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Found 59 results

  1. What about having a separate image thread just for macro pictures? Hope this will be followed, we can share our macro takes but also our questions, doubts, experiences... ISO 200 f/2.8 1/1000 In this one two pics superposed. ISO 100 f/2.8 1/250
  2. Is it possible to set up the Leica Q to be used as a webcam for Zoom and other video conferencing meetings? If so, any suggestions on setting it up?
  3. I purchased a Q end of last year, liked it so much that I sold my Nikon DSLR, Lumix FZ-2500 and Fuji XE-T3. I then purchased the CL with the 18-56mm lens a few months later. Now with adapters to use my Rokinon wide-angles, and 7 Artisan lenses I find myself using the Leica CL way more than the Q. There's no doubt that the IQ of photos from the Q, a full-frame camera, are better than the Leica CL, t's a fantastic camera and lens with macro capability.. But I'm thinking of selling it add more lenses for the CL (or at least pay it off 😎). Anyone else face this situation? BTW, with all that's going on in the world at this time, I'm fully aware that this is no big deal, but it keeps my mind off the other cataclysmic issues we're experiencing. All opinions welcome, any recommendation for lenses?...thanks. I am currently waiting for arrival of the TTArtisan 35mm F1.4 lens to ship. Be Well everyone.
  4. Hi there, I've noticed recently that when ON, Q makes this constant noise - sort of like hard-drive working/internal electonics buzzing... not the OIS element in lens when the camera is OFF, nor the clicky aparture sound). It's an electronic sound, just like a computer or other larger device emites... especialy noticable when I put my ear to the lens or LCD... but can be heard even from some distance, when the room is quiet... Is this normal? Should I worry? thanks

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    RESERVIERT Verkaufe gebrauchte Edel-Kompaktkamera Leica Q (Typ 116). Die Kamera hat kaum Gebrauchsspuren. Das Display und das Objektiv sind frei von Kratzern. Sie diente mir als Zweitkamera, kam aber selten zum Einsatz, da ich doch lieber mit meiner SL fotografiere. Zwei original Leica-Akkus sind dabei, sowie ein neuer Tragegurt, ein Ladegerät, die Geli mit dem Metalldeckel der minimale Gebrauchsspuren aufweist. Dies ist ein Privatverkauf- I send only within EU.

