an die 10.000! Bin ich der einzige, der mit dieser Zeitschrift nicht mehr zufrieden ist? Wohin geht der Weg? Was bezweckt man mit dem jetzigen Layout, wen will man ansprechen? Hat der eine oder andere von Euch vielleicht ein paar Insiderinformationen? Eins steht aber fest: Ich laß mir den Spaß mit meiner Leica hierdurch nicht nehmen! Gruß vom Niederrhein Ralph
  16. I'm trying to locate an article that, as far as I know, was published in LFI. It was about the photography course that was held at what was then known as The London School of Printing and Graphic Arts, in London. I understood that the article appeared in 1962, but I bought a set of LFI from 1962, and it's not in any of them. It would certainly be in the English-language edition. So two questions: - Are back issues of LFI from the early i960s available to study online? - If not, does anyone have a set from 1961 that you would be willing to check through to see if this article appears? It's just possible, of course, that it was not published in LFI, but somewhere else, although I'm fairly sure that my information is correct. David
  17. Hallo Forum. Sind hier zufällig Münchner, die mir sagen können, in welchem physischen Geschäft in München man die LFI käuflich erwerben kann? Die üblichen Verdächtigen am Hbf scheinen sie nicht zu haben und ich bin ein bisschen ratlos. Nein, ich will sie nicht abonnieren. Mike
  18. I received LFI 1/2011, this morning. As usual, it is beautifully printed. I should like to emulate this particular semi-matt, textureless effect with my Epson 3800. Does anyone have suggestions for possible inkjet paper equivalents (heavier, ideally)? Many thanks, John
  19. Hallo! Was haltet ihr von der neuen LFI iPad App? Ich persönlich würde mir auch eine reine PDF Version wünschen. Ansonsten finde ich die Idee recht gut! Gruß zeitraffer
  20. wda

    LFI article on X1

    The latest issue of LFI (3/2010) has just reached me and includes the promised article on the background design and development of the X1 camera. For owners and aspirants it makes very interesting reading and explains why the Summicron lens option was ruled out on size and bulk grounds. ("Twice the diameter") While many will regret this decision, I think it was the right one. Incorporating a specially designed Elmarit added more to the size than I had anticipated but, having got used to it in practice, I am convinced that it was the right decision for a compact camera. After-all, compare the size of the X1 Elmarit with the Digilux 2 Summicron and the latter is feeding a smaller sensor. The superb high ISO performance is more than adequate compensation for the sacrifice of one F-stop, exciting though it would have been to see a Summicron in place. There is direct reference to the initiative shown in Asia (Japan?) in presenting the original design concept for the X1, which is shown in a comparative photograph, not just a drawing. Interestingly the control dials occupied a more central position on the body top, but were repositioned to improve actual use of the controls. I wish I could have had an input to that decision because, although the original dials were smaller, I would like to have seen the repositioned aperture dial, (the more vulnerable of the two), finished with a neatly beveled periphery. I think that would have reduced the tendency for inadvertent rotation. As usual, the whole LFI issue tries to please everyone. The opening portfolio of twelve pages, is twice the length I would have chosen; but that seems to be an editorial inclination to let a portfolio roll on and on and on! Saving half of the pagination would have made space for what I believe readers would choose, viz another general interest feature, perhaps devoted to use of older Leica cameras and lenses. That would help the continuity and flow of Leica lore! There is copious coverage of the prizewinning entries in the 35mm lens competition for which X1 cameras were prizes. Again it is difficult to make an objective judgment. Having reviewed the subjects chosen, from 5000 entries, I doubt that my general 'every day' subject choice would ever meet the judges' favour. Of the twelve top entries reproduced, only one was taken with a non-Leica lens. That fact must have pleased the sponsors.
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