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    Leica Monochrom (CCD) Selling with: Extra Battery, Thumbs Grip, Artisan Case Comes fully boxed with all paperwork included. From my photos, I think the shutter is around 8k mark. Original CCD sensor. No corrosion problem. in 2015 i had it inspected, but can't seem to find the receipt. But the sensor is trouble free and had given me amazing images. ANy questions I am happy to answer. Selling to fund Leica M10 I also have 50 summircon 6 bit (non apo for sale) UK/Europe only. Prefer Paypal.

    2,650.00 EUR

  2. Liebe Freunde, hier zeigen wir unsere Ergebnisse des Fotowalk's vom 7.Mai 2016. Es war ein schöner Tag mit guter Stimmung und vielen Inspirationen. Alle Teilnehmer können ihre Fotos hier einstellen. Ich bitte um rege Beteiligung. Gruß Klaus
  3. My photograph of a surfer shooting the Manhattan Beach Pier taken with a Leica Monochrom and Summilux ASPH 50mm was just selected by National Geographic as part of the "Daily Dozen" (10th photo down the page). Please follow the link and vote for it if you like it. Thanks! http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/2015-12-28
  4. Hi there! I've now had the new Monochrom for two months, but i'm doubting how long the learning period should be. Still i haven't been able to shoot that single picture that makes me feel: Yes, that picture makes it all worth the buy. I've just been doing test shooting so far, since my experience from before tells me that it's important to master the camera to a certain degree to be so confident with a camera that it feels natural enough to just be a tool. My pictures just seems flat and missing both the contrast and that "pop" in the pictures. I have even tried orange filter in landscape photography. This is my first digital Leica. How long do you think the learning curve and period should - or could - be for a digital Leica newcomer?
  5. Few months ago I purchased Leica Monochrom after shooting with M240 for more than a year and all I can say is that I'm really liking this camera and lens combo (50mm APO). MM's CCD sensor result is very similar to my Hasselblad H4D-50 which I mainly use in studio for fashion and beauty.
  6. Few weeks ago I went to Aspen for a week, I took some quickly picture and here's my work: Used: Leica Monochrom Leica 35mm f1.4 asph (fle) with Yellow Filter (B+W). Edited: LR5,Silver Efex.
  7. Hey guys. After using the Monochrom exclusively as my only camera for about one year I decided to do a short write-up of my experience with the camera. A study in Black and White: one year with a Leica M Monochrom | Bo Photography
  8. Fish World and it's daytime in the eastern hemisphere. Leica Monochrom and 35mm Summicron.
  9. Everything in Mykonos, except the beaches, is on a small scale. Here is the delightfully named Dimotiki Pinakothiki or Municipal Art Gallery on the main street, Matogianni. If you are wondering why the tight crop and the angle, bear in mind that this main street is only eight feed wide. I should have brought a 21mm lens. Leica Monochrom and 35mm Summicron.
  10. Strong sunlight and super contrasty situations are challenging for the Leica Monochrom if blown highlights are to be avoided. This shot of the tiny Navtiko Mouseio Aigaiou, the Aegean Naval Museum, in Mykonos Chora is on the cusp of being unusable. Only jarring note, as ever in Greece, is the inappropriate industrial light fitting to the left. But a very pretty traditional marble doorway and attractive ancient calligraphy in the name plaque. Monochrom and 35mm Summicron.
  11. Outside church, Mykonos. Taken with Leica Monochrom and 35mm Summicron.
  12. More tatter than Twitter: Notice board in Mykonos Chora. Leica Monochrom and 35mm Summicron ASPH.
  13. I am not sure if the painting or the parent disappearing into the foliage caused the tantrum, but clearly not everyone is impressed. Taken in a quiet corner of Chora, Mykonos, with Leica Monochrom and 75mm APO Summicron.
  14. i took this earlier this morning at Arlington Cemetery. I guess this is the truest meaning for this day today -- Memorial Day. there are a couple of other photos in a set on flickr in case you are interested Remembering the dead - a set on Flickr
  15. HI Everyone! I just posted a review of the Leica M Monochrom. Please visit: LEICA M MONOCHROM – Reality Check | Leica Liker Photo by O.
  16. Help, I'm traveling to China for a couple of weeks in May and I don't have a good suppl of SD cards for my Leica Monochrom. I had trouble the first day I got my Monochrom with some rather fast SD cards that I was using in another camera, and I ended up losing almost fifty shots. That was frustrating. I have resorted to using some SanDisk Ultra II 15 MB/s 4GB ones that seem to work OK, but are there better/faster ones that are reliable? Please help!
  17. I wonder if anyone else here is waiting for Aperture to support Monochrom's linear RAW files. I have used Aperture since version 1 and I am well used to it. I have tried Lightroom numerous times (including version 3 and now version 4) but still prefer the non-modular system in Aperture, it's full-screen mode, etc... Usually RAW support lags a couple months behind the camera release. Well, it's been 6 months since the MM was released and no support yet. Quite disappointing I must admit. I understand that this support requires the collaboration between Leica and Apple. Two companies known for not disclosing much of their roadmap/plans. I know people involved in this kind of development (new software versions, features, etc) are usually under NDA, but it would be great if at least some hint that this is in the works showed up somewhere... Already emailed Apple... what would be the best channel to reach Leica? Nonetheless, enjoying the camera...
  18. Had a few hours with my Monochrom in some odd (normal) Melbourne weather today. All processed in Silver Efex Pro 2, selecting the Tri-X film processing option. Please no negative comments here. I am not asking for critique and certainly not wanting this to turn into a Monochrom bashing exercise. I know some people may be skeptical of this camera and want to believe it's no better than a color camera, and that's fine, so all I'll say is that the files are fantastic and allow a LOT of room for processing. There is so much flexibility with mid and shadow tones should the photographer wish to really tailor the picture to their desire. All shot with the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH FLE
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