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Found 31 results

  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
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    Leica Q silber eloxiert / silver anodized finish 19022 OVP, neuwertig Wegen Umstieg auf die Q2 verkaufe ich meine Leica Q im neuwertigen Zustand. Die Kamera hat keinerlei sichtbaren Kratzer oder Beschädigungen. Auf dem Objektiv befindet sich seit dem ersten Tag ein Schutzfilter. Die Leica hat ca. 1.300 bis 1.500 Auslösungen (geschätzt über Dateinamen Lightroom); neben dem kompletten Originalumfang, sind in diesem Angebot noch zwei weitere Original-Akkus von Leica enthalten, sowie eine Leica Original-Schutzfolie (ungeöffnet) für die Leica Q. Die Adobe Lizenz wurde nicht registriert und kann noch genutzt werden. Alle Unterlagen sind vollständig enthalten. Auch der internationale Netzstecker ist Bestandteil im Originalpaket. Die Versandkosten per DHL (ausreichend versichert) wird von mir übernommen. Alternativ kann die Kamera auch gerne bei mir persönlich abgeholt werden. Neben der Leica Q besitze ich auch eine SL und M; die Q hab ich hauptsächlich als Ersatzkamera auf meinen Reisen verwendet. Die Kamera wurde am 21.11.2017 bei Foto-Video Sauter in München neu (!) gekauft. Neben dem beschriebenen Zustand kann ich keine weitere Gewährleistung übernehmen. WICHTIG: wegen Auslandsreise kann ab dem 24.08. bis zum 4.09.2019 kein Versand erfolgen !!!

    2,650.00 EUR

  2. Ich möchte mich hier mit einem Bild vorstellen, welches ich letztes Jahr in Venedig gemacht habe. Ich bin neugierig auf eure Meinungen
  3. ich stelle euch heute Pirate Jack vor, ein begnadeter Blues Sänger und Gitarrist - gefunden in Cambridge UK. Völlig versunken in seiner Musik war er nicht auf dem Planeten Erde...
  4. ColonelM


    From the album: Q Images


    • For Sale
    • Used

    Hallo zusammen, Ich würde mich gerne von meiner Leica Q trennen. Ich bin in der glücklichen Lage, dass ich die Leica M6 meiner Mutter übernehmen darf. Bevor die Q rumliegt, möchte ich sie lieber abgeben. Ich habe die Q im Dezember 2017 gekauft und nur unregelmäßig benutzt. Die Q mit einem neutralen UV Filter, einem zweitem Original-Leica Akku, und der im Hintergrund zu sehenden Tasche. Die Q hat zwei kleine Schrammen (eine an der Sonnenblende und eine an der unteren Seite), ist aber einwandfrei funktional. Sie wurde nicht in sandigem oder staubigem Umfeld benutzt, ich habe keine Haustiere und rauche nicht. Ich habe noch detaillierte Aufnahmen der ganzen Kamera, die ich bei Interesse gerne bereitstelle. Box und Rechnung liefere ich mit. Der versicherte Versand kommt zum Kaufpreis hinzu. Ich lasse die Kamera gerne bei meinem lokalen Fachhändler anschauen und der Käufer kann dann dort anrufen und die Angaben verifizieren lassen. Man kann mir direkt schreiben: leicaqverkauf AT posteo PUNKT de

    2,850.00 EUR

  6. Hi there, I brought myself finally a Leica Q last week. Its a really nice camera, but I have one issue I dont know if its a bug or a settings problem: If I half press the release button, the camera is focusing. I hold the button half pressed down until my subject is ready for the picture. If I press the button fully down (without releasing it), I assume the camera is taking the picure, but what it does is its focusing again and the taking the picture. I have set the mode switch to "S" and AF Mode to "1 point". Setting the Zoom button to "AEL/AFL" does not work either. Pressing or holding the button does nothing! With settings to Zoom the button works as expected. A reset of the camera settings did not help. Am I doing something wrong? Kind regards, Sebastian
  7. Hi everybody! I've a big doubt. Leica Q or Leica CL?? I do predominantly street photography and travel reportage. Full frame sensor or apsc sensor with the possibility to change lenses? I come from canon system (6d with a lot of lenses). I'm tired to carry on my photographic bag (6/7 kilos of stuff). Thanks. Marco Bucci https://www.marcobuccifotografia.com/ 23/5000
  8. Ivan