    2,050.00 EUR

  6. Hi all, Is the leica Q square lens hood can be used on the leica X? They seem similiar lens size. Has anyone tried? Im wishing to try as i have a leica X typ 113
  7. For some reason, after setting jpeg saturation settings to monochrome on my Q, it's not coming up on the Live View/EVF in b/w. Just color. After a capture, it is b/w on display. This was not the case until now. Not sure why. I have tried this with removing/reinserting the battery in case it's that ol' fix-a-bug gestalt. Did not work. Changed focus settings -as I read this may happen on tracking focus - never use it - just normal single point -- and again, only color. ISO at 3200. Any ideas?
  8. A series I took last year on the Staten Island Ferry.
  9. Hi! I recently purchased a used Leica Q manufactured early 2018. When I try shooting in night, both "low iso + long exposure", and "high iso + short exposure" captured in DNG file shows annoying banding, and even some unwanted color points, like the images shown below. Is this a native camera issue? Or this camera sensor is defected : (
  10. Hello guys, Leica Lab Italy asked me some questions about the use of the 28mm lens in my Street Photography. If interested that is the link: http://www.walkingphotographer.net/blog/leica-lab-interview-28 bye !
  11. Today I found out that there is NO manual exposure control when in video mode!? I could not believe my eyes! It must have been left out by mistake, since this is an absolute minimum for even slightly above amateur level video's. I am sure that some of you don't care because you are solely using the Q as a photographic tool, but it is useless if you also want to use it for video. If they would at least announce that will fix this in a firmware update I would already be happy and still keep the Q, but if not… They should have just completely left the video option out. So strange! If anyone has more information about this… Please do share! Thanks, YdeH
  12. Finally received my Q today. After fully charging its battery, I fired it up, but just got an error message on the rear screen. I attached the photo I took below. I tried many combinations; restarting, removing battery, waiting 1hr without battery... nothing helped. What do you suggest? What would be the fastest route, contacting BH or Leica USA??? Thanks in advance!
  13. Taken with the new Leica Q downtown Doha. People are lining up for free food distribution short before Iftar.
  14. Hello all. I've owned my new Leica Q for just under 2 weeks now and I'm still getting to grips with it. This is the latest in a long line of "street photography" oriented cameras that I have owned (Leica M8.2, Leica X1, Ricoh GR, Fuji X100, Fuji X-T1), so I can't help but compare their performance - especially after all of the rave reviews that the Q has received. I've got to admit that I'm feeling a little underwhelmed so far - I'll reserve judgement for, as there is bound to be a learning curve with any new camera. One thing that has really surprised me is the amount of banding that is present at shots taken at 200 ISO (admittedly pushed 2EV in ACR). I know that I can push the image through the Define 2 plug-in, but should it really be necessary at almost base ISO? I honestly think I got better performance from my M8.2 at ISO 200. Is this just a case of user error? Or have I got a dud? Thanks for your thoughts! T Crop of full image, resized to 1400 x 1400: 100% crop: 100% crop:
  15. Hey, this is my first post here, regarding my first Leica, the Leica Q. After 1 week I feel more natural with this camera that I felt with the Sony A7 series after 2 years. That's coming from a Canon DSLR shooter. Anyway, I was preparing a couple images for printing today when I noticed something that concerns me, and I wanted to know if anyone else can chime in on this issue. Viewing at 100%, there's unusual and obvious pixelation, mostly around diagonal lines on a flat background. This isn't just pixels on my monitor, as it shows up the same on screens of varying pixel density. It also shows up when printing at native resolution, which is totally not okay (printed file was .dng converted to .tiff). It's dramatic enough that you don't have to be a pixel peeper to notice it. The pixelation on the same image out-of-camera JPEG looks a little different but is more disastrous. What's especially weird is that it doesn't seem to be an issue across the whole frame, but that may just be because the colors elsewhere in the frame are different. This is also not the only file with this problem, so I have a hard time believing it's corrupted (Hoodman SD card, FYI). I haven't seen this kind of pixelation from either my Canon or Sony, and it freaks me out a little bit. I attached a .jpg 100% crop. This is in between the center of the frame and the bottom left corner. It was shot at f8, 1/250, ISO 100. I couldn't find this issue reported anywhere online. If you guys have heard of it, I'd greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.
  16. Hallo everyone, I hope to find some help here in the Forum for my problem concerning my Leica Q and Lightroom. As you can see in the attached pictures, I am having a pretty heavy problem councerning "White pixels". I could understand that, if this would be a very high iso problem, but the ISO in the picture is 1600. The shadows were opened up in Lightroom +70 and the exposure is +0.5. Is anyone here having the same problem? I am not sure about contacting the support of Leica, that's why I am posting this problem right here.
  17. I am having trouble connecting via wi-fi and down loading files to my phone, how many are experiencing the same problem? I consider that the connection with the camera should be between the camera and the phone and not thru a 3rd party wi-fi.
  18. Hello, A review of the Leica Q after 4 days of tests on the streets of Milano. http://www.walkingphotographer.net/blog/leica-q-street-photography-review bye Eolo http://www.walkingphotographer.net/
  19. Just came back from a short weekend vacation from Seattle. 1st time Leica Q user. Gonna post more, still processing...
  20. Hi there! I would like to know if someone uses flash bracket with Leica Q, if it really is effective for photographing events, weddings, etc... please share some photos with results, thank you!
  21. Hallo Q-Besitzer, wieviele Schüsse bekommt ihr mit einer Akkuladung hin? Achtung: Es geht mir dabei sozusagen um den hektischen Einsatz innerhalb von 1-2 Stunden. Z.B. bei einem Konzert. Habe irgendwo gelesen, dass sie für ca. 400 Shots ausgelegt ist. Als Vergleich: Meine M9 bekommt locker 900 Auslösungen hin. Mit der Canon 6D habe ich neulich 1800 geschafft und die Akkuanzeige war noch bei 66%. Angegeben ist sie mit knapp 1000. 2. Wieviel Zeit vergeht bis ein leerer Akku wieder vollgeladen ist? Mich interessieren Eure Erfahrungen. Vielen Dank und ahoi Carsten
  22. Workflow and image processing capacity suggest that technical progress will render conventional digital cameras obsolete for non-specialist uses, particularly fixed-focus length ones: http://blog.photoshelter.com/2016/11/google-pixel-vs-iphone-7-vs-leica-q/
  23. Not sure who's enjoying the company of the other more, my friend or the goat.
  24. XVarior


    As you may know from other similar posts, I make those portraits during fashion photoshoots, usually during the break. I put my canon down, grab my Leica leave the set with the model. I usually keep those portraits for myself and the model but many times the client begs for them too:-) Leica Q
  25. I'm serious considering purchasing a Q this week but I would really love to see what the OOC JPEGs look like. I currently shoot with a Sony A7RII and 99% of the time my go-to lens is the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2. My only complaint with the Sony is I'm not very fond of the colours. I like to post my images directly on social media so the OOC JPEGs do really matter to me. Please help me with my decision by posting some of your OOC JPEGs with your Q! Thank you!
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