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Found 14 results

  1. First, Happy New year. within my manual for the M10- on page 172- automatic Bracketing. as I look at the picture on that page it Differs then what is on my camera. On your M10 do you have within the Drive mode ' exposure bracketing' an automatic line 'A forth line" I have the first three but not the forth line in my M10? I'm was trying to do some HDR. Please advise.
  2. I am so excited to hear about the new CL. It's supposed to be all digital now, right? I looked at some reviews and photos and like it very much. But, before I buy one (and yes, I am ready to buy one), I need to know about a few things: 1) Is this the camera that will put my iPhone 8 plus to shame? 2) Can it do auto bracketing (like the D-lux type 109 aka 7BKT 1)? 3) Can it do burst mode (7 frames, 10 frames, whatever...)? 4) Does it come with A or P exposure (big deal but I am lazy now and greedy when it comes to shoot first talk later)? 5) Can it do time-lapse? 6) Is there a silent mode? I am over 70 years old. The tripod takes care of my shaky hands. I need auto focus to take care of my eyes. And burst mode is a necessity to capture facial expressions while I am speaking with the subject. Auto HDR 7BKT 1 raw is the only way to shoot. I hope I have all yes replies and my children will just have to live with less inheritance. Sorry kids. OK, I didn't like the glass iPhone X, I love the softness of Leica Glass... for portraits. Eddie
  3. I will be frank. I have never used the exposure bracketing. I always expose for the highlight and lift shadows. Although you get noise in the shadows, it is quick and painless. Most of the times the shadow noise doesn't even show up in print. However, I recently tried combining multiple exposure bracketed shots for HDR and got good results. I also found that "auto" bracketing is very useful. It rattles off multiple exposures by the single shutter press. Now it is one of my user preference. I was wondering whether anyone uses this routinely. (Posting in M240 since HDR is very much sensor capability related).
  4. M240, 21mm SEM, processed in Lightroom and Aurora HDR Sunrise over Skyway by Jeff Parsons, on Flickr
  5. Reading the spec. sheet for the Leica SL, it seems clear that these three options are available. Using up to +/- EV 3 stops. Having now twice handled this camera with the 24 - 90 mm lens, I can only see an option for 3 / 5 frames. Has something changed with V-2 update ? Both cameras had this firmware installed. Many thanks. p.s. Did a search but no information found.
  6. agrefrath


    Wird man gleich verbannt, wenn man eine Frage zu HDR stellt? Voller Respekt für die Meinung von Pete Meyers, ich stimme zu. Pete Myers: Making Images, Not Faking Images Dennoch mag ich ab und zu mal mit HDR experimentieren. Gibt es in der Firmware der M8 jetzt oder auf der roadmap eine Funktion für das Blenden-bracketing?
  7. Hello Everyone! I am having some interesting problems when using my 18mm Super Elmar and Auto Exposure Bracketing for HDR. I will set up the shot and my M240 will take 5 images at what looks like the right exposures (-2 -1 0 +1 +2) at f16 but when I import them into Lightroom the f stops are different. I shoot on a tripod and do not touch my camera yet they will be different. f16, f8, f4 etc... The image quality is not up to Leica standard so much so that I was going to get rid of the lens. Only after doing some testing in my office today did I notice what was happening. If I take only one shot the image quality is better but not nearly as nice as my 35 and 50 lux. This only happens on my 18mm Super Elmar. I have tested it with my 35lux and 50lux and both of those lenses work beautiful and image quality is perfect which makes me think that it is a lens issue and not a camera one. I also went in to the Lens Profiles and try to manually choose my lens but it doesn't show up as a lens that I can select. Any suggestions at all are appreciated!! Thanks
  8. I am brand new to this forum as I just bought my V-LUX 4 camera -- which looks like it will do almost exactly what I am looking for it to do -- I have been using a Canon G7 and most recently S100 -- I do high performance driving education (HPDE) and like to take photos at the track (when I am not driving). Here is my question -- I love to take HDR pictures and the camera has the setting -- but is there a way to change the first and last photo's to -2 and +2 -- it looks like it can be done based on the screen display but I can not figure out where to set this. Help appreciated. Jim
  9. Leica M9, SE 21mm, 24mm,28mm und 50mm Einige Bilder in HDR
  10. Leica M9, SE 21mm, 24mm, 28mm und 50mm einige Bilder HDR.
  11. Now that I have the HDR software form Nik, I'm thinking of re-scanning some of my long-scale "difficult" BW negatives to discover if HDR can produce a better result (i.e. print) than a single scan. I have the Epson V700 scanner, and I'm using Vuescan. I also have Epson Scan that came with the scanner, although I've not used it much. But - I can't discover a way of producing two or more scans of different exposures from one neg. I feel that it must be possible, and that I'm missing somethng obvious. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone offer any advice from their own experience? David
  12. I've been taking some HDR photos the last 6 Months and enjoy it. I just bought a Pentax Digital spot meter to check the contrast range. I can only get the M9 to shot 5 exposures if I set the shutter speed dial to Auto. If I set the dial to the speed I want for the center exposure, It will only take one exposure. Am I doing something wrong or is this the way the M9 is designed? Thanks Glenn
  13. I bought a D-Lux 4 after reading alot about this camera in forums such as this. I´m quite amazed by this camera! I´v almost replaced my heavy DSLR equipment! I take alot of HDR photos with it. Only thing I miss is to be able to auto bracket the shots in +2, 0, -2 ev (it´s only +-1), but I´v found a way around that. I have a sturdy carbon tripod, and I start with setting the camera on manual and underexpose around -2 ev. The starting point of this photo is f/8, 1/2000. Then I gently nudge the joystick three clicks down on the shutter speed, which is exactly 1 ev. Then I have at least 5 shots with speeds from 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250 and 1/125. I´m very careful so I don´t move the camera. That can be tricky, but mostly I´m satisfied by the results. Check out this photo to see what I came up with this weekend: I´v tuned the contrast a bit to create deapth and a cold dynamic feel.. - Eide -- Flickr: .Eide's Photostream
  14. Hello, First ever post. This is an image of a Finnish lake and I tried HDR, to see what all the fuzz is about.
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