    LeicaQ for sale

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale
    • Used

    93/5000 S O L D ! Thank you all for your interest

    1,950.00 EUR

  9. Hallo zusammen, nachdem meine Q mich auf meine erste Reise begleitet hat, hab ich meine Erfahrungen mal in einem Artikel zusammen gefasst. Vielleicht hat ja jemand Interesse an ein paar Eindrücken aus dem schönen Japan . Feedback immer gern! http://ultraweit-verwinkelt.de/de/mit-der-leica-q-kyushu/ Hier eine Vorschau:
  10. I have been editing some images from a recent trip and discovered that my raw files seem weirdly damaged but the Jpegs seem fine. I have attached screen shots of the same image files both dng and jpeg. They are from different SD cards which haven't been formatted since i downloaded them. I also copied them straight over from a relatively new card reader and not through any software It has occurred on a lot of files but not all of them, or maybe its not as noticeable on some files. The images are taken on different ISO's from 100 - 2000 and also in both low light and daylight, i haven't added the daylight examples as its not as noticeable so just adding the better examples. I'm using photomechanic to view them and these are just a portion of the image are these recoverable / ruined..? does anyone know what has happened..?
  11. From the album: Macro

    Leica Q 1/60 f2.8 iso 400

    © Glauco Meneghelli

  12. The arriving of the bride at the church is probably one of the most anticipated moments for a bridegroom in his wedding day. Now let me dedicate this shot to those forum members who already lived such a moment but also to those of you who have not but are considering the plunge;-) Leica Q.
  13. Hello, The Q made its first journey with me and went to Kyushu, Japan. Reason enough to write an article about my experiences with the camera and show some impressions. I hope you like it, feedback is always highly appreciated: http://ultraweit-verwinkelt.de/using-leica-q-kyushu/
  14. I'm finally done with my review, It's been so hard to make a selection of pictures. What you'll see in the link bellow is Cuba as i managed to discovered it through the lens of my camera "Leica Q" Hope you'll enjoy the it. all feedbacks and comments are gonna be welcome as usual. http://rodriguezahr.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/cuba-defrosting-world.html www.rodriguezahr.com
  15. Hi. Just thought I would share this on screen protectors for the Q. I don't know about you but I have never been happy with Leica one. It's hard to get installed, shows mares easily and really effects the clarity of the screen. In searching for something better, I came across the Phantom Glass ones. Only one problem, they didn't list one for the Q. So with the help of the "camerasize.com" web site I compared the screen sizes of all the cameras Phantom Glass did have glass protectors for against the Q and found one that appeared to be the right size. It's the one of the Fujifilm X-100t. Not being sure, I attempted to contact Phantom Glass with an inquiry as to the actual size but never heard back. I decided to take a shot and ordered the Fujifirm X-100t glass screen protector. I'm happy to say the it fits great, just a millimeter smaller in each direction. It's crystal clear and the touch screen works fine. If you were like Me, you might want to check out the Phantom Glass screen protectors. I've included a picture of the Q with the protector install, forgive the glare, that was the best shot I got showing how the protector fits.
  16. The actual Leica Q is one big success for the Leica Company. But I think that the future Leica QV(ario) will be the next success step . Characteristics: More or less same body with a fixed 24-90 mm ( less bigger then the actual Leica SL 24-90 mm for the Leica SL) Dream or future reality! Need Optical Ingenieurs to discuss this topic. mfo
  17. Hi community, I am quite new to the Leica Q and I expect the following to be a beginner's question. But, it is worrying me or at least I want to ensure that the phenomenon is not the cause of a technical issue. I am using the Leica Q in program automatic (aperture and time), multi-field metering and center-weighted metering. Auto focus is set to "single" mode, not continuous! (AF-S) My expectation was that whenever I press the shutter halfway through, the green rectangles indicate what is going to be in focus. Pressing it completely through should take the shot immediately. This works in 95% of the cases but sometimes it seems that the lens has to refocus when pressing the shutter completely through which causes a delay of 1-2 seconds! This is quite confusing as the moment was gone in those cases. Is this a technical issue or a normal behavior? I am not quite sure whether this happened with my SLR as well when I used in in auto mode! Thanks a lot for the help in advance! Cheers, Julian
