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Found 19 results

  1. gwpics


    I am intrigued that Kodak are now pushing Kodachrome photography (note, I did not say Kodachrome is back) by publishing a new Kodachrome magazine, edition 2 of which is now available at a price of £20 here in the UK. It features Kodachrome images from the archives but is very expensive for what it is. I also note that a contact sheet featured in Edition 2 was shot on Ilford HP5, but it is what the featured photographer was using ‘back in the day’. Does this re-emergence mean that they are trying to raise interest in Kodachrome again? Pretty unlikely, but a strange move. Gerry
  2. I am just working through some transparency work and scanning it on to the computer. I was particularly pleased with this one which was taken in 1999 on Kodachrome 64 using a Leica M6. Scanning was with a Plustek 8200i, and post was with LT Classic. I think it is amazing how the work we have just put away into a filing cabinet etc. has stood the test of time, and before there is "ah, well it is Kodachrome" some Fuji Provia RDP is just as good. Gerry
  3. gwpics

    Berber Children

    Two small Berber childen, one shoeless, and wearing dirty dresses sit outside their cave home in Tunisia. This is from 2002 when North Africa was a safer place to visit. I wonder where they are now? I used a Leica M6 and I think this was taken using the 50mm Summicron f2. Gerry
  4. Demo vor dem US Capitol in Washington [ATTACH]326952[/ATTACH] M6, Super-Angulon 4,0 - 21mm, Kodachrome, Nikon Coolscan 9000, VueScan, IrfanView, Oktober 2009.
  5. Indian Summer at Arlington, National Cemetery, Washington DC. [ATTACH]326806[/ATTACH] M6, Kodachrome, Nikon Coolscan 9000, VueScan, IrfanView, October 2009.
  6. US Marine Corps War Memorial, Washington DC - early in the sunny morning [ATTACH]327084[/ATTACH] M6, Kodachrome, Nikon Coolscan 9000, VueScan, Aperture 3, IrfanView, October 2009.
  7. Mr. Smith erhält abends Besuch. [ATTACH]326805[/ATTACH] M6, Kodachrome, Nikon Coolscan 9000, VueScan, IrfanView, Oktober 2009.
  8. Thunderstorm approaching at Fortress Marienberg Würzburg Germany 2010 M6.85 Summilux 75 Kodachrome 64 Scan Fuji SLP800 reduced for LUF
  9. Just as you thought the world had ended comes something of a solution. Michael Raso / Film Photography Project: Kodachrome in 2011 – Process as Black and White Mike
  10. I just loaded my last roll of Kodachrome into my trusty M6. We're heading out to Brixen in Italy for an ICC meeting and some photography in the mountains..... I decided to take the M6, M7 and the M8. Transparency film, Color Negative (Ektar 100) and the M8 for digital. It's so easy to pack M's vs the Nikon D3 and lenses.
  11. At last some decent light in London. Leica M6, 35mm Summicron on Kodachrome 64. Part of my Kodachrome 64 project. http://www.64x64.co.uk [ATTACH]198711[/ATTACH]
  12. Hello All, I've chosen this forum because I find y'all the best informed group there is on photography. This question goes out to those who were or are Kodachrome film users and now have the new LED screened Macbook or similar screened laptop computer. Let me explain. One day a long long time ago when I was a lot younger and photography filled a great need to produce art, I was looking at my Kodachrome slides with an incandescent spot light (an incandescent light bulb will work too) as the light source and the slide was tilted at a wierd angle producing an off color tint to the image. Sort of but not quite a negative look to it. For instance, blue sky would come out looking purple or reds would come out looking greenish. I guessed it had to do with the three layers of color being slightly off center with what it should be. There was a time when I (the artist in me) fell in love with that look and produced many pieces of art by copy photographing that off-color look. Flash forward thirty-five years to today and lo and behold, that off color imaging has dejavued back in my life when I look at my Macbook at an angle way lower or way higher than its supposed to be. What is it about the new screened LED Macbook's three color array that produces that same Kodachrome look I found so many years ago? Thanks Felmer
  13. ddp

    the crab

    MP3, K64 from earlier in the summer, early morning walk....
  14. Rom 09, Kolosseum, TE 4,0 16-18-21, M6, Kodachrome, zwar immer von der gegenüberliegenden Straßenseite fotografiert, aber mit leichten Veränderungen des Standortes. Die größte Blendenöffnung von 4,0 birgt im beginnenden Abendlicht schon das Risiko der Bewegungsunschärfe.
  15. Rom 09 Cestius-Pyramide in der Aurelianischen Mauer 240KB.jpg, M6, TE 4.0 16-21, Kodachrome
  16. Rom 09 Petersdom mit Hinterhof 227KB, M6, Kodachrome
  17. Rom 09, Ruderer auf dem Tiber vor Engelsburg und Engelsbrücke, 247KB, M6, Kodachrome Merkwürdig, dieses Bild lässt sich reduziert von 115 MB auf 247KB hier im Forum nur mit 103KB hochladen. Deshalb wählte ich den Umweg über Capture One, das m.E. aber bei der Schärfung etwas übertreibt.
  18. Rom 09 Porta Maggiore Ferrovie Urbane 226KB, M6, Kodachrome
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