  18. Hi, habe eine wahrscheinliche Anfaengerfrage zur Leica Q und dessen Autofokus. Szenario: Programmautomatik (Blende und Zeit) Mehrfeldmessung Mittenbetont Normalerweise funktioniert der Autofokus problemlos. Ich druecke den Ausloeser halb durch, die gruenen Quadrate zeigen die Fokuspunkte an. Durchdruecken macht direkt ohne Verzoegerung das foto. Ab und zu kommt es jedoch vor, dass die Kamera nachfokussiert (scheint so) und es somit zu einer verzoegerung von 1-2 Sekunden kommt. Nahm an, dass sobald der Ausloeser halb durchgedrueckt wurde, das Bild bei kompletten durchdruecken so gemacht wird, ohne Verzoegerung! Ist das ein normales Verhalten? Meine bei meiner Spiegelreflex war das damals nicht. Moechte nur sicherstellen dass das kein technischer Fehler ist. Danke im Voraus. Beste Gruesse Julian
  19. After a couple of weeks of playing and learning the camera I start to getting used to the Appenture or Shutter priority ... And this works really well for me. Is the next logical step mastering Manual Mode? What is the best practice? When do you use it? on what occasion? What is your experience?
  20. In summer the sun is vanishing late even in our garden facing the north. The sun is high enough to give our garden a warm glow.even in the evening. Leica Q
  21. Hi all, My yearly subscription to Lightroom is ending and I want to switch to Capture One. I'm also anticipating a Leica Q purchase for this summer. However I cannot find if C1 supports the crop modes of the Leica Q, i.e if the DNGs get automatically cropped to the selected modes, like Lightroom. Does anybody use C1 ? How does it work ? In addition how do you find C1 color rendition of this specific camera ? You can post some examples. Thanks! Romain
  22. I'm finally done with my review, It's been so hard to make a selection of pictures. What you'll see in the link bellow is Cuba as i managed to discovered it through the lens of my camera "Leica Q" Hope you'll enjoy the it. all feedbacks and comments are gonna be welcome as usual. http://rodriguezahr....ting-world.html
  23. I'm finally done with my review, It's been so hard to make a selection of pictures. What you'll see in the link bellow is Cuba as i managed to discovered it through the lens of my camera "Leica Q" Hope you'll enjoy the it. all feedbacks and comments are gonna be welcome as usual. http://rodriguezahr....ting-world.html
  24. Part of my extended review about Cuba. What you'll see in the link bellow is Cuba as i managed to discovered it through the lens of my camera "Leica Q" Hope you'll enjoy the it. all feedbacks and comments are gonna be welcome as usual. http://rodriguezahr....ting-world.html
  25. Hello there, I'm currently on the edge of finally have enough savings to be able to purchase my always dream camera, the Leica. I'm really not a rich person. I work and save really hard to be able to purchase my first. I understand that there are some cheaper alternatives from sony and I've tried it with sony A7 + voigtlander 50mm 1.5 for 6 months but I just don't find it as enjoyable as when I tried the M or Q (was sooo close to buy it when I tried it first time at the store). Shooting experience is really basic, menus are straightforward, compared to a7. Really, not that the sony is bad (amazing iq but it is the simplicity, user experience, and straightforwardness of leica is really on the different level. There is this guy who's willing to let go of his Q, used for 10 months + extra 2 spare batteries for us$3500. The price of Q, even though it’s Leica’s latest most affordable full frame camera, is still more expensive relatively compared to other mirrorless cameras (sony, etc). Therefore if I’m really gonna buy it I’d like to ask you some question: 1. If I’m gonna be using the camera for around 5 years or more (with this price, really not looking forward to use it for short time only), will it be safe to take the Q? My consideration is because Q is full digital camera with evf, hence in terms of reliability, the sensor will work significantly more time compared to rangefinders that focus only with optical viewfinders. 2. What are the common technical problems that Q users might find in short and long term? We are not talking about cases like dropping the cameras but technical problems like AF suddenly stop working at my 3rd year using the camera (therefore might lead to expensive repairs). 3. With M cameras, it’s safe to say that annualy we need to have it serviced/calibrated/etc to ensure it’s working perfectly. With Leica Q will there be a same case of projected annual expenses? 4. With replacable lens systems, if our camera breaks, for the worst we can still keep our lens and replace only the body, but Q is a single package. If the lens breaks, you cannot use your camera. If your camera breaks, your lens is as good as nothing too. Therefore, I’d like to know how long is the normal expected hardware lifetime usage for Leica Q? 5. Currently I've finished selling all of my canon gears, leaving only 1 fuji x100 and wide converter. I had a trip to Nepal only bringing the x100 so 28mm is not unusual. (http://www.marioputra.com/kathmandu) 6. For now, my alternative to the Q (incase you guys think that I shouldn't pull the Q trigger) is a7r ii or a7 ii + FE 35mm f/2.8 7. Again, I want a leica not chasing for the society status but for the shooting experience (full frame, enjoyable manual focus, compact, high iso, etc). 100% gonna black tape the red dot to hide it anyway. Thank your for your time and really expect some input from you guys before I'm falling deeper into the red dot world
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